Pajamas are our personal partners when we sleep, and also our second layer of skin. Nowadays, pajamas seem to be a symbol of leisure. Its comfort and relaxation can cater to our psychology and make our home life more comfortable. Pajamas have become an indispensable part of our lives. For children, good pajamas are also essential in healthy growth.

1. How to choose children’s pajamas?

Choose the right children’s pajamas to help children have better sleep quality. So, in addition to taking into account beauty and personal preferences, you should pay attention to the following three points to choose a pajamas suitable for the baby:

01. Children’s pajamas fabric is the best knitted cotton cotton

Knitting cotton is light and soft, elastic, moisture -absorbing, strong breathability, comfortable to wear, and does not irritate the skin. In summer, wearing knitted cotton pajamas can quickly take away the calories in the body, thereby achieving the effect of lowering body temperature.

The fabric sewing connection of pajamas should not be too hard, otherwise it will easily cause allergic reactions or skin diseases.

Although the silk pajamas are more beautiful, it will feel smooth when wearing it, but it cannot absorb sweat. The comfort is not as good as pure cotton. In addition, artificial fiber fabrics can easily cause skin allergies and itching symptoms, and are not suitable for pajamas.

02. Children’s pajamas color is the first choice of light color

Mimi Teen童装:儿童睡衣选得对,睡眠效果能翻倍

From a health perspective, dark dyes are not beneficial to health, especially bright red and bright blue can make it difficult to relax and affect rest. The elegant colors, such as white, pink blue, light blue and other colors, have the effect of peaceful gods, and are more conducive to sleep.

Mimi Teen童装:儿童睡衣选得对,睡眠效果能翻倍

03. Children’s pajamas style should be selected enough

Do not wear too tightly children’s pajamas. Loose pajamas can ensure the maximum comfort, improve sleep quality, and let sweat quickly leave the surface. When sleeping, the blood circulation is not smooth when the chest, abdomen and other parts are not tightened. If you are worried that you are too bloated, you can choose the proper self -slim style, as long as you ensure that your body has no restraint.

Mimi Teen童装:儿童睡衣选得对,睡眠效果能翻倍

It should be noted that pajamas with obvious odor must not be bought. These odors are usually left over during the process of clothing processing, which remains greatly harmful to health.

2. Pay attention to children’s pajamas maintenance

Mimi Teen童装:儿童睡衣选得对,睡眠效果能翻倍

01. Do not wear pajamas activities

Don’t take pajamas as your home. After the children get up, they should change to clothes that go out daily. Do not wear pajamas to go out or at home to avoid dust and stains on pajamas. Wearing such clothes to fall asleep will not only be uncomfortable, but also endanger health.

02. Wash and change

Some people think that they often take a bath and wear pajamas for a few weeks. In fact, after we were taking a bath, when we entered the sleep state, the human body’s metabolism continued, and the skin continued to secrete oil and sweat, which would be stained with pajamas. Without cleaning for a few weeks, these oils and sweat can stimulate the skin, which may cause folliculitis or sweat spots.

03. Dry in a cool place

After washing, it is better to dry it in a cool place.

The above is the little knowledge about children’s pajamas shared with everyone. I believe that you must have complained after reading it! A good pajamas can bring us better sleep, make the baby rest better, and grow better! Choose MIMI Teen if you choose a pajamas!

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