“Wedding Queen” Wang Wei, her life is very legendary. Not only is the countless luxury and elegant wedding dress, but it is also a lot of shakes. 72-year-old age, still dare to show your own body. Black tube top is only slap in the top, and a layer of perspective tulle is more charming. Come upon people, the Queen of the 72-year-old wedding is too tide.

“Wedding Queen” Wang Weiwei’s legend

Wang Weiwei is an Chinese designer, and his ancestral home is in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, born in the Upper Eastern NYMANTON. 19 years old with his parents moving fashion city Paris,

After graduating from the history of Sarah Lawrence College, Paris, I found an intern work in the “Vogue” French version of the magazine. Two years later, Wang Weiwei became the “Vogue” has the youngest editor. Later she became a US designer

Raff Lauren


(POLO brand founder) Accessories designer in studio. In 1992


Women’s team design Winter Olympics team, 2010: Former US President

Bill Clinton

And former Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton


Daughter Chelsea Clinton wedding design wedding.

Appreciation of Wang Weiwei ‘s “Trendy”:

The top people and entertainment stars, mostly through Wang Weiwei’s private custom dress. Her design concept, walking is a high-end luxury route, unique design, giving you the latest unique experience. And in Wang Weiwei’s private service, it is also a special trend. Only let yourself keep a young heart, you can design a more trendy fashion, talk to Wang Weiwei, but so. Every appearance, Wang Weiwei’s shape is amazed. Even the 72-year-old age, Wang Weiwei still has a model-like good body, and the skin is very envious.


Black tube top of “Bawing” and becomes a visual focus

Tube top is an inner and embellished, which will be integrated into it in some clothing, which is more strong. But too narrow tube top, is not suitable for women with full-scale women, it is easy to walk. And the 72-year-old Wang Weiwei, the body is thin, even if the black tube top of the slap width, it is also possible to worry about the possibility of walking. Dark black tube top, embellishment under the pink tulle, becomes a visual focus, exceptional generous eye.


Pink perspective tulle, light and charming

Sexy is not exclusive, even if it is a 72-year-old Wang Weiwei, it is still able to control a feminine thin yarn perspective skirt. This kind of pink color, pick-up, is a style and color system that is average person dare not try. Wang Weiwei’s inner line and tube top have chosen the black line. It avoids the possibility of walking, there is a sense of bright color, and the light and charm is not too much. This kind of pink perspective thin weld skirt has created a light and charming trendy fan.


How does Wang Weiwei interpret the trend to wear?

Putao width tube top plus open, there is a high-level and charming style. I have to admire the long aesthetics of wedding, and the simple black line can also match such a color. Use the tube top of the slap in the chest, with the black stockings show, the long legs, the visual layer is stronger, if she is already 72 years old, who can believe this is a woman of my grandmother? It’s still fashionable than the little girl.

It is natural to take advantage of the hipster sexy to wear, Wang Weiwei’s bone body is natural. If your shoulder line is bloated, the figure is ignorant. It is naturally unable to control this simple hanging clothing, especially the color of the bright yellow, special seller. I will wear unearthesus and feelings. It can be seen that the 72-year-old wedding queen is not only very fashionable, but the proportion is very superior, wearing a yellow suspended dress, glamorous.


Wang Weiwei’s daily wear, also special novel and fashionable. Simple causal vest, matching black sports pants, emitting youthful vitality, is not like a grandmother. Such a match, from teens to dozens of ages can be perfectly controlled, not picking people, becoming more controversial in wedding queen.

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