In recent years, fashion has moved from one wind direction to another: the upper design is enough, and now I started playing “sole”. So all kinds of “thick -soled shoes” are almost everywhere as virus explosion!

Under the influence of this thick bottom, in 2020,

UTUNE first launched a classic 4cm thick home sand slippers, which created the precedent of thick -bottomed home slippers.

, Attracting the entire network to imitate, it also triggered a new wave of thick -bottomed slippers.

So why do you create a thick -soled slippers and a thick -soled slippers? Let ’s take these doubts below, let Xiaobian come to you in detail.

The reason why you can think of the thick bottom of the slippers is not blindly following the mainstream of the current fashion.


First of all, the thickness of the thick-soled slippers is closer to the value of 3-4cm of sports shoes, and the thick slippers are put on

More comfortable than ordinary slippers

There is a good one while stepping on the shit

Shock absorption

As well as



as well as


, Shock absorption can slow the impact of external forces on the feet,


Reduce damage to joints

; Stability can protect our ankles,

Avoid sliding


The original breathability of slippers can quickly volatilize the foot sweat,

Reduce the risk of bacteria and fungi infections on the feet


Essence And these properties also meet the hard requirements of putting the slippers out of the slippers. This is also

Utune can advocate the concept of “no boundaries” of slippers and realize the freedom of slippers scenes

The main reason.

Many consumers will ask: the same thick bottom slippers, excellent

(Utune) better than other thick -bottom imitation products


Actually thick bottom slippers

Not only thick = good so simple

Essence Excessive thickness is easy to be unstable and stomped, so it is excellent


The 3.5cm value used can be perfect and comfortable. Almost all imitations of thick bottoms will also be labeled by You Tuan’s “Stealing Feelings”. Many consumers blindly think that it is good slippers after buying at low prices, because the feet are very soft. I feel “, but you don’t know,

Too soft -soled slippers are very damaged to people, which is not conducive to the safety of the wearer

1. Insufficient support

: If the soles are too soft, the support will decrease to a certain extent. When the wearer is wearing, when the road is uneven, the soles are too soft to support the wearer’s feet.

Very easy to sprain and sprain

2. Insufficient cushioning

: The shoes are too soft, and another defect brought by is easy

Increase the burden on the knee

, Very when walking


And some damage to our joints.

3. Shoes are not resistant to wear

: Too soft EVA slippers bubbling hair multiplier is about 1.5. This multiplier slippers are excellent than the adjustment

1.65 High -quality multiplier -made slippers,

1.5 times

Materials used in thick -soled slippers,

There are fewer costs, and the gap between the pores is greater

Therefore, the foot feeling is softer, but it is often accompanied by easy

Dark hair and stinky phenomenon

, Not durable, not easy to wear.

Excellent tone

On the basis of the classic 4cm home thick bottom slippers, it has innovated and extended

Dual -density thick

Runway shoes, thick sole sandals … The thickness of the soles of the shoe remains at 3.5cm, the derived thick sole is more flexible and comfortable.

There are more external wearing attributes

Because the meaning of dual density is

The upper layer is soft, and the lower layer is relatively hard

, Hard part

More abrasion

, So more

Suitable for external wear

,were able

Adapt to various roads

The extended external slippers, the thickness of their 3-4cm can be inadvertently inadvertently

Increase height

The little friends who came to the house to be a guest, putting on the slippers can also avoid the embarrassment that the height may bring, it is unable to do it in the past. When wearing outside

The thickness of the thick bottom


It can improve the overall atmosphere and gas field well, and also meets the wish of a large lazy cancer “to wear slippers at will”. The proper thickness is comfortable and breathable.

UTUNE starts with a thick -soled slippers

,one more time

Under the stereotype of our slippers that can only be worn at home

It is not surprising that the slippers have brought the slippers into a new height, their feet are outstanding, and they are very highly experienced. It is not surprising that it can stand out of the slippers brands. UTUNE has now become the preferred slippers brand for the street and is loved by consumers. If you are today, you have never experienced UTUNE slippers with both styles and comfort functions. Xiaobian suggested that you go to Pick a pair now!

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Excellent tone

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