Ruoqiang Gray Jujube 1 Gray Jujube is a variety of red dates. Xinzheng, Aksu, Hetian and other places are planted. The unique climate of the Ruoqiang area creates the unique quality of gray dates. Jujube is the boutique in red dates. 22. Ruoqiang Gray Jujube is also known as Ruoqiang Jujube, Loulan Jujube, Loulan red dates. Known as the “Huaxia First County”, Ruoqian County, because of its unique geographical climate, long sunlight, no rain in the four seasons, and naturally dried red dates on the trees, so there is good quality. 3 Ruoqiang Gray Jujube obtained the national geographical indication in 2010. In 2012, he obtained a national green organic jujube production base.

So what is the point? How to distinguish between Ruoqian ash jujube?

Take a look

: Ruoqiang’s gray jujube is relatively small, about 4cm, and the epidermis has wrinkles after drying the tree

Two look at the color

: Ruoqiang’s gray jujube epidermis color purple red or deep red:

Three pinch

: Ruoqiang’s gray jujube is thick and porcelain, hand pinch and elasticity, and the hand will bounce up after the hand is loose:

Four taste

: Ruoqiang’s gray jujube has a good skin in the mouth and thin mouth, and the taste is sweet. No acidity and bitter taste:

Five -test kernel

: Ruoqiang’s gray jujube is thick but small in nuclear, a little small.

Ruoqian County, three sides of the desert and backing south, is an oasis in the desert. The sunshine time is long, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the climate is dry, the four seasons are not rainy, and it is not suitable for the growth of pests and insect pests. red dates.

Ruoqian jujube skin, thick meat, small nuclear, delicate and delicious meat, good taste, sweet but not greasy is excellent nourishing nutrition.

Every 100 grams of jujube can produce about 1500-1800 kilo -coke, 1.2 grams of protein, 100 mg of calcium, 31 mg of vitamins, 85%soluble fructose, 537 mg of amino acids, rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 , B12, C, P,, and rich in 18 amino acids and calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper and other mineral elements such as calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper. It is the real crown, which is called natural vitamin pills.

The history of Ruoqiang red dates can be traced back to the ancient Loulan ancient country in the Western Regions. About the 3rd century BC, Loulan established a country. At that time, Loulan was ruled by Yue’s rule, so if the jujube was also known as Loulan Jujube. Ruoqiang is located at the intersection of the Taklama Gan Desert and the Alkinxue Mountains. This is a beautiful and magical place -the best height of the vast desert Gobi and 800 meters above sea level is far from the ocean. The high temperature of the Taklama -Ganan Desert and the cool air flow of the snowy area of ​​the Alkina Snow, forming a temperature difference of about 28 degrees (high temperature during the day can strengthen the photosynthesis of crops, which is conducive to nutrient accumulation. The low temperature at night reduces the consumption of crop nutrients. The accumulation of nutrition and sugar) creates a unique natural growth environment in Ruoqian jujube.

If the gray jujube is small and beautiful, it is oval, the meat is very crispy, the fruit is round and full, and it is dark red after drying.

Ruoqiang’s gray jujube entrance is sweet and refreshing, soft and waxy, strong meat texture, jujube skin without littering, and no throat. This dates, women, old, and young are suitable. It is the best choice for female friends to have beauty and beauty. It is a good product for bloody friends.

Improve immunity

Jujube contains a large amount of sugar, mainly glucose, also contains fructose, sucrose, and hypoltacin, Arabia, and hypalithylene polysaccharis composed of glucose and fructose; , Amarantine, carotene, nikinic acid and other vitamins, have a strong nourishing effect, can improve human immune function and enhance disease resistance.

Prevent gallstones folding


The rich vitamin C in the ash dates transform the excess cholesterol into bile acid in the body, less cholesterol, and the probability of stones decreased.

Prevention of osteoporosis

Gray jujube is rich in iron and calcium, and they have a very important role in preventing osteoporosis.

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