“The story of the rabbit” is considered to be the “Kaishan” of the modern picture book, but it is more fascinating that Miss Potter actually uses the power of children’s books, using rigorous scientific spirit and wise commercial minds. For the latter, he retained a beautiful mountain lake.

However, in the “Story of Rabbit” After many years, Miss Potter still can’t explain why people like this “bunny book”, in addition to aware of the “bit” once her pet bunny In addition, the name source of other roles in the story is here, Miss Porter is not clear. Although she also created another more than 20 small books, she said that she preferences were “Gloster’s tailor”, but the interesting thing is that many “fans” often intentionally ignore the book. And just tightly even tight her with the rabbit.

Why do Potter creates such a classic image? How do she have a legendary life? We extracted the related stories from the new work of Ajia’s new “Drawing Book”. It may be more likely to read Miss Porter and her “Zero Rabbit”.

Original author | Ara

Excerpt | Wang Yi


“Motion Book”, Ajia, Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House, June 2021

She is rich,

But the feeling of childhood is not good


Born than Atlegs Potter (1866-1943) in 1866, we used to call her Miss Porter. Porter is a very rich middle-aged family. On wealth, it may have money than some of the upper households, but because there is no noble title, it can only be in the middle. They live in Bolton Garden 2, London, Kensington, London, is a luxury house in the 4th floor of the attic, the window is a garden green space, far-sighted, about less than two kilometers is the British Natural History Museum, next to it. The Nankin Center Museum is now the current Victoria and the Albert Museum. In short, it is a high-end residential area that is a pile. Potter family has a male tube home, a female household, a maid, a maid, a kitchen, a babysitter, a family teacher, Must, Must, and carries a service. They want to go out from the distance, especially in the summer to go to the lake area in Northern Scotland or England. It is also very big. It is usually the servant to take a good manor first to the destination, and then Potter has a pet, take the train. Because there are more people on the train station and the train, they often pack a car. After the train station to the destination, the carriage passed the estate of the holiday, then they lived there for a summer, short for two or three months, long four or five months. This kind of life is very extravagant even in today.

But again, Potter’s grandfather and grandfather are more rich. Her grandfather is the oligarchy of the Manchester Textile Industry, and the grandfather is the top international shipper. After her grandfather retired, she lived in a few hundred acres of large gardens, and she carefully made it into a very beautiful big garden, became a local scene, attracted many tourists to visit. Miss Porter’s grandfather and grandfather have collected many famous paintings, so she often seen in their family when she was young.

You may ask, how did the Potter have so much money? In fact, her grandfather and grandfather are young in Northern England, caught up with the industrial revolution, with wisdom and efforts, gradually become new. Lifted by the Industrial Revolution, you may know that there is a famous old publishing house in the world called Mcmellen. This family has born a famous Prime Minister McMimelun. He took over the family business after the first phase, when the Mcmellen Publishing House President. The children’s books published by Mcmellen are very famous in history, such as “Alice Roaming” published in 1865. But do you know what the founder of the Publisher Mcmellen Brothers originally do? They are the scorpion of Scotland, which is lower than the farmers with land. But in the industrial revolution, they seize the opportunity to create Mcmellen Press. I have to say that it is really a hero.

Interestingly, Miss Potter’s father and mother are not very licking. Her father is a big lawyer, but most of the time is in a variety of clubs. Fortunately, his cultural taste is very high. It is a honesty photographer who knows a number of literature, art and scientific people. At that time, the famous painter John Evrit Mirah is his good. friend. The most famous work in Miles is “O’Phelia in the water”, he later gave Miss Potter a lot of encouragement. Mother Potter is also very good at painting watercolor scenery when the mother of Miss Potter is not very good. But Miss Porter is very small, mother gives her watercolor color cartridge to her, which may be the best encouragement to her daughter. All in all, the family of this Potter’s family seems to be, it is very good to say.

Miss Potter and your brother

But people think that Miss Potter and my little brother Betren were grown by her little. After grew up, they recalled that they were very complicated in London, they all said it was a “homeless home” . During World War II, Bolton Garden 2 was blown up by the Germans, and Miss Potter did not feel injured at all, and even a little fortunate, it seems that I can finally get rid of the house. Later, there was no rebuilt residential, and now the original site is a primary school. Now there is a sign on the exterior of elementary school, written “than Atrex Potter 1866-1913, I have lived here”.

