1Q1: Exynos 7580 Where is the sacred back to the top

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三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Samsung has upgraded sincerely for the 2016 Galaxy J7. The newly added metal middle frame, full HD Super AMOLED screen, and larger operating memory. The new J7 has been reborn from the appearance process to the experience. Xiaobian got the J7008 mobile custom version. Compared with the J7009 telecom customized version, the difference is that the Samsung’s own processor is used. The following will discuss from several key issues to discuss the economy of the economy Galaxy J7 to see how it can bring to consumers.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Reference price: Reading … Pictures of pictures and point review quotation parameters

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Q1: Exynos 7580 Where is the sacred

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The Galaxy J7 is equipped with Exynos 7580 processor, using a 20nm process process (data from AIDA), integrated LTE CAT.6 baseband, and supports mobile Unicom dual -Netcom. The CPU part is the A53 core of 8 main frequency of 1.6GHz. The GPU part is Mali-T720, with 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, and supports the expansion of the memory card.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


Exynos 7580 processor eight cores 1.6GHz

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男




16GB supports memory card expansion


5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED screen 402ppi

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The 13 -megapixel rear camera, the 5 -megapixel front camera, the aperture is F1.9


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Touchwiz (based on Android 5.1.1)

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

size and weight

151.7 x 76.0 x 7.8mm 170g

battery capacity

3300mAh battery, can be replaced freely

Network system

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Support Unicom/Mobile 2G/3G/4G LTE network

special function


Listing price

1898 yuan (Jingdong)

Students who are familiar with the mobile processor may soon discover that the positioning of the Exynos 7580 is between MediaTek MT6573 and Helio P10. The actual performance test results do confirm this guess. Thanks to the excellent power consumption control of the A53 and the strong guarantee of the 3300mAh battery, the J7 achieves the relatively balanced performance and battery life.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Anutu (Comprehensive)



三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男


三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Geekbench (CPU)

Single core:


Multi -core:


The Galaxy J7 performed well in the 5 -hour battery life, and the remaining power reached 46%, ranking among the top in the battery life. Under the moderate moderate or even heavy use, the battery insists that there is no pressure all day. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the J7’s control of the background application is quite powerful, the standby power consumption performance is excellent, and it can bring a real sense of security.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

5 -hour endurance test data

Large games and online videos ranked high in battery killer rankings; continuously taking pictures, brushing Weibo, and browsing webs followed, attached to moderate use scenarios; while watching e -books, listening music, and calls are the most power -saving. Even when the processor is in a high load state, the fastest metal frame of thermal conductivity is only warm, and it is doomed to be able to keep it.

Daily application consumption consumption per hour conversion

In summary, Xiaobian thought that Exynos7580 was like Sisyphus, which pushed the stone up the mountain in ancient Greek mythology. Although the limit explosiveness performed in a short period of time, it was victorious in marathon -style endurance. In fact, the performance of the current mainstream SoC is sufficient to cope with most of the daily usage scenarios. High battery life can bring higher marginal happiness.

2Q2: Is industrial design rational or emotional back to the top

Q2: Is industrial design rational or emotional

Compared with the previous generation, the 2016 Galaxy J7 successfully lost weight, and the frame was sharply narrowed and seemed more capable. The front is equipped with a 5.5 -inch full HD Super AMOLED screen with a narrowing width of 4.1mm and a thickness of 7.8mm. The screen ratio has been greatly increased to the J7’s face value. The thin skin and large filling may be the best choice in conventional design.

The front forehead is not uncommon to add the light light, and the front camera is symmetrically symmetrical, and the selfie party has no pressure all -weather. The slender handset is slightly lower than the glass panel, and the position is on the same straight line as other sensors. Although there are many visual elements, the layout is quite organized and looks orderly.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The side is the arc -shaped metal middle frame, which is decorated with two rounds of highlights, saving the opening of the card slot is much more concise. There is a ridge line between the upper and lower two sections and the 4 R corners. The opponent’s palm is more fit, and at the same time, it also highlights a tough shape. Grab the mobile phone when letting go.

In the middle of the chin, there is an oval home key. The shape is thin and long, and there is a high -light bright side decoration. The keys are slightly higher than the front panel, the key is moderate and the pressing sensation is comfortable. HOME key hit the screen single, long press and launch Double -click the fast startup camera, three times press the one -handed operation mode, long press the living assistant in the unlocking state, the function is very powerful.

The camera on the back is slightly raised, the left and right speakers and fill light are symmetrically distributed, and the camera is located on the same straight line. The rear shell is a detachable design, and the transition with the middle frame is smoothly transitioned, which is very hand -held. The rear shell has a NFC contact. Remove can be freely replaced by the battery. It supports the simultaneous inserting two SIM cards and a Micro SD card. Dual -card dual standby and storage capacity extension do not need to tangled one choice.

