The advantages of the four -ring frozen dried pharmaceutical frozen dryer in the industry

The working principle of the four -ring frozen -drying pharmaceutical frozen dryer is that in the high vacuum state, the use of sublimation principle can make the water in the pre -frozen materials not melted by ice, and the ice -sublimated sublimation to the water vapor is removed, so as to achieve the reach The purpose of freezing and dryness.


Most of the four -ring frozen dry -drying pharmaceutical -type frozen dryer is small in size and is mainly used in enterprises in related industries such as universities, scientific research institutions, pharmaceuticals, food and other related industries. Not only can it help save energy, but it can also speed up the production speed (equipped with electric heating), but also easy to clean. The automatic plug function can be configured according to experiment or production requirements. The device has the advantages of flexible structure, excellent performance, energy saving and environmental protection, and can meet the production requirements of most experiments and testing.


In the medical field, freezing and drying technology can be used for long -term preservation of blood, arteries, bones, skin, cornea, and neuroma tissues. Products are divided into basic types, lid types, polymark types, and multi -amplifier cover types. This product has the advantages of small volume, low energy consumption, stable structure, convenient operation, strong expansion, and easy to place in laboratory. It is convenient for laboratories to freeze and dry and explore related processes for a small amount of materials.

The four -ring frozen dried pharmaceutical -type frozen dryer is suitable for thermal substances. Because frozen and drying at low temperatures, it is particularly applicable to many thermal substances and will not cause degeneration or losing biological vitality. Therefore, it has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The advantages of pharmaceutical frozen dryers are mainly as follows:

1. The material loss is small. When dry at low temperature, some volatile components in the material are small, suitable for some chemical products, medicines and foods.

2. Maintain material shape. In the process of freezing and drying, the growth of microorganisms and enzymes cannot be performed, and the volume is almost unchanged. It maintains the original structure without concentration and oxygen. Therefore, the frozen dryer can maintain the original traits, will not oxidize, nor will it change the material structure.

3. Material is easy to dissolve. After drying, the material is loose and porous, with sponge shape. After adding water, it dissolves quickly and complete, and almost immediately responds to the original traits.

4. Long -term preservation of material. Drying can exclude more than 95-99%of water, so that dry products can be stored for a long time without deteriorating. Therefore, frozen and drying is currently widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, scientific research and other departments.

The above is the introduction and description of Stainless Steel Single-Effect Circulation Concentrator for Pharmaceutical, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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