Western girls (generally referring to foreign beauty), which brings the soul chicken soup to people’s impetuous emotions. Western girls are full of vitality and sunlight, making people full of strength! Oxygen girls are suitable for playing many characters. She can be your family, loved ones, confidantes, or just a woman who often appreciates in the distance!


And this type of girl has a gentle temperament, does not blindly pursue the current fashion, likes to wear comfortable clothing, and advocates nature! The color should also be based on the earth and warm colors! Natural, low -carbon, concise, casual, etc.!


Laughing as flowers, gentle temperament, full girl heart ❤


Girl with a relaxed and comfortable, transparent girl with a temperament is close to the forest!

A bite of sunlight was shot on her body, and the girl resting on a chair, exuding a casual and comfortable atmosphere!


Frequent skin, like to wear loose and unconstrained dresses, free! Like a child who grew up in the forest!


Oxygen beauty also prefers national style clothing, retro flower -like patterns, but the color is elegant and not too gorgeous!

The return of the forest system does not mean that Park Hua has no truth. It is the true meaning of the forest system with the most simple clothing!

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