The reason why women like to wear more fashionable clothing are not only to show their beauty, but also to create a state that has not been abandoned by the times and still maintains a sense of youth. Wearing any one


You should find that you will make yourself more fashionable.

Taupel skirts such as girly -sensitive clothing can not be ignored, and more needed

Exquisite match,

Whether it is to enlarge the aesthetics or prevent the effect of not being atmospheric in the gauze skirt, fashionable wear is necessary.

The protagonist of the fashion wearing of everyone in this issue is

Emma Watson

, Her skirt is different, the style of the gauze skirt is also more distinctive, and the cool match is thin and lined.

Very domineering

Essence The value of “Hermione” is still the same, wearing a gauze skirt is very cute and full of girlishness.

“Hermione”, who is over 30 years old, is still very young, wearing a sweet gauze skirt, like a princess. The matching method of gauze skirts is unique, which can prevent naiveness, and more than ordinary gauze skirts

Zhang Yang.

Many people like to wear gauze skirts in summer. This kind of clothing style is quite refreshing. However, under the illusion of loose skirts, accidents will change if they are not careful.


, Or if you are not careful, you will become naive reality, so this is a more unique combination of Emma, ​​and the temperament is more

Recruiting people like it.

Refreshing and cool gauze dress

◆ Unique design gauze skirt

Different veil skirts can of course create different

temperament. base

The gauze skirt of this style is not too exaggerated to look like a dress, or the design is super simple, daily

There is no highlight


Essence It still uses a chic design, and a simple gauze skirt can become so unique.

The texture of the gauze skirt is generally soft and hard. The latter is rare because it is too easy to become fluffy. This over -fluffing cut into short models will only let the upper body line look at the lines of the upper body.


It will not be fat. It is wonderful to wear a short shirt -like style every day, but the dress is more exaggerated, such as the short, the atmosphere and coolness, the exquisite and irregular curve combination of lace.

Don’t show up.

◆ Wonderful match

I haven’t tried to wear a skirt, with the last one


, Hurry up and try it. The combination of skirt pants is very distinctive, and at the same time it looks very public, cool and thin


It will not be large.

Especially the long skirts and the irregular length skirt, with black flared pants with thin legs, the aura is cool and special

Other publicity.

The layered stacking makes the skirts look particularly cool. To a certain extent, the skirt has limited women’s behavior. After pairing with pants, this sense of restraint is gone. Of course, the effect will become super

Cool confidence.

◆ Introduction to the dress of gauze skirt

Wearing any design clothing should be careful to wear childish feelings, or more fashionable design, and more refreshing combinations. Add a slightly sexy element, the hollow or plus of lace

More mature

Hairstyle accessories are fine.

In addition, it should be noted that it will be careful to wear a fat effect. After all, very fluffy clothing is not necessarily

Hidden meat,

It may also be widening. Especially the hard fabric, plus the waist design or it



It’s safe.

Although the temperament of the yarn skirt is very unique, I am impressed

It’s a pure girly feeling

There are more, but the gauze skirts in the dress and the style of the daily gauze dress are changed a lot, not that

What a single cute style



Basic models and unique shapes

There are a lot of yarn skirts

Through this unique design, we can see the unique self -cultivation effect and texture of the fabric.

Different design elements gauze skirts

◆ A lot of gauze skirts


Wear daily gauze skirts or wear

More layer


There are effects that make your temperament more gorgeous. You can see a cute style like a princess everyday. You can also see it

Complicated style like feathers

All make simple skirts show different effects.

Therefore, this design gauze skirt must be very fluffy, and the simple upper body is matched with

Tight style

, Make the gas field more refined, and it is not easy to wear rustic effects.

◆ Refreshing elegant style

Wearing a daily gauze skirt must try a simple and elegant style. For example, with a layer of tulle, it is made into an opaque long skirt. It is very elegant and gentle. The visual effect is also

Refreshing and generous

Essence When you recommend everyone to choose this kind of skirt, match the Morandi tone. Example


Such as turmeric jacket.


If it is matched with the designs, it is more stable

Long skirt


Later, the temperament will be more elegant, a mature gauze skirt.

◆ Luxury gauze skirt

The unique -textured skirt that can be seen in a dress is often seen because it contains many luxurious designs. For example, adding a three -dimensional embroidered gauze, a luxurious feeling

Retro and dignified.

The skirt is designed to be more conservative, and there is no problem with a deep color.

Worrying will show old.

The biggest advantage of the exquisite gauze skirt is that it will make no one

I can wear it very old

The exquisite gauze skirt has a gentle temperament.

Very refreshing and cool

Yes, I recommend everyone to try to wear.

#What to wear today#


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