Among the classic movie chaos, there is a classic saying: “Tommrrow is Another Day”. Tomorrow is of course the next day, but add more significance to tomorrow’s hope. Here I will introduce the emerging backpack brand Helinox. In the tide brand and outdoor shops in Japan and South Korea Helinoxpack is named after Anotherday, which makes people smile.

Anotherday launched Black, Almost Black, COYOTE TAN and Multicam 4 colors in one breath, black, gray, camouflage backpacks, have seen too much, have too many, instead, this kind of COYOTE wolf brown is very interested, and Vintage also lines with vintage. good.

(The same is brown in the COYOTE wolf, which will be carefully divided into coyote Tan and Coyote Brown.)

Helinox’s backpacks will not have an obvious logo. In the world of labels, I feel that this low -key is rare and stylish.

In terms of material, Helinox has always used the highest -end Cordura 1000D waterproof nylon, the texture court, and very, very waterproof.


Because the waterproof nylon of the fabric is thicker, if you add the hard rubber back board to support it, the overall will be very heavy. Helinox is very clever, adding a computer interval to the back, and putting it in the computer, it also gives backpack support.

In addition, the shoulder strap is also a place I have always appreciated. Take the extra thick EVA plastic, which is not easy to deform for a few years.


Terg, from Trial and Error Research Group, is very attractive.

There are water bottles and sides on the left and right sides. The side bags are made of elastic materials, which makes the small bag useful, and the cutting is very good. Even if there is no zipper, it is not easy to pour out.


Anotherday Pack, as a member of T.E.RG. (Trial and Error Research Group), of course, it also trials repeatedly. The label description in the bag: “78 tests, 16 test products.


It can be seen that Helinox’s intention in making backpacks.


Helinox’s backpacks have a characteristic: “I don’t want to use other backpacks when used.” Because the backpack is very focused on the function of Quick Access, the outer bag interval is distributed on both sides, practical, simple, invincible.

The top bag is also convenient to put small things that are easily crushed, such as sunglasses.

The careful and thoughtful design can always be seen from small details, and the fixed buckle on the backpack is no exception.


Since the outer bag interval is so rich, the main interval is not needed, and it is enough to cope.

The minibus buckle is also added at the top of the main interval.


The main interval between Helinox’s backpacks has always been used with magic stickers, so that users can be freely distributed according to their habits. I appreciate this along the design of the military backpack.



The official label AnotherDay Pack has a capacity of 21L, but when you see the real body, there is a doubtfulness behind your body, and the appearance is more thinner than usual.

After the test, I found that I was wrong. I put in Anotherday as a row that I usually bring on weekdays, and there are still many remaining space. The shoulder strap is one of the key points that I have always favored, and I do n’t feel sore on my shoulder on my back for a few hours. In addition, I especially like small side bags on both sides, which is very convenient.

It is convenient to price. Honestly, it is indeed more expensive than the first model of Daypack, but in terms of several details, in fact, it has improved a lot in all aspects. Especially in the past Daypack, it only focused on taking things on the right, but Anotherday may be able to take it quickly on both sides, which is better.

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