With 5G boom, 8K technology development also enters the expressway. Recently, in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Youth Chuangke Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Activity, the world’s first 8K high-definition surveillance camera became the focus of many students’ attention. At the Guangzhou Huangpu District 5G Terminal (Intelligent Network Auto) Industry Innovation Development Forum, the high-definition video of the automatic driving demonstration on the big screen, the live broadcast is still 8K to shoot with 5G transmission.

What is 8K? What highlights are there in 4k and 8K, what will be applied in the future? In this regard, the industry experts say that 8K has a super high-definition image quality, which can achieve long-range monitoring and characteristic identification (such as face, license plate, etc.) at wide angle view, or it can achieve ultra HD imaging in the medical biological field. ” The gradual maturity of 5G communications and the ability of the image chip are gradually strong, and 4K or even 8K image acquisition and transmission is also possible. “


Guangzhou launches the world’s first

8k high-definition monitoring camera

On July 8th – 10th, Yigao Youth Chuangke Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Activities held in Guangzhou, and students in the two places visited Guangzhou Meteorological Satellite Ground Station, Guangzhou Boguan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” Some science bases such as Guanjiao “). As a leading enterprise in the domestic photoelectric field, Boguan Optoelectronics is well known in the industry with precision instruments such as binoculars, view targets, astronomical telescopes. However, in the Visiting activities of the Youth Youth, a 8K surveillance camera connected to the ultra HD TV is obviously more concerned about students. Many students put a variety of moves against the camera, but also see the ultra HD screen that shoots and real-time transmission on the spot.

On January 8, 2019, the United States Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), from more than 4,500 companies from more than 150 countries and regions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ying photo

The 8K surveillance camera of Yizhen Yuncai, as the world’s first 8K high-definition monitoring camera, which is stunned on the world’s largest international consumer electronics show CES, held in Las Vegas, USA, January 2019. This surveillance camera, the appearance and ordinary shooting equipment have no significant difference. Zeng Diangxiang, the Board of Optoelectronics, and the undergraduate major major are optical instruments. He said that Boguan Optoelectronics began to get involved in mobile intelligent imaging industry in 2008, actively developed 8K super high-definition smart camera and monitoring system lens, optics design, facing and solving the wide-angle, large aperture, Issue and challenges of ultimate optical requirements such as small distortion. “In fact, the main difference is still in the equipment.”


Zeng Diangxiang introduced, popular, this equipment has the characteristics of large aura, wide-nighight angle, low color and low distortion compared to the broadcast-level 8K equipment lens introduced by some foreign manufacturers. The manufacturer’s technicians introduced that the resolution of the 8K camera is 4 times the 4K camera, which is 16 times the current mainstream 1080P full HD camera. Among the same pictures, the 8K camera can be more clearly exhibited at the scene.

8K live video live broadcast

Transmission requires 5G communication technology


What is the picture of the 8K camera shooting? What special transmission conditions are needed to shoot? On July 14, in the Huangpu District (Intelligent Network Auto) Industry Innovation Development Forum, Huangpu will build 5G Territories (Intelligent Network) pilot zone. The forum also held a 5G automatic driving application demonstration island signing and the “Huangpu District Car Network (Intelligent Network Automobile) Industrial Base” officially launched the construction of “The National First Automatic Driving Comprehensive Application Demonstration Island” to start Guangzhou International. Bio Island 1 automatic driving bus application demonstration line, 5 automatic driving rental application demonstration vehicles, marking the new era of the formal application of automatic driving Maas (Mobility AS “in Huangpu District.


On July 14, the 5G car network (intelligent network car) industry innovation and development forum was held in Huangpu District.


Huangpu automatic driving scene, the staff was taken with 8K equipment.


One of the forums is one of the staff to perform a demo operation for automatic driving, and the presentation screen is transmitted to the screen of the event site in real time. Many scenes seen by the audience are, in just two minutes, the staff operates an automated car. “In fact, this picture is extremely HD.” Song Ge, deputy general manager of Guangang Optoelectronics Technology, has experienced the experience of TV media. Song Song said that the HD TV show that we generally see is 2K, 4K is ultra HD, 8K is called extreme HD, “Compared with the current mainstream 1080p camera, 8K camera can be more clear Details of the picture, the distinguishing details exceeded the sharp limit of the human eye. “He continued to reveal the scene in the automatic driving shot, two staff members took the 8K camera to shoot at the scene, and then transmitted to 5G communication technology. Song Song frankly, 8K + 5G live broadcast at least 150 megabytes per second transmission speed, the communication guarantee requirements are high, China Unicom has also done a lot of work, guaranteed live activities.

8K surveillance camera


Production of small batch production in the second half of the year

The video surveillance system is widely used in various fields such as anti-theft, fire, security, and other areas with its intuitive, convenient and information content. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, video surveillance systems are in just twenty years, from the earliest simulation surveillance into full digital monitoring age, and develop towards digital, networked, intelligent, and high-definition trends. Zeng Dexiang said that 8K ultra HD intelligent camera and monitoring system as one of the highest clarity and the strongest system, it is believed to be in urban security, sea defense monitoring, fire warning, production supervision, face recognition, information collection, family Monitoring, remote detection and other fields have extremely broad applications. “If it is a 8K monitoring device, we can clearly see the scene details of about 5 km away from the monitoring screen.”

For 8K applications, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the “Super HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022) in March this year, proposing to promote the development of super high-definition video industry in accordance with the” 4K first, take into account 8k “overall technology route Application of related fields. It is expected that by 2022, my country’s ultra HD video industry has exceeded 4 trillion yuan, and the 4K industry ecological system is basically perfect. 8K key technical products R & D and industrialization have made breakthroughs, form a group of international competitive enterprises.

At the World Super HD Video Industry Conference, Groguan Shares jointly China Telecom, Guangdong Wired Network, Huawei, TCL, 8K plus 5G to end live broadcast.

On May 9, the 2019 World Super HD video (4K / 8K) industry development conference was held in Guangzhou with the “ultra-clear”, lighting bay area. The General Assembly puts forward the promotion of industrial chain associations, breaking through key core technology, accelerating new product applications, and promotes high quality development. At the meeting, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, and Qingdao, 8 provinces and cities issued the ultra HD video industry development policy. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Radio and Television Administration awarded the Guangdong Provincial “Super HD Video Industry Development Test Zone” and officially launched the construction of the test area.

Zeng Dexiang also revealed that the company’s development direction of the company is mainly to achieve 5G, artificial intelligence and 8K, a bigger breakthrough in the 8K camera, camera. In the second half of this year, a small mass production of 8K surveillance cameras and launched a community pilot demonstration project. “In the future, we are expected to see more consumer and professional 8K products, walk into the era of high-definition.”


Expert voice

Germany is the leader in the lens industry, but the security industry has a long influence and Japan. Japan has been leading the development direction of the industry in large variation ratio, non-spherical, megapixel, IR infrared. The Korean video surveillance lens industry has risen rapidly in recent years, although the Korean shots are in the Japanese lens and the Chinese lens in the cost and price, but the quality is close to Japan.


After 2000, the gradual emphasis on the monitoring industry and the development of detector related technologies have promoted the true rise of the domestic lens industry.

Zeng Diangxiang

Written / Photography: Southern Reporter Chen Tailing Intern Sweet

(Some pictures are provided by respondents)

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