“Health”, became the standard of this generation, no augment on the table is not easy to say that he is healthy, but it is very dangerous to use the insulation cup, and some people have injured.

In 2020, a girl, Fuzhou, bubbled red dates, but I forgot to drink. After ten days, I didn’t expect to unscrew the insulation cup, the thermal gold cup actually changed “explosion cup”, huge impact The force makes the cup cover, causing the girl to be broken right.

2 In 2001, Ms. Yang’s Ms. Yang’s family was eating, and the insulation cup on the table suddenly exploded, and the ceiling was blown a hole.

The insulation cup becomes “explosive cup”, it sounds like it is terrible, but as long as the principle knows, we don’t have to worry too much.

Why does the insulation cup explode?

In nature, there are three ways to pass heat.

Heat conduction, hot log flow and heat radiation.

The insulation cup wants to heat the insulation, it needs to be cut off or delaying the way these three heat transfer. When the cup is designed, a double-layer glass structure is used, and the intermediate is vacuum, and the heat transfer can be reduced due to vacuum non-heat.


Silver plating between the inpermous cups, or copper plated, the heat radiation in the bottle can be reflected back; and the sealing property of the cap can be reduced.


In theory, if you can completely cut these three heat transfer methods, then the heat in the thermostat will never lose; but we can’t do 100% cut heat transfer, so the water in the insulation cup will still grow slowly. On the ambient temperature, only the speed is very slow, it can make the heat inside not easily lost, but also prevent the outside of the heat from entering the inside of the insulation cup.


From the design structure of the insulation cup, in order to heat the cup as much as possible, the thermal cup is very rigid, it is not easy to communicate with the outside world. And this is the murder that leads to the explosion of the insulation cup.

When putting ingredients such as red dates, 枸杞 食 食, if you forget to remove them, the thermal cup will breed a large number of bacteria, and the bacteria will decompose the organic matter in the thermos cup to decompose the raw materials, and the microbial decomposition will have a certain process. CO2 or other gases, these gases cannot escape to the outside, only accumulated in the inside of the insulation cup.


As the gas is getting more and more, the pressure inside the insulation cup will become higher and higher. At this time, the thermos cup has formed a “high-pressure bottle”. When the pressure inside the insulation cup is high enough, the internal and external pressure is poor. The gas inside the insulation cup will be eruptically eruptive along the thermos. If the pressure in the insulation cup is high enough, then when you open the bottle cap, it will produce an explosion, just like the balloon suddenly patted.

However, if you just put water in the thermal cup, there is no other material outside of water, the thermal insulation cup does not explode, because there is very small content in water, and the bacteria is difficult to breed.


Even if it is bubble, red jujube, as long as the time is not long, even if the bacteria will brew, the air pressure in the insulation cup will not be very high, open the insulation cup, the most like to open the Cola, will not explode. Only very extreme, that is, a lot of ingredients, and placed a lot of genius will explode.


In addition to the thermos cup, there are still some explosives in nature, and the largest biological bomb is “whale”. The principle of the whale and the insulation cup are the same, and the microbial decomposes organic matter in the whale, resulting in gas, causing the pressure to rise in the whale. When the pressure in the whale is high to a certain extent, an explosion occurs because of the difference in internal and external pressure.


Since the whale body is very large, the effect of whale is very shocked, and the destructive power is also very strong. In 2004, in Taiwan, my country has taken the incident of whales in the downtown area. The power of the explosion produces the surrounding stores, cars, etc. The local people can also smell the odor from the wall from the wall.

Another common explosion in life is “high pressure cooker”, the high pressure cooker is also very strong, the pressure in the pot can even reach 190 kPa, and it is possible to explode using a high pressure pot.


Some netizens said on the Internet, and the grandmother stewed chicken soup with high pressure pot, then forget, go to people, but also went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. As a result, she came back and found that the pot cover and pots in the home were knocked over, but the pot The chicken in the mutually gone, looking for a circle to find that the original chicken was blown to the ceiling, hanging on the ceiling fan.

And netizens said that their own pot cover was fried on the ceiling, set it up.


In fact, all of the sealed objects, and may also have factors that cause internal pressure of the object, such as microbial activity or heating, etc., can cause explosions. However, as long as we pay attention, this situation is easy to avoid.

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