In the text play circle, many play friends

Tibetan King Kong


Do not understand, there is a prejudice. They thought that the quality of the Tibetan King Kong is very common, because there is a flaw, it is made into a collection.

In fact, the Tibetan King Kong is very fun, and it can be more turned around! Do not believe, see the Tibetan Small King Kong of this play friend.

Is it the same very beautiful? This play friend is unique, playing Jin Gang doesn’t like what is the best texture. I only like to hide the goods, I feel that I have a bit more than a sense.

This tibitated Xiaojin just, with him a pair of sweats, the pulp is colored in 1 and a half, and there is basically no color difference. Waste five brush brush, brush it out of Xiaojin!

Look at Xiaobian’s own Tibetan:

I have been in the year of marriage, and now it is 5 years. I have seen a seeded seed. I have basically jade, full of accomplishment!


In fact, love Tibetan King Kong player is very people. Many people play to play, and finally found, or the most tasteful taste.


Now, in our plays, it can be said that many areas have been influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

For example, the two words, from the earliest equals, to the subsequent children “Hand Bao”, developed to this day, the fun of Chinese, hidden the combination of two cultures.

To say which item has the most “hidden” in the text player, many people may say that it is a beeland, or a Thangka, but Xiaobian thinks that Non-Holding Diachang 108 is.


Speaking of Tibetan Beads, the most representative, the most far-reaching is the drumpet, bucket beads. Here, you will correct the two basic concepts.


First, the Tibetan referring is not only two grinding beads.

The hidden is a concept, a style, a culture.


Including the shape, material and matching style of Bodhi, etc.


Second, the Tibetan Beads also have round, many of the beads on the lama are round. It can be said that the barrel beads, drum beads are hidden style, but the hidden style is not only a bucket, drum beads.


Why is the Tibetan Beads be the beads and drum beads?

First, because the process is limited. In ancient times, the beads were all hand-made, and because of the restrictions of production conditions, it was very difficult (there was no such thing as a lathe).


In contrast, the bucket beads, drum beads will be simple, slightly grinded, one look, get it. The real old hidden bead size is uneven, and the shape is irregular.

So everyone sees the beads of the so-called hundred years of heritage. First look, see the bead regulation, if “completely draw one”, then what do you think is a trustworthy?

Second, many materials of Tibetan Beads, accessories also determine the production of bucket beads, and the drum beads are suitable. For example, “巴拉” (bone beads), such as pine, honey wax, coconut shell, etc. In this way, the tibied drum beads, the barrel beads form a style.

Tibetan King Kong Bodhi Beads, whether from wearing habits or Buddhist culture, it is a kind of text that can also represent Tibetan culture.

Kimang returns to the traditional Tibetan style, equipped with a whale wax accessory with Tibetan area, which is not only integrated, but also to play the Tibetan culture.

Later, on the basis of Tibetan King Kong, the ultimate fan is developed. Accurately, it is a sliced ​​hand string, but according to the arc, it seems that the shape is very chic, and many play friends are kindly called

King Kong volley magic circle.

Tibetan King Kong

Tibetan King Kong is now more and more popular, and there is a major problem is that it is particularly convenient to save.

In fact, the disc is difficult to play, the hardest is not difficult, but the uniform label, and the two ends of the diamond hole of the original pile are the most difficult to brush, so it takes a huge time and energy.


It is often a red plate of the sideboard, and only the ends of the holes are very embarrassed!


But such a thing will not appear on the hidden body! When playing the Tibetan King Kong, as long as the side of the brush is fine, so if you save a lot of air brush time, of course, there is still an important point without the cracking of the head!


Tibetan King Kong is more “affordable”

At the price, the hidden is really cheaper than the same quality (of course, this is not absolute), in fact, I think people who play will measure the money!

In fact, this is not comparable. Wen play does not have absolute good look, everyone will spend into every eye, the best is the best.

The pile type of Tibetan King Kong is more consistent. It does not exist at high short piles. This business wear is relatively easy. It is very cost-effective. It is very suitable for us to want a good pattern, suffering from the shame!

The only shortcoming of Tibetan King Kong is – cleansing, but in order to discharge the unique taste of Tibetan King Kong, what is this painful?

Behind every string is the result of the disk and brush, the man is playing Jin Jigang, I have to pay attention to myself, think about 35 degrees in the summer, I don’t open the air conditioner, I am sweating, it is also worthy of this hard work. .

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