The TR-90 material glasses frame is generally promoted in the market, so what exactly is the TR90 material, compared with other types of materials

What are the advantages and paint problems in the painting process? The treatment agent explains the above problems in detail


TR-90, also known as plastic titanium, is a more advanced polymer memory material. The so-called memory is to twist and bend and deform

It can automatically restore the original state. This feature is the first choice for the materials of the glasses frame. So what are the excellent TR-90 materials

Why is the preferred material for frame manufacturing?

1. Light weight:

The TR-90 material is half of the weight of the same volume, which is the same glasses frame. It is made of TR-90 material half lighter than the board.

It is 85%of the nylon material. Such a light material will not have a sense of oppression on the bridge of the nose and up the auricle even if we wear it for a long time, so that Pei

Dai is more relaxed and comfortable.

2. Patriotic impact

The TR-90 material glasses frame resistance is not because of its hard material itself, but because its molecular structure is relatively tight, and the overall material is compared

For softness, all the TR-90 frames in the anti-impact capacity are much better than plate and nylon material. Effectively reduce the hair in the exercise

The harm of the frame of the raw frame to the eyes and faces, so this is also the main reason for the teenager’s preferred TR-90 material frame.

3. Food -grade materials without pollution

Many people don’t understand why the production materials of the TR-90 glasses frame are connected with food-grade safety standards, or the EU’s food-grade materials

standard. In fact, you can understand after seeing some cases of skin allergies to wear inferior material mirror frame skin.


Dye is a big selling point for TR-90 material glasses.

4. High temperature resistance, not easy to deform

The limits of high temperature resistance of TR-90 material for a short time are 350 degrees. Such a high limit temperature determines that the TR-90 material frame is not easy to deform.

The characteristics of discoloration are longer.

At present, manufacturers using TR-90 as frame materials in China are all imported from Switzerland EMS Grivory, domestic PA-75 and

PA1239 material composition is complicated, and problems that cannot be passed in the application of glasses frame painting and frozen bending tests often occur in the application of glasses frame.

Jiong Sheng Technology is imported for the Swiss EMS Grivory in the coating market. The domestic PA-75 and PA1239 materials are met in the coating process

It is difficult to conduct investigations and practice such as the painting of the paint -free and bending test, etc., and developed the TR90 treatment agent developed by developing it to solve the TR90 and

PA-75 and PA1239 glasses frame materials have poor adhesion and paint. Environmental protection does not contain benzene.


It can be done without an oven for 5-10 minutes. The operation process is simple, just clean the material to spray the bottom

Water is baked (dry) spray PU. In the case of minus 40 ° C for 72 hours, “twisted twist” 1080 °, the knife test passed.

———————————————— ———————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————————

Tr-90, PA-75, PA1239 and other glasses frame material coating spraying spray force poor adhesion, painted paint, frozen bearing knife and other tests cannot pass the solution

More glasses frame paint paint problems solution:

TR90 processing agent application TR90 glasses frame 100ge test renderings

TR90 treatment agent application TR90 glasses frame “twist twist” bend renderings




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