My family all kinds of clothes piled up a mountain, relying solely on the wardrobe difficult all reasonable incorporated together, over time, will make the room seem quite messy, it is frustrating.

Recently, I saw the clothes holding a Japanese housewife method used, which a lot of small things very practical storage, made me feel very enlightening, so today specifically to share to you ~ If this money is not bad, then, a large It can be bought by the following method for accommodating laundry oh

A soft cloth housing case

Such a soft cloth-like upper housing case, three different sizes, the most critical is that it soft fabric, but also to freely change the height for accommodating the laundry very appropriate ~

Specifically how to do it, here I am and we talk about –

In fact, very simple, just need to put this soft cloth baskets in the drawer, to separate the space in the drawer, then folded clothes on end into which you can play the effect of a reasonable accommodation, and to do so, Find and pick up the laundry more convenient.

Pants can also do the same storage method, you only need a large storage basket can be, in general, if the wardrobe storage space is insufficient, it is a good idea –

Second, utilize books


Such books, find a market, a lot – but you know what? It can also be used as a storage rack clothes oh ~ recommend this white on the map, looks more clean and clear.


Why do it? The key is some of the more flexible, not self-standing clothes storage basket with a soft cloth, which is most suitable for storage.


Such as laundry gauze on the map, this is hard to separate books housed, able to play a clear role ~

You can match the drawer, can also be used with the housing case, of course, to note that doing so requires relatively large number of books, the cost is still higher on some ~

But the advantage is the ability to make effective expansion of storage space – clothes holding more tidy.

Third, travel pouch-style clothing

Like the above laundry pouch such travel, not only clothing storage on the go, as a laundry storage is also very suitable ~ We can use different colors of bags, storing seasonal clothes to different family members in their daily lives.


Especially the need to incorporate a full season clothing, we can choose different bags according to family members to be accommodated.

We can be like figure, like the need to incorporate all the seasonal clothing ready to come out, and then follow the classification of family members, turn into different bags.


After placed, then zip, zero for the whole can make more convenient the housing, bear in mind here that storage bags must buy the mesh belt, permeability would be better, avoiding a long boring time or moldy smell It appears.


Clothes classification attached to the bag later, then stuffed closet, under the bed, storage box, it is necessary to understand the many neat ~


Fourth, the installation housing accommodating the end of round

When accommodating all kinds of clothes, it will be used in all types of large-scale storage box, put the clothes usually become very heavy, difficult from under the bed, out of Zhuodi, this time, this little above the bottom may send round great use of the ~


Installation is simple, the four wheels were attached to the four corners, is a simple – this time a small cart and then pull them from under the bed, Zhuodi out, it will be more convenient ~

After ▲ accommodates even more sedate box, can easily move


Well, the clothes holding small way on the practical and good things, and share them on the first day, if interested, next time we’ll continue ~

Do you think the above method useful? Welcome to speak their minds in the comments section oh ~

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