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How important is the outside of the electronic cigarette? I do not need to consume it here. In fact, it is not only for electronic cigarettes. For many products on the market, the shape is the first door to impress consumers. They all chose to work hard on the appearance.

The product design industry has a well -known international CMF design conference. It is the world’s first special award focusing on CMF (color, materials, craftsmanship, texture). It has a history of 14 years. Midea, TCL, Volkswagen, GAC Research Institute and other well -known brands have won awards at the CMF conference.

When the electronic cigarette also targets the CMF design conference, what does it mean?

01 worry about big and small brands

The Consumer Consumer Reporter read the official website of the International CMF Design Conference and found that Anker-Jouz Tori, Zhuoli-Waver, and Yingzhuo -Enjovp have been shortlisted for the CMF Design Award. Although head products such as RELX and Xuejia Snow are not in the list, they do not mean that they have not worked in the shape, and their feel and convenience have always been well received.

Compared to companies with capital creation design, there are more places in Shenzhen, which are only listed, and other small companies that are fully delivered to foundries. Although it can reduce the design cost of design costs to the greatest extent, it is bound to stay. The hidden dangers with insufficient life.


Generally, the original design requires a patent, and the later maintenance of intellectual property also requires capital investment. The electronic cigarette industry is not the same as in the past. Now the small brands are flooding, and the three -proof products are frequently produced. It used to spend millions to build a brand. Now with the help of Shenzhen’s filmmakers Electronic cigarette brand.

“They are too easy, from the appearance to the structure to the tobacco oil, all of them are handed over to the foundry, and in the end, you only need to spray the names of his company.” Coconuts that have been engaged in electronic smoke products such as Yingzhuo and other companies are so sighing Essence

Coconuts have treated several electronic cigarette companies. These companies provide their own teams from exterior design, structural design to cigarette oil, ceramic core and other components.

“Several big brands in China are mostly assembled in factories, and the design and structure are conceived by their own team.”

02 How high is the appearance cost?

From the appearance of electronic cigarettes, if you want to have different appearances, you have to use different molds. The mold determines the basic form of the electronic cigarette shell. However, in the factory, the mold split private models and public molds. From the perspective of the name, we can guess one or two.

Coconut tells us that creating a private model requires 150-300,000, and the public model is very cheap, but anyone can use public models, and private models are only used for the production of other merchants. From an original perspective, it can be used. In the case of, the private model guarantees the uniqueness of the electronic smoke, so it will not be easily imitated.

From the perspective of personnel costs, products -oriented companies must be equipped with professional personnel even if they cannot be compared with capital companies, such as ID designers, structural designers, and smoke oil incense regulators. The appearance of the cigarette rod is designed by the ID designer, and then the testers and the structural personnel are adjusted according to the actual situation.

The British Tepe Truvape Electronic Cigarette won the IF design award. Because it uses innovative capsule tobacco oil, loading design, no need to add smoke oil, and no need to worry about the life of the atomizer. The research investment behind it can be imagined.

There is no way to achieve technological innovation in ordinary electronic cigarette brands. The biggest highlight of the product is the feel and taste of the appearance, and the taste is not an unpredictable thing, and it is difficult to adjust the public. Find your own target group.

The remaining factors that can be spelled out are the only shape.

Whether it is an individual or a company, the more honorary awards you have won, the degree of external recognition will also become higher. Obviously, the brand of electronic cigarettes also think so. If you win awards, you can also bless the brand.

(Electronic cigarette products that are shortlisted for CMF)

The head brands that have obtained a majority market share do not seem to need these so -called awards, because their shapes have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but it does not mean that it can be taken lightly.

Once more and more people start to imitate you, your end is not far away.

03 The struggle of homogeneity deadlock

From mold to professional teams, companies with insufficient funds are obviously unable to do it, but with a professional team, can it ensure that their products can stand out in a variety of electronic cigarette markets?

Electronic cigarettes enter the CMF design conference, and when it is better, it is the importance of the quality of the product itself, but behind this, a hidden worry is that the electronic cigarettes that tend to be homogeneous have become it. Everyone can enter the industry, how can we break this deadlock?

Especially for companies with less capital, taking root in the hearts of users with a clear image is the most important thing.

“We (Ying Zhuo) is the first brand of CNC cutting edges, LOGO sculptures, and gradient brands in the industry. Then many brands have begun to be gradient, but the effect is not good.”

According to coconut, Yingzhuo’s foundries are foundries that have worked with Huawei and Apple, and Yingzhuo received 50 million financing in 2018. Not big, not even as similar to team genes, not my JVE, not my JVE has received 100 million financing.


The details of the picture of me and Ying Zhuo can be said to be very similar.


This is the e -cigarettes that seek to make breakthroughs in homogeneous products, and some seem to have gone back to the edge of homogeneity and digging the appearance of the appearance. Instead, it will be a frightening thing.

The small industry is often a circle. The teams and people who come and go are those who are in creative positions. One merchant has a novel taste, and another merchant is bound to follow the trend. The same is true for the appearance, so the appearance of the e -cigarette appearance will not stop.

Especially with the continuous segmentation of the crowd, competition will become more and more frequent.

Women have the characteristics of women’s favorite shapes, business people have the characteristics of business people, and the appearance of greedy wants to do, but it is by no means only a few international awards that can be left.

CMF is just the beginning. Small brands without unique design will only die faster in the deadlock in homogeneity.

Reading extension

Electronic cigarettes that have been won in appearance are even more important for smokers who started. From the meaning of the CMF itself, it includes product color, materials, craftsmanship, patterns, trends and other content.

In 1996, Philips had a special CMF. By 2019, CMF’s attention in society, colleges, and scientific research institutions further increased.

According to statistics, 80%of the first -line terminal companies such as BMW, Huawei, Adidas, and Apple have set up or planned to set up CMF full -time positions and departments; many supply chain companies such as PPG, BASF, Kurz, etc. are also strengthening their forward -looking service capabilities; North Service , Lake University, Guangmei and other universities to set up a CMF course, set up a CMF laboratory, and even appear the first CMF design graduate major.

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