This is a “counter -time bottle essence” gift box from L’Oreal Group.The brand hopes to launch a set of limited gift boxes that make KOL (Key Opinion Leader) surprise to add bricks to the brand’s promotion.
This product mainly focuses on multi -dimensional anti -wrinkle, which has the ability to let consumers witness the miracle of adverse age.In order to continue product highlights and women’s characteristics, and to show the main effect of “visible anti -wrinkle”, we used the box type of the photo frame, and made a static in the outer box.The girl image device shows the intuitive contrast before and after the product.The inner box pulls out the characteristics of “visible anti -wrinkle” and “multi -dimensional anti -wrinkle” product characteristics.It is hoped that this interactive device can intuitively show the miracle effect of wrinkle removal before and after product use, bringing consumers a interesting anti -wrinkle experience.

L’Oreal Public Relations Box/Skin Care Product Packaging Design δΈ¨ Girl wearing Pearl earrings

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