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When the weather is cold, the public will turn the doors and windows more rigorous when using gas heating and bathing. Experts remind that this will leave hidden safety hazards. Everyone should raise awareness of safety and beware of the “invisible killer” of carbon monoxide.

“Every winter, a case of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by bathing due to bathing.” Wan Shaobing, director of the Emergency Department of the Shouyi Hospital of Wuhan Third Hospital, introduced that winter is a high -incidence season for carbon monoxide poisoning. Or the gas water heater and other scenarios.

He reminds the public that we must maintain a sense of safety in daily life, pay more attention to the ventilation of the place during gas and heating, and beware of carbon monoxide poisoning.

■ Pay attention to these scenes

When coating and burning coal for coal and carbon hot pot, coal is prone to incomplete combustion, producing a large amount of carbon monoxide. At this time, if the room is closed and not ventilated, carbon monoxide poisoning incidents are prone to occur.

In the winter of 2020, a pair of grandsons in Gejian burned charcoal and baked fires at home to warm up and closed doors and windows to keep warm. As a result, the closed space caused the charcoal fire incomplete, the carbon monoxide accumulated a lot, the grandchildren and the grandchildren were unconscious. Fortunately, the neighbors were sent to the hospital in time to rescue the health, recovering health.

City residents rarely use charcoal fire to warm up, but in recent years, the hospital has also been admitted to the fashionable young people to buy a portable charcoal stove, and accidentally cause carbon monoxide poisoning when eating barbecue in a closed room.

In the carbon dioxide poisoning incident, the majority of cases of using gas water heaters and unwilling windows were used in time.

If the gas water heater is not installed properly and the environmental space is small, and the gas is not completely burned during use, it will easily cause carbon monoxide to accumulate. Closing doors and windows in autumn and winter to keep warm, which can easily lead to poisoning.

Use the car air conditioner to sleep in the car that starts the air conditioner, and there is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In this case, the automotive engine is idling, and the gasoline burns are insufficient, which will produce a large amount of exhaust gas containing carbon monoxide. Entering the car through the air -conditioned air outlet, there is a risk of poisoning in the car.

Before eating hot pot, there were customers in foreign countries when consumed hot pot restaurants, and carbon monoxide poisoning appeared. It turns out that there are many people in hot pot restaurants and closed space. If charcoal or natural gas is used as a fuel, carbon monoxide accumulation may occur.

In the same way, pay attention to this risk when eating charcoal barbecue.

■ What should I do if I encounter a “invisible killer”?

Carbon monoxide gas is colorless and tasteless, and poisoning is difficult to find in time, so it is also called “invisible killer”.

When using coal stoves, firewood furnaces, or bathing with gas water heaters, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, general weakness, and accelerated heartbeat, indicating mild poisoning, open the doors and windows as soon as possible, and leave the poisoning environment. Carbon monoxide is lighter than air. If it is unable to walk, you can climb out of the ground.

If carbon monoxide poisoning is found, rescuers may wish to rescue in the following order:

① Open the window immediately to ventilate, cut off the gas switch, or extinguish the charcoal fire;

② Quickly transfer the poisoned person to the ventilation and warm place, unbutton the collar, and keep breathing smoothly. If the poisoned person is unconscious, the head should be biased towards one side to prevent vomiting from accidentally inhaling into the lungs and cause suffocation;

③ If the poisoner stops breathing and cardiac, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed immediately;

④ Call 120 at the same time and send poisoners to hospitals with high -pressure oxygen cabins for rescue.

■ Do this well, stay away from the “invisible killer”

① When using heating equipment such as coal stoves and charcoal fire indoors, the fuel should be fully burned; doors and windows often ventilate ventilation and change the indoor air.

② Buy a regular manufacturer produced, qualified gas water heaters and cookers, etc., install and maintain regular maintenance and maintenance as required. Conditional families may wish to install carbon monoxide detectors.

③ When using the gas cooker, it is best not to stay away to prevent the wok from wiking the stove fire, causing gas to overflow.

④ When bathing with gas water heaters, maintain a good ventilation state. It is best not to exceed 20 minutes in winter.

⑤ Before going to bed, check whether the charcoal stove and the coal stove are completely extinguished and the gas valve is closed. If possible, it is best to move the furnace outside the house.

⑥ When the vehicle is parked in the garage, basement and other spaces, do not let the car engine run continuously; when the vehicle is stopped, do not drive the air conditioner for a long time, and do not sleep in the car with the door and the air conditioner.

⑦ Do not use small oil and gas motors in the indoor, garage, basement and other places, and use it outdoors and stay away from doors and windows, ventilation and exhaust devices.

Source: Changjiang Daily

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