In the season of autumn and winter alternation, in addition to the temperature in clothes, many girls do not forget to “preserve warmth” on the head. When they go out, they will wear a hat that can block the wind and cold, and at the same time. The materials, different silhouettes, and hats with different styles, but the most unsure of the face shape and can achieve the age reduction effect, but also these four “versatile models”, practical and fashionable, star and tide, tide and tide Everyone loves to wear.

1. Fisherman hat

Fisherman’s hat with a wide brim design, in addition to the “good things” of summer shading, wearing in autumn and winter can also play a role in windproof. In addition, its silhouette design is also relatively loose. It is very friendly to the girl with a large and large face. It is extremely lining whether it is in the hat world. A fisherman hat like Zhang Bichen, with a eye -catching camouflage print design with a strong military atmosphere, with a baseball jacket, full of coolness.

The fisherman hat made of different materials is also very different in style positioning. The fisherman hat like cotton and linen texture is more fresh and casual, and the denim fisherman hat will have a street atmosphere. If you want your own temperament, The sense of vitality, try to try the fisherman hat created by the velvet fabric, which is both age -reducing and with aquent warmth. It is a more popular item this year. This hat worn by Song Qian belongs to the fluffy fisherman hat. The unique material combines fresh pink tone embellishment, which instantly brings a sweet breath.


2. Bei hat

As a hat decoration with the highest appearance rate in autumn and winter, the popular history of the Beret hat is much longer than other hats. It used to be one of the “military accessories” of the last century. After experiencing the transformation of the designer, it was both The silhouette design of the dome is retained, and the very textured fabric is combined. As long as it is worn and easily, the shape can have a French flavor and retro charm. LoOK like Xu Jiaqi chose a knitted beret. The unique jacquard design is eye -catching and personalized. With exquisite makeup, the whole shape is beautiful and elegant.

Although the styles of all Breda hats are similar, there are more than one or two ways to wear. If you are a girl with a flat head shape, it is recommended to choose the way to wear it. It can make the back of the head look fuller through a wide hat type, and at the same time, it can also create a bit of romantic and elegant atmosphere. However Daifa also requires you to fix the position of the hat so that there will be no risk of falling off. Like Song Yanxuan’s shape, he chose the rear Bedor hat, with a obvious wool curly hairstyle, which is full of full head shape and small face shape.


Third, knitted hat

Even though the “heat” of the baseball cap in recent years has soared, as the weather is getting colder, the tide people prefer to wear it, or the knitted caps that have both temperature and demeanor. Its soft wool material has a good warmth effect. At the same time, it can also create a strong autumn atmosphere, so that you can easily go out of the street. Tang Yixin’s shape is wearing a knitted hat. The gray and white tone is closer to the color of the whole body.


Knitting caps have always been the preferred hat decoration of the cheekbones and square faces. After all, the knitted material is relatively soft and glutinous, which can weaken the outline of the thorough toughness. If you wear the brim when you wear To achieve the effect of small face, the square girl girls quickly learn! If you do n’t know how to wear a knitted hat, you can learn from the style of Ni Ni. Simply put the hair on the side on his face, and instantly make the face shape more refined.


Fourth, newspaper hat

The newspaper hats that have been popular in the 1970s are passionate about the autumn and winter seasons that are keen on the retro style and become a more popular hat. Its hat type is close to the beret, but it adds the brim in front of the front position. The design can cleverly cover the hairline and modify the face shape at the same time, and it is also suitable for wearing when it is concave. Like Cheng Xiao’s airport look, he wore a black newsboy hat and a black long -sleeved dress with broken diamond decoration. The whole shape is simple and high -level, and there are visual highlights.

Although now the “post -wear” hat is popular, for the more wide -faced newspaper hats, the way to wear is better to play its original small role. If it is a girl with a long face, You can also press the brim properly, and you can easily shorten the face length and small face. Like Yang Mi, when wearing a newsletter, he chose to lower the brim, with a simple and casual straight hair, full of laziness.


Girls choose hats in autumn and winter to recognize these four “versatile models”! The age -reducing face is small, and the stars are worn. If you want the styling of autumn and winter more temperature and fashion, be sure to start a hat decoration suitable for your face shape. Girls who can’t start can also pick up directly from the 4 hats mentioned earlier. Can be your “weapon” of your outlet ~


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