IT House News on January 9th, the Redmi Redmi K50 universe has officially announced that it is expected to launch at least three models of the K50 standard version, K50 Pro, and K50 e -sports.The new phone has not been released yet, and Taobao has appeared on Taobao

红米 Redmi K50 Pro 手机壳曝光:三摄三角形排列

The protective case of Redmi K50 Pro mobile phone

, Show a new rear three -camera design.

红米 Redmi K50 Pro 手机壳曝光:三摄三角形排列

Redmi K50 Pro will use straight borders. The rear module is divided into two steps. The upward triangle shape is used, and the bottom has a two -color two -color warm flash.

红米 Redmi K50 Pro 手机壳曝光:三摄三角形排列

IT House previously reported that Xiaomi Redmi K50 e -version will

Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, the built -in dual VC is all hot board

, Equipped with 4700mAh+120W fast charge scheme.The Redmi K50 Standard Edition will be equipped with a Snapdragon 870 chip to support 67W fast charging.At present, the two mobile phones have been on the Internet.In addition, there is also a K50 series mobile phone, which will be equipped with a Tianye 9000 chip.

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