Beijing Palace Museum has a set of Kangxi blue flowers colorful twelve flower cups, a total of 4.9 cm, a diameter of 6.7 cm, a foot diameter of 2.6 cm. The shape is open, the arc, and the lap is full. The color is fresh and elegant, and the glaze is thin and white, the carcass is thin as paper, crystal clear. The twelve flower cars is a set of 12 pieces, according to the a year in the cup, depicting the flowers of each month in the cup, and praise the verse. After each poem, there is a square, “reward” word printed, in the bottom of the cup, “Daqing Kangxi” six-line two-line blue flowers.


Kangxi blue and white colorful twelve flowers, the fetal body is like a wing, the firing is extremely difficult, the finished product is extremely low, it is very easy to damage, the complete set of complete preserves are 奇 奇 奇, “Tao Ya” praises “Kangxi 12 Monthly Floral Wine Cup, a cup of flowers, blue and white, many colorful, texture is very thin, two self … If you want to make a flower in December, it is hard. Blue and white value, and it is not very much hung. ” .


Kangxi blue and white colorful twelve flower cups each set, representing different months, January is the daffodil flower, February is the spring flowers, March is peach blossom, April is a peony flower, May is pomegranate flower, six The month is the lotus, July is the orchid, August is the osmanthus, September is chrysanthemum, October is hibiscus flower, November is the month, December is plum blossom. Since Kangxi Emperor likes Tang Poetry, the topic poems of the twelve flower cups are Tang Poetry. Twelve flower gods will be painted, poetry, calligraphy, and, make ordinary wine glasses with literati atmosphere and artistic accomplishment, although there is no flowers, but the eye is pleasing, and it is fascinated. According to historical records, Kangxi Emperor South Tour, hunting travel, will bring the twelve flower cup, you can see its favorite of the twelve flower cups, the gods of the gods, the charm of the flower, Your fun.

Blue and white color refers to porcelain varieties combined with a variety of colors such as glazed blue and glazed, yellow color, green, and purple, and created in the Ming Dynasty Xuande, prevailed in the Qing Dynasty. Blue and white color is burned to the peak in Kangxi years, the carcass is fine, and the production is beautiful. Colorful, with strong artistic charm. Under the glaze, green and green, green, clear, use the “division of water” techniques to show the details of the picture, then add glaze, green, yellow color, black color, ocher, etc., the picture is beautiful, gorgeous and beautiful . However, with the prevalence of Porcelain in the Yongzheng years, the blue and white multicolored gradually faded out the historical stage, Kangxi blue and white colorful twelve flower cars also became an era of sings.

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