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If the harm of the new crown epidemic to us is “rowing mountains and the sea”, then the damage to us, known as the “sweet killer”, is “silent and silent.”

It is not an exaggeration to use the “bite the green mountains to not relax, the echigang is in the rock” to describe the toughness of Sannuo creatures in the diabetes field.

It is precisely because of this tenacious and tough spirit that it has changed the leading share of the domestic blood glucose detector market today. Experienced

The strategic goal transformation of the “Chinese Blood Globe Instrument” to “Global Diabetes Monitoring Expert”

On the road to the management of chronic diabetes, Sannuo creatures are getting deeper and deeper.

Regardless of how the business community changes, high -quality service customers are the essence of eternal. Then, Sannuo

Attract customers, retain customers, serve customers

What strategies have been adopted in the three aspects, and what adjustments did the domestic market experience in the foreign market, and finally became a best -selling brand of diabetes?

1. Attract customers, rely on good products

In the mid -1990s, Li Shaobo, who was studying at the graduate student of Xiangya Medical College, predicted that diabetes was about to become an important issue that Chinese society needs to face. Because the incidence of diabetes will increase with the level of living, this is a fact that almost all developed countries have experienced. At that time, many American medical projects he participated in continuously conveyed this future concerns.

Twenty years ago, the blood glucose market was the world of Johnson & Johnson and Roche. For local small companies, this is not a suitable soil. The blood glucose meter was a rare item at that time, the price was high, and the test strip was consumable. Generally, the family could not afford it.

In August 2002, Mr. Li Shaobo established Changsha Sannuo Biosensor Technology Co., Ltd. in the Changsha International Student Park. At this time, Li Shaobo’s dream was to give every diabetic person a blood glucose meter. At that time, most people thought that diabetes was a wealthy disease and had nothing to do with itching.

Twenty years have passed.

According to the “2021idf Global Diabetes Map (10th version)” (hereinafter referred to as maps), one of the 4 diabetic patients in the world is a Chinese patient.


As of now, Sannuo has formed a wealth of product lines. At present, it has 5 product lines and more than 20 sub -brands. Product testing indicators cover blood sugar, blood lipids, glycosylatin, hyperlcoin, urine trace white protein, glycated serum albumin, inflammation, coagulation Function, liver function, renal function, etc. There are four major series of Sannuo’s main products:

Blood glucose monitoring for household medical, diabetes and chronic disease indicators, glycated hemoglobin detection, blood lipid monitoring, integrated disease management plan inside and outside the hospital

Essence Throughout the 20 -year history of Sannuo Bio, you can summarize it as internal repair and expansion:

▸ ▸ ▸ ▸

Essence In the choice of market segment, Sannuo took the initiative to abandon patients with large cities and public hospitals focusing on foreign brands, and the large number of unsatisfactory small and medium -sized hospitals and grass -roots rural patients were selected as a niche market. While cutting into the market, on the other hand, the “education” market is “educating” the market, so that Sannuo’s blood glucose meter blooms in grassroots towns in China, so that patients can understand the importance of blood sugar monitoring. In Mr. Li Shaobo’s words,

To control the burden of patients, the products that are available to produce patients can afford it and can afford it.

▸ ▸

Essence After surviving in the Chinese market, copy the successful products and experiences of the Chinese market to attract international market customers and get business opportunities. For example, in 2007, Sannuo joined China-Cuba biotechnology cooperation to achieve the large-scale export of blood sugar meter and blood sugar test to the Cuban and Latin American markets, and successfully obtained customers from emerging countries. For example, in 2016, the Capture and PTS diagnostic companies were acquired in 2016, and they began to attract global customers’ attention.

After seeing the domestic gap in the country, studying the needs of customers carefully, and the production of products that meet the needs of customers according to local conditions, and stepped into the hearts of users.

The four words “Gezhi Zhizhi” probably can most likely interpret the product to attract the concept of customers.

2. Keeping customers and relying on experience

C -side customers value the most important thing. In the general trend of Internet+chronic disease management, in order to better retain customers, Sannuo’s product strategy can be summarized as “two releases and one collection”.

