Recently, CCTV reported that the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission experimented with 40 high -heeled sandals, of which 12 samples were unqualified. 73HOURS, Kisscat, Honeygirl and other brands of sandals have exceeded the content of phthalate. It is reported that phthalate can be absorbed into the body through respiratory systems and skin, causing harm to endocrine systems and reproductive development systems.

After CCTV’s exposure, some brands have released the situation and handling of the situation. Among them, 73HOURS, Kisscat, and Hotwind Hot Wose all issued a statement to apologize, and the product was removed. Time Financial contacted hot wind, San Jiasu, SKAP San Jiabu, etc. The company said that the products on the shelves have passed strict quality inspections, all of which are qualified products. Time Finance also contacted Armani, Honeygirl, GIOEVER Lian Luxu, etc., and so far has not received a reply.

Earlier, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Consumer Commission purchased 40 high -heeled sandals for comparison tests, including Volkswagen, Internet celebrities and light luxury brands. The price ranged from 125.1 yuan to 4620 yuan. test.

It was found that 28 samples of the 40 samples passed all the test items, and the other 12 samples may have problems in physical mechanical properties such as fold resistance, the strength of the helper, the strength of the bottom, and the intriguing, or the neighbors of the neighborhood, or the neighbors neighbors Poor substances such as phenyl -dietite and chromium chromium performed poorly.

It is reported that phthalate (plasticizer) can make hard plastic soft and elastic, making it easier for materials to shape. Studies have shown that phthalate can be absorbed into the body through respiratory systems and skin, causing harm to human reproductive development. After being absorbed by the human body, hexavalent chromium may also cause allergies or cause many other health problems.

The test results showed that the detection value of the 4 samples of deotonate exceeded 0.1%, which exceeded the requirements of the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (reporting draft). , Far exceeding the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (reporting draft) The recommended hexagonal chromium must not exceed 10mg/kg.

4件样品中,价值1026元的73hours女凉鞋和KISSCAT、honeyGIRL田莘、exull依思Q均是邻苯二甲酸酯未达到《鞋类通用安全要求》的建议值,Hotwind热风则是六价Chromium does not meet the recommendation value of the “General Safety Requirements for Shoes”.

Among them, 73HOURS released the “Explanation and Processing of the 73HOURS sandals” on the official Weibo in the early morning of September 13, saying that the “73HOURS brand high -heeled sandals (model number: H21212059U1; H21211060D3) The news of the company launched the investigation for the first time and found that the batch of products passed the test of SGS and CNAS (China Qualified Evaluation National Appraisal Committee) in April 2021 to qualify for relevant national standards.

The comparison test results of the content of tunopramnate this time, referring to the “General Safety Requirements for Shoes” (submitting a draft) standard that the state has not yet officially released and is still being approved. After verification, when the products mentioned in our company were produced and listed (April 14, 2021), the report was not yet publicized.

The statement also stated that it has been launched in the first time, and the traceability work of related raw materials has begun to ensure that it is safer in future products. At the same time, the company launched an emergency treatment of refunding the product that has been listed on sale.

Kisscat’s official Weibo also issued an apology on September 13: the recent brand high-heeled sandals (model number: KA28319-80) have been detected Products have always adhered to the concept of healthy quality, and it is difficult to blame. Express the most sincere apology for the troubles brought to the majority of users! The brand’s product is now all removed and the original channel refund the product that has been listed on sale.


The hot wind also said on the official Weibo on the same day that recently, the brand’s lady Mueller slippers (H34W1122) was detected in the comparison test that the hexavalent chromium content exceeded the standard. The test results of the hexagonal chromium content are compared with the results of the “General Safety Requirements for Shoes” (submitting the draft) of the “General Safety Requirements of Shoes” (submitted by the approval) that have not yet officially released and are still being approved.


公司已第一时间启动调查,目前该款商品现已在所有渠道下架,对已销售的该款产品进行原渠道退款的紧急处理,并已经安排对所有在售商品进行全面排查,确保其他Commodities meet the needs of national standards and consumer health and safety.


Time Finance also contacted Honeygirl Tian Yan, Exum Yisi Q, etc., as of the time of press time, did not reply.

In the wearing resistance test, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission found that a sample was too long in the folding resistance test. The band of 3 samples was easy to break, the help surface and sole were easy to open, and the 4 samples were not intrigue.

Women’s shoes made by Zhejiang Zhuo Shini Holdings Co., Ltd. are too long. The cracks exceed the standard requirements and exceed the standard limit of twice.

A George Armani women’s shoes worth 4,620 yuan, also steel intrigue bending performance does not meet the standard requirements. In addition, the GIOEVER women’s shoe belt worth 1312 yuan does not meet the standard requirements, and the SKAP Sanga Women’s Shoes with a value of 1184 yuan does not meet the standard requirements.


In short, consumers may have unstable walking when they wear these thousands of yuan of lady sandals, and even cause the wearers to launch, fall, and help the band, the heels fall off.

Time Financial contacted Zhuo Shii, Armani, GIOEVER Lianlian and SKAP Santa. Among them On the shelves, other brands have not received a reply as of the time being.

In fact, shoe categories are often incompatible.

In March of this year, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a notice on the random inspection of the quality supervision of shoe products in Guangdong Province in 2020. This random inspection carried out supervision spot checks on the quality of 14 types of 230 shoe products produced by 128 companies, natural leather shoes, tourism shoes, and sports shoes.

The results showed that in the supervision and random inspection of 230 shoe products, 112 batches were unqualified, and the main unqualified items were “stretching intensity”, “decomposition of harmful aromatic amine dyes”, “lining and inner pad friction color accuracy” “Identity” and so on. Unqualified products include Men’s leather shoes, Jinli Lai leather shoes, nine shepherds men’s casual shoes, camel men’s tourist shoes, Meetes Bangwei’s high -top city series sulfide shoes, New Belle leather shoes.


The results of the comparative test results of the Guangzhou Consumer Council and the Foshan Consumer Council jointly released the results of the old people’s shoes. The test results show that 8 of the 40 elderly shoes and samples have failed to pass through the demental (plasticizer) project Tests, one of which exceeds the standard 302 times, and the other 4 samples have unqualified wear resistance. (Beijing Time Finance Chen Shiai)

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