It is another year of Children’s Day, but the most powerful for the festival is not those real children, but those adults who “don’t want to grow up” and a “childlike heart”. On weekdays, the white shirt and black suit, but I still want to wear a cartoon -printed T -shirt on this day, take a strong and cute photo to send it to the circle of friends; Back, buy a “Happy Paradise Meal” for yourself; you listen to Mao who is not easy to get off work every day. On this day, you also want to open the song list of “Slam Dunk”, remembering the bloody blood of “End of the World”.


So what is “childlike heart”? Children are not naive or childish. Children are the ability to return to the past. If your childlike magic value is not enough to take you back to the past, you can also carry the time machine -a watch that engraved the childhood like -loved anime image with a pointer of time jump back.


“I am Gundam!”



This year marks the 40th anniversary of “Mobility Guard”. G-Shock and Gundam have cooperated again to launch 4 40 anniversary watches.

“Mobile Suit Gundam”, since she appeared in 1979, has become the most famous, long -lasting, and largest series of Japanese cartoon animation works. This year marks the 40th anniversary of “Mobility Guard”. G-Shock and Gundam have cooperated again to launch 4 40 anniversary watches. There are four cooperation models, RX78-2 yuan ancestor Gundam, MS-06S red Zhagu “red comet”, RX-0 unicorned beast Gundam, and reporting to funeral banshee.

The first generation of Gundam theme watch


As the first Gundam RX-78-2, it was controlled by the ace driver of the Earth Federation Army, Amro Lei Cao, and created many incredible records. White is the main color, supplemented by red, yellow and blue, and the back of the dial has a special customized Gundam image. Before the dial below the connection, the body model RX-78-2 is printed on the connection. The table box is a special Haro model box.


Red Zhagu theme watch

MS-06S, Jiongjun is equipped with ace and commander models, Xiaya Azanbur’s special landing machine was painted red. In the Battle of Rum, Xia Ya brought MS-06S’s contribution performance to the extreme. As if it had reached a three -fold speed, five federal warships sank. The GA-700-4APRGD Zagu Watch is also a frosted red with a gray-black dial. The pointer and the electronics double display make it faster when reading. It is worth mentioning that this paragraph uses three different special Zagu helmet boxes from other three models, which is very collective.

Unicorn Gundam theme watch

RX-0 unicorns Gundam, named the legendary Holy Spirit unicorn, symbolizing the pure white body of faith and hope. Specific technology and equipment. GA-110MW-7APRGD unicorn watch, with popular watch GA-110 as the prototype, the dial bezel is pure white, the strap design adds red lines symbolizing the image of the NT-D destruction mode, large dial design, streets on the streets, streets on the street Feelings.


Report the theme watch of the funeral banshee

As the second machine of the RX-0 unicorns Gundam, it is named after the legendary banshee, and has the performance comparable to the unicorn Gundam. With its strong and reliable performance and domineering appearance, the Mourning Banshee succeeds in success. Captured the hearts of fans. Similarly, GAW-100G-1APRGD’s watch emphasizes internal strength, equipped with 6 rounds of radio wave receiving and solar power in the world, ensuring the accurate school time, and easily solving the problem of battery life. Fully automatic LED lighting, while bringing very ideal night vision function.

“Decide to be you! Pikachu!”

Romain jerome × Pokémon

“Pokémon” has countless fans worldwide. It used to be called “Pet Elf” and later called “Pokemon”. The current official name is “Pokémon”. With the popularity of “Detective Pikachu”, this global -level big IP has once again swept the animation peripheral market.


Romain Jerome launched the Pokémon theme Tusso Flying Wheel Watch

How can such a cute image be leaked by the watchmaker? Earlier, the Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome launched a number of watches with the theme of Pokémon. One of the tourbillon watches, which is engraved with the image of the first Pokémon of Pikachu, Miao Frog Seeds, Little Fire Dragons, and Jenny Turtle on the front of the dial. The yellow Pikachu back, swinging on the left and right. Of course, the watch equipped with a Tusso wheel is not cheap. This watch is priced at $ 258,000 (about 1.78 million yuan). However, the purpose of this watch is just to raise a “chestnut”. You can’t buy this table, you can go to a certain treasure to buy a toy watch. The point is never the watch. The point is that Pikachu will spend Liuyi with you.

“Avengers gather!”


Citizen x Marvel

When the Japanese watchmaker Citizen announced the cooperation with Disney and Marvel at the 2018 Basel International Watch Jewelery Show, fans rejoiced. The brand launched a Marvel theme series watches in the New York Comic-CON event in the fall of the 18th. These watches are elite members of the Marvel Avengers, including Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain America and Hulk.


“Avengers: Final Battle” poster

The common features of the eight watches in the Marvel series are that they all start with the classic ECO-Drive style of West Iron City, but they also have unique materials and graphics to give their personality. For example, this Avengers’ timepiece aims to express the unity and strength of the team. The center of the dial is decorated with an eye -catching golden “A” replica logo. The 45mm case is mainly black, red and gold embellishment, reminiscent of the character’s clothing. The back of the two tables is decorated with the Marvel logo. When you wear this watch, you can proudly express your love for Marvel comics.

Captain America’s theme watch

Captain America is the oldest Avengers. This watch can actually be regarded as many iconic traditional military watches, black dials, 45 mm black ion plating stainless steel cases, double Cordura and polyurethane camouflage bands. The iconic American team long shield logo and date display and 24 -hour track on the disk are well balanced together.


Spider -Man theme watch

Another invisible fashion chronograph is centered on Spider -Man, drawing inspiration from the spider web structure. Modern Spider -Man logo is placed in one of the chronograph meter dials. This version is made of stainless steel with a 44mm case. The vibrant blue dial is decorated with red accessories at the same time, and the date window is reminiscent of Spider -Man’s suit. The current watch performance can be purchased on, priced from $ 275 to $ 625, and it is temporarily issued in mainland China.

“Hello Kitty is another beautiful day today!”

Baby-g × hello kitty

“Hello Kitty it’ s a beautiful day. Hello Kitty are you ready to play? “Since the cute image of Hello Kitty in 1974 has met the audience, it has passed 45 years. This year happened to be the 25th anniversary of Baby-G. This watchmaking brand launched a cooperation model with Hello Kitty.

Baby-g launched a cooperative watch with Hello Kitty.

The cooperation model is based on the hot-selling BGA-150 as the prototype. This model of large dials and minimalist designs are welcomed by girls. The dial uses the popular rhombus pattern in the 1990s, with metal -sensitive flower design elements, giving people a fashionable and trendy appearance, but also lovely girl’s heart. At the same time, in order to celebrate the anniversary of these two brands, the letter “B” represents BABY-G, which is part of the flower on the dial at 5 o’clock, and the avatar of Hello Kitty is engraved on the dial at 9 o’clock. On the back of the watch, a special carving: Baby-G’s 25th anniversary, a kitty cat on the face, the flowers on the head decoration and the dial echoed, the inside represents the Baby-G’s letter “B”, which commemorates the cooperation. This model is equipped with a special watch box: a cosmetic bag with diamond -grained design elements. It can be used as a watch box collection and display watch, or it can be supported by separate facilities for daily use.

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