投 是 ▸, refers to the listing of sugar nurses who are listed on the market and the Sannuo minute clinic

, Online and offline Two user entry artifacts.

The mobile phone blood glucose meter, launched in September 2013, tried to explore the customer experience from the product to the service through the establishment of a monitoring-evaluation-intervention model. Since the listing of sugar nurse mobile phone blood glucose meters, it has seized the port end of the mobile medical, which has attracted great interest in consumers, and won the 2014 “Qiyu Award” of medical device innovation. In the general trend of Internet technology+chronic disease management, the sugar nurse’s mobile phone blood glucose meter is used as a user entry device, which brings user traffic, and also retains customers with a good user experience.

The Sannuo minute clinic is mainly used in grassroots hospitals, community clinics, and chain pharmacies. The minute clinic aims to achieve chronic disease service management through chronic disease testing, index analysis, disease assessment and health guidance. Only a drop of blood can be completed in 5 minutes to complete the test of ten slow disease indicators, which reduces the time cost of lining up in a large hospital for patients, and it is also consistent with the ideas of national graded diagnosis and treatment.

As soon as I received it, it refers to the acquisition of Jianheng Diabetes Hospital

Essence If the above two products belong to the prototype of blood glucose management vertical closed -loop, then the acquisition of Sannuojian Heng Heng Diabetes Hospital has obtained the last piece of puzzle of blood glucose management vertical closed -loop prototype, that is, professional medical service resources for blood glucose management consulting and diagnosis and treatment.


3. Serving customers, relying on the times with the times

According to the ground map, from 2019 to 2021, the number of adult diabetes in the world surged by 74 million. Over the past 10 years,

The number of diabetic patients in my country increased from 90 million to 140 million, equivalent to 13%of Chinese adults suffering from diabetes.

At the same time, my country is also the country with the largest number of diabetes (1.4 million) per year in the Western Pacific region.

“Sweet killer” is not gentle at all.

The current blood glucose meter detection is a single -time blood glucose value, and dynamic continuous testing cannot be performed.

In the future, the continuous blood glucose detector (CGM) is the trend, and it is also the latest way to manage the chronic diabetes.

Essence CGM can detect SMBG’s “monitoring blind spots”. However, the CGM industry has high technical barriers, involving sensors, calibration algorithms, enzyme fixed technology, etc., and regulatory access is difficult. Companies currently entered this track in foreign countries include Midunli, Abbott, Senseonics, etc., while in the country mainly include Meiqi Medical, San Meidino, Shenzhen Hanyou, Sannuo Bio, etc.

Picture source: Zhiyin Medicine

Facing the severe management of diabetes with severe situation, if the above is the “point” and “noodles” products of blood sugar monitoring, what progress does Sanno’s research and development of “line” products?

The 2020 annual report shows:

Sannuo Bio has invested in CGMS technology research and development since 2009, and has received support for the 2018 national key R & D plan “Active Health and Aging Technology Copper”.

In terms of research and development funds,

500 million RMB raised funds for Sannuo Biological Bioskin for the construction of IPOCT and CGMS projects

The review session of the convertible bond issuance was completed on December 21, 2020, and it has now been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. As of the reporting period of 2020, CGMS R & D and clinical verification projects have invested funds

445.886 million yuan

, The total investment after adjustment is

150 million yuan

; CGMS production capacity construction project will be invested

1.5 billion

CGM has a broad prospect. In the future, more and more companies will participate in the track, and this product is worth looking forward to.

Fourth, ending

According to the map data,

In 2021, the number of patients with adult diabetes in the world reached 537 million, accounting for about 10.5%of the global total population. According to IDF, this number will reach 783 million by 2045

Essence The trend of chronic diabetes in the world has been urgent.

Diabetic chronic disease management is actually a long and difficult process. It is a Everest. It is difficult to see it.


I wish Sannuo Biological to adhere to “Sannuo” and climb the peak of technology.



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