The advancement of supply chain process has made more and more manufacturers advertise the spirit of craftsmen, and industrial design seems to have a trend of perceptual overwhelming rationality. In fact, this is not the case. The appearance is a product of compromise with each functional module and production cost. Even if the design is prioritized to the first place, it still bowed his head when you bow your head. J7 is not amazing at first glance. It is quite interesting to find the fusion of tough and rounded and balanced symmetrical design.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

3Q3: What is a good shooting experience back to the top

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Q3: What is a good shooting experience

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The Galaxy J7 uses a 13 -megapixel rear camera with a large aperture of F1.9. The sensitivity element is the back -illuminated S5K3L2, the size is 1/3.06 inches, and the unit pixel is 1.12 microns. Samsung preset automatic, professional, HDR, night shooting and other modes, the operation interface is very easy to get started.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The night scene sample is generated in the night auction mode, which will trigger multi -frame combination and noise reduction in the machine at this time. It can be seen that the screen brightness and purity are controlled well, and the photos are highly available. Although glare control is relatively average, it is enough to share the circle of friends.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

In the case of cloudy and cloudy weather, the texture of the building is clearly visible, the picture maintains a relatively high sharpness and contrast, and the imaging has a good three -dimensional sense. The 13 -megapixel camera shows the due resolution under this light condition. The ISO value is greatly low, and the view looks pure and tidy.

In terms of indoor scenes, the large aperture of F1.9 has captured a relatively sufficient amount of light. The screen is transparent and the first view is more eye -catching. At the same time, macro shooting highlights the background of the background of the prospects, and the transition is natural.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The color reduction in the outdoor natural scene is more likely to be rich. When you encounter the scene where the bright and dark contrast is too large, you can turn on the HDR. Under the premise of retaining the details of the dark part, the saturation is relatively moderate, which seems not obtrusive.

The camera focusing distance is close when outdoor macro shooting, and the petals and leaves are very rich in texture. In fact, the wind was not small that day, and the flowers and leaves were swinging irregularly. Because the camera starts and the imaging speed is relatively fast, it has a certain grabbing ability for such sports objects, and the playability is not bad.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

When the performance is relatively large, opening the HDR will make the picture look more imposing, the speed of photo synthesis is faster, and there will be no long frustration. The automatic mode is also very convenient to reduce the exposure compensation. You only need to concentrate on the composition when shooting.

The following group picture simulates going out of party/dining, and it is almost taken at hand. Because the camera is filled with a series of actions such as the scene, focusing, and imaging, the shooting experience can be talked about the cloud flowing. The actual film effect is actually not bad, Xiaobian cheated a lot of likes in the Penjian circle.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

A good shooting experience is inseparable from the simple and easy -to -use interface, smooth and refreshing operations, and pleasing filming effects. Samsung Galaxy J7 has done a good job in this regard, enough to score a high score. However, the parameters that can be adjusted for professional models are very limited, and some shooting fun is missing, which is a small shortage.

4Q3: Where is the highlight of Touchwiz back to the top

Q3: Where is the highlight of Touchwiz

Galaxy J9 runs the TouchWiz system based on Android5.1.1, or the original formula, or a familiar taste. The lock screen will have a translucent bubble, and the color is changed as different as the position is different. Enter the desktop and find that the UI color scheme is close to AMOLED tone, which looks very strong. It has a high degree of recognition with the high bright icon with a bulging drum.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

The drop -down bar is the first part is opaque shortcut. Sliding from left and right to switch different items, or you can click the editor to enter the entire setting option. The second part is the information notification part, add a layer of transparent mask on the background of the desktop, slide left and right to delete the notification, slide up or click to press the blank position below.

The setting item uses different colors to distinguish different categories, and there are fast settings and search options for users to customize commonly used items. The background display mode is a square card shape, click or slide to close, and add one -click empty options.

Xiaobian personally likes the design of the system album. The style is simple and smooth. It can change the layout form of the photo through gesture zooming. There are 3, 4, and 8 photos and other modes to choose from.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

Samsung provides two solutions for one -handed operation of large -screen mobile phones. One is to turn on the assistant menu under the auxiliary function to define the shortcut function of the virtual keys in the screen; the other is to quickly press the home key three times to reduce the screen size globally.

The Galaxy J9 built -in S health application and recommendation model is worth saying that smartphones have become an indispensable part of life, and the scope of application is also expanding. The former is used to manage training projects, record sports data, and give relevant suggestions; the latter increases icons and fonts, reduce the threshold for smartphones in the elders at home, and consider more thoughtful consideration.

三星Galaxy J7评测:靠谱的经济适用男

In addition, the Galaxy J7 also supports NFC near -field communication and support application authority management, which cannot be mentioned one by one because of space limitations. All in all, TouchWiz’s biggest advantage is that it has good system stability, and the characteristic function has been mature after iterative evolution. Subjective aesthetics varies from person to person, but I still hope that Samsung can adapt to the new version of the new version of the new version of the new version of Touchwiz for the new machine. New bottle also needs to be equipped with new wine.

Summary: sincerity upgrade, economical application

The 2016 Galaxy J7 came with sincerity. The comprehensive experience has been able to reach the mainstream level, and the system stability, battery life and camera showed colorful. This is a relatively balanced mobile phone. The degree of software and hardware is relatively high and there is no obvious short board. The economy is suitable for men, and interested guests may wish to pay attention.

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