After a few days of heating up for several days, people obviously feel that this is the rhythm of summer. The spring clothes have not worn for a few days. We are going to be in the summer. Strike a long skirt with a shading straw hat, open the leisure vacation mode happily!

Happy vacation time, put on this orange sleeveless floral floral jacket

Long skirt

The bright colors not only make yourself feel good, but the slit design in front of the skirt makes you a little sexy, high waist loose wrapped body style, and it is very good for the body proportion. Even in the face of the weather with light rain With a fairy cuff lace cardigan, it is proper. Since it is a girl who chose a long skirt, he tall has an advantage. You do n’t need to wear high heels. Coupled with the navigation wind stripe handbags with a sunglasses print pattern, such a holiday style style is definitely a scenery in the eyes of others!

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