With the improvement of people’s living conditions, many people choose fishing to add fun and pass time during leisure. A lot of bait is needed. Earthworms are one of the universal bait, which is suitable for fishing most of freshwater fish, such as grass carp, yellow spicy spicy Ding, white bars, germs, catfish, yellow croaker, etc. So, how to cultivate earthworms?


1. Breeding method: generally divided into three methods: ecological breeding, three -dimensional breeding and greenhouse breeding.

Ecological breeding includes cultivated land breeding, forest land breeding and groove breeding; three -dimensional farming includes multi -layer cement rack breeding, overlapping breeding box breeding, cylinder breeding, louver breeding, nylon mesh shelf breeding; greenhouse farming is divided into greenhouse farming and sunlight greenhouses Breeding. Among them, cultivated land breeding and greenhouse breeding can plant crops such as grain, vegetables, fruit trees at the same time, and get two strokes; three -dimensional breeding can get more earthworms; fast and breeding of greenhouses; Choose a breeding method for breeding.

2. Settings of breeding pools.

Generally, the depth of the breeding tank and ditch is 30-50 cm, and it should not be too deep. The width is not limited and the length is unlimited. It is advisable to discharge the convenience of irrigation. Circular fertilizers such as cow dung, pig manure, and rotten leaves and forests can be applied, and the surface layer can also cover a layer of pastoral soil.

3. Choose the right earthworm variety and put the right amount of earthworm species.


There are many types of earthworms, but they must be selected according to the purpose of breeding. For example, fishing people like small earthworms. If earthworms are too thick. The price of ordinary earthworms is between 3-15 yuan, and 1 square meter is 2-3 catties. As long as half of the earthworms are raised for one acre of earthworms, 700-900 catties can be kept. The number of earthworms that is stored should not be too large, otherwise it will cause organic matter to consume too fast, and the earthworm will escape after the earthworms are quickly reproduced.

4. How to feed the feed.


The feed feed must be rotten leaves, grass, fruits, vegetable leaves, kitchen underneath, circle fertilizer, etc. In order to speed up the fermentation speed, urea, EM bacteria, etc. can be added for rapid fermentation. Hey. The more frequent feeding, the faster the growth of earthworms grows.

The feeding bait is suitable for a small amount. Generally, it is usually cleaned up once in about 15 days. It cannot be accumulated for a long time, but it cannot be cleaned up by the high residual bait at one time so that the earthworms can find their own caves, otherwise It will also cause earthworms to escape.

5. Effectively adjust temperature, humidity and light.

Earthworms are sensitive to temperature, humidity and light, and have strict requirements. Earthworms like warm, humid, and cool environments. The farm places need to be shaded. It only takes 2-3 hours of light per day. Earthworm grows well in 20-30 ° C environment. It can cover a layer of straw in the high temperature season to reduce temperature and increase humidity; the low temperature season covers the temperature of the ground, grass curtains, arched sheds, etc. Soil humidity is the best in terms of no water. If the surface layer becomes white, it is necessary to spray water or water to ensure the normal growth and feeding of earthworms.

6. Collection method.

The indoor breeding is generally used in a strong light drive, and the earthworms will gather in the lower layer of the breeding bed, or in the container on the lower layer of the screen. In the wild, the food temptation method is generally used to put rotten fruits. After 2-3 days, the earthworms will gather in the fruits.

Earthworms are software animals. The alertness of the death of fish is reduced, and the earthy smell can quickly seduce the fish to hook, and novices can catch fish all year round. Mixing the earthworm powder into other bait has a good fishy fish effect. People who like fishing like earthworms are very much. They can put earthworms in fishing gear shops. Some people earn more than 50,000 yuan a year.

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