Hefei’s house prices are now tens of thousands of flats. It is really a soil and half -flat space. I don’t want to waste it. But now the living room and balcony space that are in hand are not too spacious, and the choice of partitioning has become a big problem. But until I discovered the design of the folding shutter, multiple screen space was more spacious.


What we think of most often is to use curtains to do the partition at the balcony space. Today, we will find a replacement method for everyone: the design of the louver folding door!

1 When protecting privacy while introducing light

Although to play a role of partition, light also needs to be guaranteed. And the louver is a good choice that can play the same role in protecting privacy as the curtains. At the same time, the light transmittance of the gap is brought to the entire space. Don’t worry about the dim space.


2 multiple screen partitions

Unlike ordinary screens, this design that uses the folding door of the louver has the same partition function, and it can be folded to the side when not in use. It will seem small and cramped living room space.

Specifically, there are two different installation methods to choose from when installing the folding door.

The non -orbit folding design is the first type to introduce to you. Save the orbital, and will not embed dust at the gap. Relatively speaking, it is relatively simple to install.


There is also a rail push -pull design. Choose the style of the decline rail or the upper sliding rail. Every time you push it to the side, the appearance will look more beautiful. You can choose the upper sliding rail instead of the sliding rail. There is no trouble of cleaning.


If you want to be more beautiful, choose the sliding rail design. If you want to install it, you can choose the folding door design.


The design of the folding door of the lobe can leave a certain width aisle space for the external balcony, which is relatively independent. If you want to stretch the size of the entire space, you can also directly replace the shutters with the shutters. The installation method is also relatively simple. It can be done outside the glass window. It not only protects privacy, but also combines the balcony and living room. It is suitable for an open balcony reference layout.

Relatively speaking, the design of the shutters is also relatively saving. It is the simplest layout method. If the space is not spacious enough, you can choose the shutters. On the contrary, if you want to divide the living room balcony more, the louver folding door is also a good choice.

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