When the baby starts to show the enthusiasm for painting and painting, the parents will be very excited, and they will always be unable to bear the fantasy …

“My child is not Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso in the future?!”




When the child leaves the painting on the paper.


Instead, I turned to the wall, clothes, and even my own body …

At this time, if the watercolor pen is not bought well, then you can only wash the clothes and wash it, and wash it to peel …

This time we purchased 8 big -name watercolor pens, which will strictly evaluate them from easy washing, easy to wipe, writing, writing, safety, and pure color.


Cultivate the sense of order, the watercolor pen must be well stored

At a certain stage, the baby will gradually establish a sense of order, and the watercolor pen can also be used as one of the storage exercises.

If you can use the watercolor pen to be neatly lined back to the original place, for the baby and mother, it is a matter of beauty.


Let’s see how the storage of these watercolor pens is?

We found that the shape of a broccolius such as Ma Peide is particularly suitable for storage, and the baby can neatly row the watercolor pens.


Chenguang’s pen -type packaging is also relatively easy to store.

The type of packaging of Erle is not very friendly, the carton is easy to damage, it is difficult to get it, it is very inconvenient.

Baby bite the west, and the air hole is very important

The “pen cover” of the watercolor pen is actually a dangerous member. The baby likes to bite the west. If you accidentally swallow the pen cover and block the trachea, the pores on the pen cover are “savior pores”.

Let’s take a look at these watercolor pen covers, which are the pores.


Except for Huibaijia, several other models have air holes, while Merlot reached 8 air holes, and the safety factor was good.




Wash easily, liberate the old mother’s hands

Many old mothers may jump to this party directly. Not much to say, we use watercolor pens to conduct a wave of experiments on the T -shirt and arm.

We painted watercolors on the T -shirt to let it pass for a weekend to see what it would be.

Washing the T -shirt with water, we found that Chenguang and Maypeide could not wash it off, and it was a little bit residual.


Several other members are qualified!

Then we continued to experiment with the body:


The result is obvious that Meile was washed off directly and ranked first.

Cultivate the baby’s color cognition, the color must be positive

The color of the watercolor pen is not good, and “the red you said is not red, what the blue you is talking about”.

So we chose the commonly used red, green, and blue, three colors, and compared the face value.

The colors of Ma Peide, Meile, and Erle Le are gentle and pure, and are more friendly to the eyes and are suitable for children.

Small artists cannot be separated from easy -to -use pens


These 8 types of watercolor pen have different shapes, and the pen heads are not the same.


Among them, Meile, Marco, Erle, and Ma Peide belong to the dual -use pen, which can be painted thick and thin.


And Huibaijia and Disney are thinner, if it is painted with a large area, it is a bit too troublesome.

Sure enough, after coloring evaluation, it was found that Meile, Marco, Erle, and Ma Peide. These 4 brands of watercolor pens are particularly friendly to large -area coloring and very easy to paint!


And Huibaijia, Disney, really exhausted patience

Award time


*Interactive time*


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