With the continuous progress of technology, the screen of the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, the display effect is better, and the cost of a mobile phone screen is also higher and higher. The older mobile phone like iPhone6s may only need five or six hundred screens to change a screen, but it may take more than 1,000 or even 2,000 yuan if you change a new iPhoneX or the latest XSMAX. Samsung’s screen does not need to say more. The price of a screen can even buy another new millet 9.


Screenshots from Apple’s official website, although the three -way channels are cheap, but not necessarily the original screen

Therefore, how to protect your mobile phone screen is particularly important. Many manufacturers have their own broken screen insurance services, such as AppleCare+, Huawei Samsung’s broken screen insurance. In addition, the important reason for the film is to prevent the screen of the mobile phone from being scratched by hard objects, whether it is a key, a lighter or pants pocket zipper, and so on. Therefore, choosing a good mobile phone film is a very important thing. Many mobile phones now have the original soft film of the original mobile phone when they leave the factory, but once the soft film has scratches, many people will want to change a new one of. So how to choose a good mobile phone film?

Even Samsung pasted the factory soft film on the tenth anniversary flagship S10 series. It is reported that it is the UV Filin protective film, and the market price is about 200 yuan.

The mobile phone membrane is mainly divided into four categories: soft film (hydraulic film), PET high -transmitting membrane, whole glue steel film (or semi -bag steel film), and UV optical steel film (special niche film does not discuss)


Let’s talk about the soft film first

This is currently the most commonly promoted on the market. It can be washed infinitely and can be used to repair scratches, and it can also resist impact. The price does not wait from a dozen to dozens of dollars. So what is the actual effect? The editor of the mobile phone film in a certain treasure and Huaqiangbei said: It is not easy to use.

This is what we are currently posted by ordinary soft films to encounter: there are many bubbles, and the edges are not fit. After sticking to the new mobile phone, the new mobile phone becomes a “low -end 100 yuan machine”. This type of soft film is suitable for users with a certain film foundation, and it is best to have a film tool. At the same time, the life of such membranes is generally short, and it is inconvenient to change frequently. In a sense, the “Plus” version of the ordinary soft film is basically solved the problem of bubbles. Where is the problem of hydrophilic membrane? First of all, it is the same as the soft film, generally without oil. The role of the oil -related layer is as follows:


Effectively reduce fingerprint staining, and more convenient cleaning. Due to normal metabolism, the fingers often have fat and sweat. Through contact with the screen, the finger traces will be left, affecting the cleanliness of the screen, and also affecting the beauty of the screen. Due to the special nature of the oil coating, the finger touch is smoother, and there will be no obstruction and poor operation, which improves the touch experience.

So we will find that the screen of the mobile phone is very smooth, and it is very convenient to wipe and clean. However, after sticking to the hydraulic membrane, the sense of obstruction is serious, and it is possible that the mobile phone screen fingers will be “don’t”. The reason is here. Second, the hydraulic membrane is generally thicker, and the display effect will be greatly reduced after being pasted. As for the protection screen, naturally there is no “hard gas” from the steel film

Therefore, the soft film (hydraulic film) is the most recommended mobile phone film at present.

Followed by PET membrane


PET membrane is also known as high -temperature polyester film. It has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and size stability, transparency, and recyclable. It can be widely used in magnetic records, sensitivity materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical mirror surface Surface protection and other fields.

In fact, you don’t need to look at so many concepts. You only need to know that as long as you are a mobile phone with a soft film with a soft film, the soft film material is basically PET material. The significant advantage of the PET membrane is that high transparency high -definition, basically the same as the film. At the same time, it has better abrasion resistance than ordinary soft film.


The OPPORENO in the editor is PET material soft film, which comes from the factory

The film of PET actually has only two disadvantages, one is still not abrasion -resistant and falling (compared to the tempered film), and the second is that consumers’ purchase channels are relatively narrow. Not all models have the corresponding PET membrane. For example, OPPO and vivo, friends who have used these two brands of mobile phones must be clear that it is free to go to the offline physical store to stick the original film. Huawei also has a free original film film activity once a month. Xiaomi House also sold PET soft film. But Apple or Samsung’s users can’t help it. Therefore, if it is a HOV user and does not fall the phone, continuing to use the original PET membrane is basically the best choice at present.

