When it comes to business gift cups, the importance of cups is self -evident. Drinking water and tea are needed, but there are many types of cups, including insulation cups, glass, ceramic cups, advertising cups, plastic cups, coffee cups, marks, Mark Cup, sports water cup. Different types, different shapes of cups are also very different. If you are a business gift cup, you can send a high -end brand. The following 97 Gift Network will share three business gift cups for everyone to choose from.


1. 304 stainless steel insulation cup engraved

This insulation cup is very good as a business gift cup. First of all, the price is affordable, the appearance is beautiful, the cup body material is similar, the feel is very good, and the thermal insulation effect is very good. Gold, red, blue, green, white for you to choose from, and all can be printed, corporate logo, as the primary choice of gift cups.

Second, tea is separated by double -layer plastic glass cup customization

This cup material is high -borosilica, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, anti -scalding, can be safe and sound at minus 20 degrees to zero to 130 degrees. The cup itself is also equipped with latter rope, with fine tea leaks in the cup. You can put the tea in the tea leak, and you can remove it if you don’t like to drink tea. If you give gifts as a business gift cup, whether it is exhibition, activities, employees’ small gifts, etc., is it suitable?

Third, the whole steel cover large -capacity vacuum double -layer 304 stainless steel transport thermal insulation cup insulation pot customization

This thermos cup can be called the thermal insulation cup or the insulation pot. In fact, it can also be called a sports kettle. In this predecessor, whether it was a sports meeting or for the troops, the effect response was particularly good. The quality was not to say. In addition, because of the large capacity, this gift cup is used as a business gift cup, focusing on quality and price. The cost performance is very high.


The three cups recommended by the 97 gift network above are in terms of quality, price, and appearance. If there is a gift cup ranking, it is definitely in the top three, and from color, capacity, customization in terms of color, capacity, and customization Look, these three models can also be diverse, and customized to ensure that all needs of your business gift cups.

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