Solid wood furniture because it has a unique wood natural sense, the texture is warm, and the environmentally friendly performance has been deeply favored by the Chinese. In addition, the original solid wood furniture of domestic brands is better, so it is not necessary to keep staring through foreign imported furniture, domestic furniture brand quality and design.

Today, I will share 10 design, very good quality, very good texture, and very good.


There is always one will touch you, you can take this article!

First, porch articles


Hydewei cherry vine shoe cabinet

Brand: Wood neighborhood: Cherry wooden

Price: 2,898 yuan


This vine shoe cabinet is full of retro literature and art. Don’t worry about the shoes inside.

In addition, the shoe cabinet is wide and smooth, and the small items to be placed are particularly convenient. It is designed with 50mm ears on both sides of the top plate, and there is no need to worry about slipping. The cabinet top plate and the bottom plate are wearing a tie, not easy to crack deformation, more durable. This colorful shoe cabinet is placed in porch is definitely a bright spot.

Woven shoe stool

Brand: The Mazay / Using Wood: Indonesian Teak

Price: 895 yuan


This stool is a classic Nordic furniture representative. Indonesian imported cater stools, frames are Indonesian teaks, cushions are made of heads and cowhide, can place a place in porch, and only 4.1 kg of weight, small and easy to move, you can also match the leisure chair Use, lying more comfortable. In addition to good-looking, its sitting is quite comfortable, the seat curve design can be well bonded to the hip curve.

First, the living room


Winter and summer, all solid wood sofa combination 123

Brand: logstyle flagship store / using wood species: white wax wood

Price: 18,450 yuan

This is a combination of solid wood sofa produced by FAS North American white wax wood. It uses white wax wooden plate. It can solve the deformation of solid wood furniture, and the sofa is more stable and durable.

The sofa uses a mortuary process. One public female wedge is combined into a mortuary, which can bear the weight of 400 kilograms, even if it is jumped above. It can also add a sand, winter warm, take away the cushion in the summer, sitting directly on the solid wood frame.

Richard round glass solid wood coffee table


Brand: Foam Small Mini / Using Wood: Cherry Wood


Price: 1,699 yuan


This tea is full of retro literary style, all of which use cherry wood small materials; splicing is the use of a solid wood bending technology, and the details are tested.

The first layer of coffee is a steel-treated Changhong glass, the water corrugated shape is full of mystery and aesthetic, the second layer is open rattles, and you can place small items. This coffee table with Japanese style, Nordic and other style will be very eye-catching, don’t miss it!

First, the restaurant


Solid wood multi-function tea

Brand: Floating / Using Wood: North America White Oak + Cherry Wood

Price: 3,620 yuan

An ideal dinner cabinet should have sufficient capacity to accommodate all kinds of tableware. This main material uses North American oak and cherry wood all-wood, and it is environmentally friendly.


The cabinet is divided into three-storey space of the cabinet, the next cabinet, the countertop, there is a solid wood door cabinet and glass door, which can be displayed and stored all kinds of appliances; also bring a rack, let go of the cup, seasoning The can is very happy. The intermediate table can put the water machine, coffee machine and other electrical appliances. The left side of the lower cabinet is a storage cabinet with the cabinet door, the right side is a drawer, a dish or a small item can be accommodated; it is a color value and a consolidated storage cabinet.

Blackhu peach

Brand: Park, Wood, Wood: Black Walnut

Price: 1,650 yuan


FAS-class black horn made of chairs to give people noble and elegant feelings, and it has both curve and concise design.


Whole chair folding line shape, bonding the body line, chair leg clutch, hierarchical power; plus 50cm wide backrest, can carry out various types, such a design is not exhausted. In addition, the chair cushion adds environmentally friendly super-fiber skin, wear-resistant and soft and skin, sitting with comfort.

First, bedroom articles


Black Huao Wood New China Tolder

Brand: 氏 木 语 / Use wood species: black walnut


Price: 3,303 yuan

The big bed is selected to import black horn wood in North America. It gives people a sense of stable atmosphere. It uses plant wood wax oil to brush, and the texture and texture of black walnut is retained. As for the bed, it is chosen to use black hutter on the wooden plate, not only full of texture, but also a steady and earth. The bed skeleton is extracted from the imported New Zealand, the toughness is good, and the load is uniform. Even in the bed bounce, it is quiet.

Red dressing table with drawer cabinet

Brand: 愫 ink / using wood species: cherry wood


Price: 3,680 yuan

This dressing table is small, don’t have a space, it is very suitable for small-scale bedrooms, with cherry wood unique color and texture. On the dressing table, the shutter door is opened, and there is a separator to consolidate various cosmetic skin care bottles, close the rolling door, is a mirror, which is more convenient to mirror dressing.

In addition, pull the dressing table, but 440mm can be extended, and occasionally put a notebook computer is very convenient. There is also a large drawer below the dressing table, which can store small items such as magazines, jewelry boxes.

First, study

Reading desk

Brand: Northern Furniture / Using Wood: Cherry Wood

Price: 1,680 yuan


Desk, computer desk, every furniture manufacturer, but design and details are doing much. And this desk is made of North American FAS cherry wood, the color is warm, the touch is delicate, the large-scale mountain-shaped road, giving people a warm feeling.


On the details, the walking hole is reserved on the desk, and it can take a headache. The desk is very spacious, 1.4 meters desk width 65cm, even if it is placed, the items such as the pole, the table lamp, the computer, etc. will not be crowded. Particularly, the edge of the desk is grinding into a slope, and the arms have a good support when making a computer or writing, and the desk has a drawer, and the large capacity is particularly convenient.

Sologency shelf with cave plate shelf


Brand: Senplanted Furniture / Using Wood: Red Oak + Cherry Wood

Price: 1,850 yuan


This solving bookshelf gives solid wooden cave boards, collected a vertical bookshelf with a desktop storage, lighting, and power. It is not only good, and it is very practical, it is reflected in it.


The top can accommodate the ornaments ornaments, the mid-range position is placed under the A4 size, and the lower 52cm is high, even if the computer of the big display can be put down, and the facade is installed with cave boards, various stationery documents It can be hung up; it is really a large-capacity practical desk.

In recent years, domestic furniture brand manufacturers have continuously designed all kinds of solid wood furniture, not only color, but also super practical. Most solid wood furniture use cherry wood, cost-effective, warm texture; additional black walnut, teak, oak, etc. are also common wood. If you want to buy solid wood furniture, you may want to see 10 furniture, texture and quality.

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