Then there is a steel film

The benefits of the tempered film must be known that the strongest protection of the mobile phone screen can be given, the display effect is clear, the film is easy to get started, the use time is long, with its own oil dredging layer and so on. At present, the mainstream mobile phones use 2.5D curved glass design, so there are two types of mainstream steel films on the market, all -in -one edges (point replenishment treatment) and semi -pack edges.

The advantage of the decorative steel film is to cover the front of the entire mobile phone without leaving gaps, and the integratedness is better, but the problem brings is that if even a millimeter wider in manufacturing or design, “The place will be enlarged infinitely. Consumers will find that their notification bar status bar is blocked by the edge of the tempered film.

The black area generally corresponds to the four frames of the mobile phone, so the glue is generally point on the four borders. The middle glass does not have glue, or a small amount of glue

And the good and bad of the steel manufacturer is different, it is difficult for us to distinguish. (Of course, the tempered film of looking for a beautiful machine is still very OK. Just a meal, everyone has no opinion hahahaha ~). And if a half -edged transparent steel film is adopted, similar to this:

It is not enough to protect everything on the front, and at the same time, it also has certain requirements for film technology. (The editor once posted one, the post was crooked, and a little more screen was exposed on the left side to the right. It was uncomfortable). Therefore, for the mainstream mobile phone with 2.5D curved glass, it is recommended to choose a all -inclusive dictated tempered film.


In the end, UV optical steel film

In fact, the group corresponding to the UV optical steel film is more based on the Samsung S/Note series and the Huawei Mate/P series curved version. At present, the basic price of curved screen mobile phones is above 4,000 (OnePlus 7Pro), and the basic price of Samsung Huawei curved screen phones is 6000 ~ 7000. How does such an expensive curved screen mobile phone protect the screen? As early as the Samsung S6edge (curved version), the editor of the first time using a curved screen phone to start with a headache.

Basic mainstream soft film (bubbles) in the market, steel film (semi -packaged steel film opens glue, does not fit, ash into ash) basically cannot meet the needs. Later, I finally found a relatively suitable brand of all -inclusive steel film. It was two years. However, the disadvantages of all -inclusive steel film are also obvious, because the curved glass’s arc is significantly greater than 2.5D curved glass, and the tapey glass can only be ticked around the screen (if the adhesion in the center of the screen will affect the clarity, not to click on Plugs will cause the middle of the tempered glass and the screen of the mobile phone to not fit, affecting the sensitivity of the touch screen), so the high -quality all -inclusive tempered film can only choose to add a neat “touch point” to increase the sensitivity of the overall screen To.

This is why sometimes we posted the diaphragm screen and facing the sun, you will find that the fundamental reason for the entire screen “blingbling” is shining, which also affects the clarity to a certain extent. So at this time, UV optical steel film came into being.

The entire tempered film is made of glass, without any glue and “sensitive point”

UV is the abbreviation of English ultraviolet (the naked eye cannot be seen), and the method of UV film film is even simpler. We only need to drop the “resin” that is prepared by a special formula on the screen, and then gently cover this glass film, wait for the “resin” to cover the entire glass film. The irradiation, a strong adsorption, strong wear resistant, high -definition high -definition steel film that is completely completed.

As for the principle, I simply add a light cause in the resin of a special formula. Through our light curing equipment (under the figure, the general sellers will send it), the general sellers will be sent), and the general sellers will be sent).

Relding it (irradiated with ultraviolet rays) to produce active free radicals or ion bases, which causes chain reactions, often leading to resin (UV coatings, ink, adhesives, etc.) Go up) Turn to solid -state (complete), that is, UV curing.

How about, listen to the editor so much, the friends have a general understanding of the mobile phone film ~ I will make a summary:

The service life and clarity of the mobile phone film:

UV optics > Steel film > PET > Soft film


The difficulty and process process of the mobile phone film:

Steel film > UV optics > PET > Soft film

Mobile phone film price:

UV Optics > Steel film > PET > hydroponic (soft film)


Of course, at the end, Xiaobian reminds everyone that if you can go to the local digital market to buy (such as Huaqiangbei, Zhongguancun), you will find that the membranes on the Internet are too expensive ~ Until the next time, we will see the next issue. Intersection

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