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Today I want to share with you a set of fresh and sweet wear,

The younger sister was wearing a white lotus leaf collar, her dress was fresh and agile, and her lady was full, exuding an elegant feeling.

The young lady wore a long black straight hair and looked very pure. Exquisite makeup, even wearing a mask, can’t cover her beauty.

Many young ladies like white dresses. The reason for this is that the white dress is gentle and simple. Wearing white skirts in the hot summer, fresh and cool. And the solid color energy shows the design of the clothes itself.

The white dress chosen by the younger sister is the style of the suspender, revealing her shoulders and necks, and her neck is slender. The design of the neckline is also very special, full of design. The white lotus leaf collar is very layered, and the skin tone is very fair. I have to say that the design of the lotus leaf collar is retro and sweet.


The design of the beautiful lotus leaf edge makes the younger sister’s dressed and youthful, lively.


The skirt is still a slim design, showing the young lady’s small waist, the younger sister’s figure remains so good! The younger sister stepped on a pair of transparent high -heeled sandals, fresh and fashionable, and the heel was about 6 cm, showing a tall figure.


The younger sister carried a white chain bag, which was consistent with the color of the clothes. It was very elegant and high -level.

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