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The 15th China · Ancient Town International Lantern Expo (Spring Exhibition) will open at the Lighting Ancient Town Conference and Exhibition Center on March 18. As the first lighting store in Kaichun in 2015, more than 1,550 well -known domestic and high -end home home accessories brands at home and abroad.

2. Chaozhou Fengxi Ceramics Association


Fengxi District is the leader of Chinese porcelain capital. It enjoys the reputation of “South China Porcelain Capital”. It is the largest production and export base of craft porcelain and craftsmanship in China. It is also one of the country’s largest sanitary ware production bases. Ceramic products are involved in many areas in lighting applications and are one of the important accessories industries of the lighting industry. Organized by the Chaozhou Fengxi Ceramics Association, many well -known ceramic companies in the industry have enthusiastically participated in this Lantern Festival and displayed in the exhibition hall C area. The participating area of ​​the group reached 600 square meters.

3. Guangzhou Cultural Exhibition

Guangzhou Cultural Exhibition is a domestic professional exhibition organization, involving metal processing, machine tools, molds and other fields. In this Lantern Festival, the organizer and Guangzhou Cultural Exhibition closely cooperated to jointly organize more than 30 brand companies with more than 30 lighting lighting equipment machinery to participate in the Lantern Festival and hold the exhibitors at Hall A at the main venue. The exhibition area reached 800 square meters.

(At the first spring lantern expo in 2014, the Chaozhou Fengxi Ceramics Association shone with its high -quality ceramic exhibits)


Authoritative conference activities are presented, and the development of the industry

During the exhibition, there will be a number of high -quality forums and special seminars, including the “Ninth China Lantern Industry Summit Forum” and “2015 Lighting Designer Salon” organized by the China Lighting Metropolitan Industry Summit. LED Application Summit Forum, and the special lecture on the development of the development of e-commerce platforms, integrating the world-China Commercial Port BAB Innovation Platform “, keeping up with the market dynamics and leading the healthy development of the industry. In addition, the organizer also organized various lighting procurement festivals with major branches, including the opening ceremony of the LED city on March 18, and the light show performed every night on March 18-21;广场3月18-24日的《佰盛春季新品灯饰特惠订购会》;星光联盟集团旗下灯饰卖场的《星光2015春季采购节》活动,为采购商提供购灯三重豪礼:空前折扣优惠,丰盛Gifts and rebate red envelopes, super luxury car gifts.

(Seventh China Lantern Industry Summit Forum site)

Humanized and high -quality services, improve exhibition quality

This exhibition continues to use the online audience pre -boarding system to provide humanized registration services for professional buyers who come to the exhibition site. The audience can log in to the official website of the ancient town Lantern Expo for online pre -registration (the official website pre -registration website :), or complete the pre -boarding number by paying attention to the “Ancient Town Lantern Expo” WeChat subscription number. Buyers who have completed the pre -board can go directly to the special invitation buyer’s rest area in the exhibition hall to rest in the rest area. You can also get the mysterious gift provided by the organizer. You can also enjoy the viewing information sent by the organizer before the exhibition. , Recommended online services such as exhibitors and exhibits. At the same time, the official website of Guzhen Lantern Expo and WeChat subscription number also provides “exhibitors list” service system, systematically included the name of the lantern expo exhibitors, and the product operation scope and other value information. In addition, during the exhibition, the organizer will also provide free shuttle bus services between the exhibition halls and the branch venue for all buyers present. The five major branch venues at the spring exhibition of free bus routes (Light Cube LED City, Starlight League Lighting · LED Lighting Expo Center, Lighting Times Lighting Plaza, Bai Sheng Lighting Plaza, Taikoo Lighting Plaza), covering the core area of ​​the ancient town lighting and lighting. The free shuttle service will cross -drainage the audience at the venue, and the convenient transportation reaches high -efficiency procurement channels for buyers at home and abroad.

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