As one of the world’s largest and most profitable luxury markets in the world, China is continuously developing and growing, and celebrating the Chinese lunar calendar has become a key tradition of the clock industry. Every year, brands from all corners of the industry adopt existing models to commemorate the Chinese classical zodiac signs in a unique way, creating a style full of oriental atmosphere and vitality. With the advent of the year of the Tiger in 2022, Tag Heuer launched the first version of this year with the theme of cats. The new Tag Heuer Carrera (Kalera) Tiger Limited Edition re -interpreted the recently debuted three -pin Kalera watch with a striking and complicated new dial design, adding a strong new vitality to the simple and restrained dial.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Tiger’s annual limited edition and standard Carrera Day-Date have the same 41mm stainless steel case, which continues its modern interpretation of classic angular Carrera forms. The narrow and tilting polished bezel makes the design of the posture of modern and forward dials in the image, while the wide polishing case side chamfers and the iconic oblique scaling ear make the Carrera family have strong similarity. Tag Heuer (Tiger Haoya) modified this familiar appearance with the 18K 5N rose gold signature crown, introducing a double -tone impact for the appearance. Another unique visual business card of the Karela Tiger Nian Edition is printed on the bottom cover of the sapphire display. To celebrate the year of the tiger, the brand has added the style of the slate blue tiger, growing up to prepare for the raid. Like the standard model, this new limited edition variant provides 100 meters of waterproof performance.

Tag Heuer (Tiger Haoya), with its fascinating dial, truly distinguish the CARRERA Tiger Names Edition from its similar products. The 18K 5N rose gold rod -shaped pointer and supporting time markers should be familiar with fans of the brand, but the surface under these traditional elements is wild and layered. The brand cleverly combines the tiger pattern with this simple dial in a hollow way to combine the main surface of the dark blue -level drawing main surface with the nearly asphalt -like black concave element. In addition to creating a clever tiger pattern in the image, this hollow dial cleverly shows Tiger’s high -end dial refinement processing capabilities. Although this striking tiger pattern color is obviously not suitable for all fans, the craftsmanship and creativity displayed here are undoubtedly impressive.


With the standard model, the annual edition of the Tiger Gajia Carlela Tiger provides power based on the ETA -based Calibre 5 automatic movement. Calibre 5 is the pillar of the Tag Heuer’s modern three -pin series, but it seems a bit unsatisfactory at 38 -hour power reserves and 28,800 BPH at a average of 38 hours. However, the Calibre 5 movement is very beautiful, with pearl patterns between the splints, and a sign of the Geneva wave pattern. Tag Heuer (Tiger Haoya) is equipped with a dark blue calf leather strap for the annual edition of Carrera Tiger, and it is paired with eye -catching rose golden contrast stitching.


Tiger Hulletter Calela Tiger’s Number Edition is by far the most clever and dynamic application of the Chinese New Year’s theme elements. It has provided a wild and playful iteration for clean and high -end standard Calela. Version. The Tiger Harbor Kalera Tiger’s Bente Version only produces only 300 pieces, and it has been released through authorized dealers.

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