At the beginning of the spring, I believe that many sisters have already started a lot of good -looking spring clothes. People who love beauty have it. Every girl will want to dress themselves beautifully. Clothing is an indispensable decoration.

However, the complete shape can better show the charm and temperament of themselves.

In the shape, clothes are the main, but the secondary items are also indispensable. For example

They always ignore the bag when buying new clothing

So after dressing up, I found that no suitable bag can be matched.

The previous content has been shared with a lot of spring clothes,

I will share with sisters in this issue to share fashion bags suitable for spring

Let you wear a more fashionable shape.


1. The main points of selection of bags

1. Material

Is a bag exquisite and high -level, the biggest influencing factor is its own material, if


The materials are cheap, soft, and poor

So such bags are difficult to associate with “high -end”.


The choice of bag material also needs to be selected according to personal daily wear style, such as

Daily college wind is suitable for canvas bags


And more casual casual.

Workplace office workers are more suitable for cortical bags

It looks more exquisite and stylish. Go away


Sweet girl style can choose the material of the velvet

, Weaker and fresh.

2. The size of the bag

The size of the bag is also particular, and it also plays a key role in the texture of the overall shape. If you just want to decorate with your bag in your daily life, you can choose a small bag with a small volume.

Such as pocket bags, cross -body bags, mobile phone bags, etc., can improve the overall temperament and enrich the beauty of the shape.

And on some show,

I often see a variety of personalized, large -size bags

These bags attract attention through exaggerated design and shapes, and become the focus of the overall shape, but it is difficult for ordinary people to control in daily life.

So for us ordinary people, choose one

Both practical and beauty

The bag is not suitable.

2. Spring Fashion Bag Recommendation

1. bucket bag

The shape of the bucket bag is relatively unique, just as its name is similar to a bucket, its space accommodation rate is extremely high, it is a very practical bag, and many big -name popular styles are also bucket bags.

So the bucket bag is born with a high -level and expensive feeling.


However, for ordinary people, although the big name cannot be bought, the affordable bucket bag can still have a few models. You only need to choose from the material fabric, design and color.

If you like elegant temperament, you can choose a cortical bucket bag. The size is moderate, and there will be no sense of weight. The black color matching and the reflection of the leather surface are very textured, low -key and restrained without losing high level, and can be easily matched with any clothing.

2. saddle bag

The saddle bag is a very classic and fashionable bag. Most girls have a saddle bag. The formal shape is tough and retro. Usually, there will be a metal plate as a decoration on the front, which instantly improves the grade of the bag.

The space of the saddle bag is also relatively abundant, the normal size is enough daily and practical. The white saddle bag is simple and clean, giving a very refreshing feeling, and it is also very versatile and practical. And temperament.

3. Cloud bag

Yun Duo Bao has been popular in the past two years,

Become a new favorite in the fashion circle

Many fashionable essences will be concave with cloud bags, which can make the style more unique.


Just as its name, the design concept of Yun Duo Bao comes from the clouds in the sky, and the shape is very similar. Even the material of the leather surface will look particularly soft.

Girl feels full


It is a very age -reducing and fashionable bag.


Want to create a young and beautiful look,

You can choose a colorful cloud bag, than

Such as blue, yellow, green, etc., visually can bring strong impact, particularly lively and playful, and instantly become the focus of shape.

These bags recommended to you today are very cheap and fashionable. If you like it, you can try it! This issue is over today ~ Please look forward to more good things recommend and wear skills!

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