She let the rabbit put on clothes,

Activally actively act in a child’s way

Why is the condition so good? But Miss Porter seems to have no nostalgia there? Because her own childhood feelings are not good. Although she should have some birth in material, the babysitter is always with the family teacher, and the students who have a special teacher have a special teacher, but her most wanting is very lacking. what is that? It is the companionship of Mom and Dad.

The rich people in that year seem to think that the child is not a parent, it should be handed over to the professionals such as babysitter and family teachers, and parents generally only see children in the morning and evening, say good morning in the morning, say good night, eat good night, eat dinner When you don’t have to sit together, when you drink the afternoon, you will make the babysitter as a young gentleman, a little lady, wearing the clothes, the uncomfortable clothes, come out and say hello to the guests, then send back Children players themselves.

Ms. Potter is very keen to engage in social activities. It seems to be more severe to the child; Dad, it seems more peace, but he is always busy with a variety of clubs. Fortunately, this father often writes a note to Potter, talking about his interesting animals and interesting things outside, sometimes it is in the way, Miss Potter is often written to Dad. Relatively speaking, Miss Potter is more influenced by Dad. Dad loves Kadik’s illustration, and still spends a lot of Caddy’s original paintings. Miss Potter is clearly loved the painting of Kadik. She later painted the image of the clothes, with Caddy’s painting. In addition, Dad, a good photography, also teaches how Potter is observing things outdoors, and he also encourages daughter and son to observe the animals and plants in nature, collect specimens, including fossils.

Miss Porter’s childhood is extremely rich in material, but it feels quite loneliness in spirit. As the saying, God closed a door, opened a window in another. She is a very intelligent and very sensitive child, and a lot of exclusive time makes her slowly. In the past, she did not know a very high painter, very potential writer, and a sincere amateur scientist. Others don’t know, her parents don’t know, I am afraid she doesn’t know.

In such a home, she is eager to independence. But at that time, there was no independence without marriage, and it was often a husband after marriage. She is not willing to marry, gradually become an old girl. She once wanted to be a botanist, and her fungi inventions leaded to German botanists for 12 years, but was used by men’s royal botanical gardies. She only left a hobby to make myself put it, just write a letter to relatives and friends, telling the interesting animals and interesting things that she encountered. In the summer of 1893, Ms. 27, Miss Potter and parents heard a farm vacation in Scotland. I heard that her previous family teacher is also her girlfriend Anne Moore 5-year-old son Nowel Moore, Potter. Miss will write to comfort him:

“My dear Nord, I don’t know what to write, I will tell you the story of the four little rabbits, their name is – Flip West, Mudxi, cotton ball And ratio. “

Nooel Moore

This letter told the “Story of Rabbit”, which is naughty than the rabbit to go to the cultivation of the vegetable garden, Mr. McGe, is different, Miss Potter, while writing, just like a child. Dad wrote to her note. But because Miss Potter is a scientist, she painted the rabbit is very real, in line with anatomical principles of rabbits; at the same time because she is a very love of children, understanding children, artists, she let the rabbit wear I got on my clothes, and I am actively acting in a child’s way. This letter is the prototype of the picture book “The Story of Rabbit”, a “World”, the world of rabbits, “in the new century,” is also pregnant.

Until today, there seems that there is no creator, and it is possible to surpass Potter Miss in the perfect unity of scientific rigorous, fairy tale fun and painting.

in that era,

Pleasant children through literary works are become fashionable


Miss Potter 27 years old, I wrote a 5-year-old boy written a graphic letter. Later, this new letter evolved into a modern map book recognized “The story of rabbit”. People will understand those letters, the text on the letter is definitely not to let the 5-year-old child read itself, that is to ask my mother to read it. So Miss Potter is drawing, painting is to give a child, the rabbit above is both a real rabbit, a fairy tale rabbit, there is a natural and cute feature, not only loves, but also reads the story from it. Imagine, the child listened to the mother’s text, looking at the above paintings, the endlessly, the feeling of feelings! This is a wonderful formula for the picturebook. Japan published Matshache, Mr. Jin, later summed up: Please see the picture book as a book read by the child, don’t take pictures as a child’s exercise book. Such a concept can be said to be in the picture book from “the story of the rabbit”.

Why do Baud Miss can have such a preconditioning concept in 1893? In fact, this is a era product, in Kadik, Grenadi’s children’s book works, purely pleasant children’s ingredients have become more and more. As we mentioned earlier, the birth of “Alice Range” in 1865, is that story tries to tell the children? I can’t say anything else. That is a very absurd story, the little girl follows a rabbit who keeps watching the table, accidentally fall into the rabbit hole, then enter an absurd world, the animals and people are crazy, say, what to do Very blamed, very fun, carefully pondering, it seems quite a philosophical. But it certainly didn’t intend to tell the truth, just teased the child.

Alice in the front of the Lewis Carore

LOES Carol, written, is a mathematics teacher in the Christocando Academy of Oxford. That college is quite famous. Now people go to the British Oxford University to visit the School of Christo. The movie “Harry Potter” is a view floor of Hogwarten Grand Auditorium. That math teacher especially likes the four children of the delegation, especially a girl named Alice. He often runs to find a few children, take pictures, take them out of the boating. This roaming story is that when he is playing with a few children, it is purely a child to play, insert many language games and absurd laughs. At that time, Victorian Queen and her children also like this story. Queen sent people to find other books to be written, Carol, sincerely, and respect the Queen’s His Majesty. The queen looks stupid, because his other works are all despolished by mathematics.


Through such small episodes, we should understand that in the age of Potter, the children have passed the literary art work, and it has become a more elegant fashion, “The Story of Rabbit” is born in the UK. This fashion has developed to the ultimate product.

She is pursuing female independent life with business head

For Miss Porter, this book is also a product she pursues independent. As the age gradually, she began selling paintings to make a private house, and bought some stocks. Later, good friends Anne Carter Moire reminded her why didn’t I write to the children’s graphic letter into a graphic story? Several children in her family love the story written by Potter, other children should like it. Miss Potter is very inspired, borrowing the letter written to Novere, adapted into a story, submitted to the Publishing House. She voted 6 publishers, and finally was accepted by Wafen publishing company.

Miss Potter is very ideaful to his book, and afterwards, she proves that she is very busy. First of all, she believes that her book must make a slap size, rather than the popular books of big open books on the market. She is very insisted, the small book is suitable for the little hand, that is, it must make the child think that is given to them. In addition, she insisted that her book should sell enough, the price is best to control one first. At that time, the British pound was 20 commands, 1 first order was 12 peers. Ordinary people, the working class can basically withstand something unit-oriented, so they are also known as “order”. In order to let the book sell cheap, Miss Potter insists on printed the book into black and white. Christmas in 1901, she was printed at their own expense to “the story of the rabbit”, and it was probably sold for 750 books before and after, and I also bought two books in Arthur Conan Dao, who wrote Holmes, explained in that small circle. very popular.

Warn’s editor Norman Waln discussed Miss Porter, and he endorsed the basic ideas of Miss Potter, think that it can be done first, if you want to print a color, you can withdraw a few pictures to save cost. Although Norman is a new editor, it is very talented, and he also has a special feeling of this book. He also appreciates the talents of Potter. His sincerely touched the Potter, and finally, “The Story of Rabbit” in 1902 was printed as a color, just mentioned in the printing mill of Edmund Evans. This book was successful. At the time of Christmas, 20,000 books were sold, and later sold better. What exactly? In 1904, the United States in the Atlantic Ocean has pirated books of this book.

In this excitation, Miss Potter and Norman Warn jointly launched a small book that the same open book was launched in the second place, and each of them was successful. In addition to “The Story of Rabbit”, there are also 1903 published “Story of Squirrel Fruits” and “Gloucester’s Tailor” (this book is the most favored one of Potter, 1904). The “Story of Xiao Ben Jieming Rabbit” and “The Story of Two Bad Mouse”, “Tribute” and the Story of Temperans and Mrs. Trims and Pie Trusts in 1905.

Their chances they have met. In that era, as a single woman’s Potter, Miss Potter, must be accompanied by a family or an elderly maid. Most of them are completed through letters. The vast majority of the two communications have reserved today. The letter can see they all warmly discuss works, exchange related sales, market promotion and production derivatives. . In the communications of this warm business, the two gradually produce deep feelings. In 1905, Norman Warn finally proposed in the letter, Miss Potter, was pleased. However, Ms. Potter’s father and mother strongly opposed because Waln family is a businessman who does not enter the stream. Miss Potter is very angry, I can’t help you ask my parents: Do you have your parents not a businessman? Finally, they reached a compromise, this assembries must be confidential, to observe the decision again. Unfortunately, this summer, during a holiday in Potter, Norman Warn suddenly seriously ill, unfortunately died.

Movie “Miss Porter” (2006) Still

There is a movie named “Potter”, which is this story. Although the movie is slightly exaggerated, love is too romantic, but the feelings of the two people are in mind. After many years, Miss Porter and the lawyer of the Lake District married, and the two were also an emotional, but Norman still could not replace it in her mind. Mr. Voen should be said to be a genius children’s book editor in the early 20th century. He has created a new era. It is hard to imagine that there is no encouragement, help and hard work, and the small books of Miss Pot can achieve that. success.


Miss Porter left 23 small books in life, and it was called “the world of rabbits”. She still has a “Elf Caider” is published in the United States; another book without publishing before, a few years ago by Quantin Black, published in 2016, named “Kati wearing boots s story”. In combults, she has a total of 25 drawings under her name, 23 of whom have been created before 1922, most concentrated in 1902 to 1913.

Why is there soon, her creation suddenly slowed down, almost stopped? Some people think it is because of age, but by 1920, she is only 50 years old, the body is very healthy, obviously is not the most important reason. Now look back, I think there are two aspects.


On the one hand, it is some changes in Warne, and the person in charge of the new pickup does not have any new ideas. I always hope that she will continue to create it. And she wants to create a very new story, such as the “story of the Katie of the boots”, Waln is not interested. In this way, both parties can’t afford to be interested in making new books. Voen relies on the “World of Rabbit”, it is very good to operate, and there is no more enterprising ideas, and rarely propaganda Potter Miss.

On the other hand, she married in 1913, rooted in the Lake District, is committed to operating the farm, raising sheep, enthusiastic in the local environmental protection, these things have taken her a lot of time.

She will dedicate the second half of the environment.

After Norman passed, Miss Potter walked in the inner shadow for a long time. She chose crazy work and to buy farm to the Lake District to escape the pain of London. In 1905, she resolutely bought a hill top farm (Hill Top) on the west side of Wyndmir, Hill, and. Because I bought anxious, I still spent twice the price of two times. But she didn’t care because she was in a hurry to build a refuge, fled from London. It is also strange that she will be easily ill, but when I can’t go to the Lake District. In 1906, she worked with Norman’s two brothers to publish three books, one of the “Jeremy Fishermen’s Story”, which talked about frog fishing, was launched in Norman.

The squid is the first time in Miss Pott, and the first time I went to the Lake District for the first time, she loved there. Later, in many years, their family is coming, she is particularly familiar with that. In that belt, she also met a priest called Rohesley, this pastor has a lot of impact on her life. Ronsley has enthusiastically helped her publish “the story of the rabbit”, which is the priest and active. But more importantly, this priest is a very scientist, and he lets Potter have realized that to protect the scenery of the Lake District, you must want to keep the overall ecology here, especially the tradition. Agriculture and livestock production methods. Especially here there is a kind of Herdewik breed, a very special mountain sheep, grazing this sheep in the local area, can maintain the local ecology.

Maybe since 1905, Miss Potter seems to have an exported mood. She intends to root in the lake area, becoming the peasants and shepherds there. For her, it is only the romantic idea of ​​the artist. During the period from 1902 to 1913, she created 19 small books, at least 15 of them were related to the scenery of the lake, where she had an endless inspiration. At the same time, during 1905 to 1913, her landlood continued to buy the land, continuously expanded the scale of the farm, and most of the funds were from her draft fee. Gradually, she formed a very powerful farmer and shepherd team. In 1913, after she got married, she had been married, and the speed of creating, the speed of the farm expansion gradually increased. Their couples are particularly love to protect the scenery of the lake, and join forces to protect the environment.

Before the death of Miss Potter, she has become the biggest farmer, she won the year of the Year of the Sheep, and finally she was the president of the Shepherd Association. The first place may be the only woman. President. In 1943 she died, she was 77 years old. She donated a named 4,000 acres of real estate to the National Trust, which was committed to protecting the environment, one of the three founders of the National Trust was the Royal Pastor who had helped her a lot of help. Two years later, Mr. Hillis followed her because of her bitter loved wife, he donated all industries left to the national trust. Today, we travel to the lake area, you can enjoy the modern civilization there, while enjoying the landscape that has not been developed. The local agriculture industry is basically retaining 150 years ago, which is large to be due to the efforts of Miss Porter.

Original author | Ara

Excerpt | Wang Yi

Edit | Shenjiao

School in the school | Chen Yanyan

Movie “Miss Porter” (2006) Still

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