Recently, Ren Dahua’s 16 -year -old daughter Ren Qingjia took a group of magazine photos.

In the photo, Ren Qingjia’s face was painted with smoky makeup, her skin was dark, and her black -brown long straight hair was very mature. However, her face was round and her cheeks were still a little baby fat, and she could still see a minor girl. She was covered with black leather clothes with hollow black underwear inside, wearing super shorts, showing her long legs and sexy legs.


In another shape, Ren Qingjia’s head was wearing a black veil on a grid, showing the hazy and blurred beauty. She was wearing a black suspender skirt, showing a beautiful shoulder and neck line, and the skirt was neatly discharged with silver beads, sexy and wild. The fur boots on her leg make the overall match.


There is also a more conservative shape in this group of photos. She wore a gray long -sleeved sweater tight skirt, and her slender figure was outlined. It can be seen that Ren Qingjia’s expression is excellent.


Some netizens in the comment area said that Ren Qingjia is very much like supermodel mother Qiqi.

Ren Dahua’s wife Qiqi was born in Shanghai and grew up in Austria. He is a well -known model in Hong Kong. In a summer vacation, she was watched by a model in Europe and invited to model companies to become a model, and then she became famous in the European model industry. It seems that her daughter Ren Qingjia’s love of photography has been affected by her mother.

Ren Dahua and his wife got married in November 1997. The two were sweet and affectionate, and in 2004, they gave birth to their daughter Ren Qingjia.


On the day of Qixi this year, Qi Qi also took a sweet photo with her husband. Behind them are blue sky and white clouds and green grass streams. The scenery is picturesque. The two wearing sunglasses and peaked caps are very idle. Speaking of which, the two have been married for 24 years, and they are still loving.

On December 4th, 54 -year -old Qiqi also posted photos of his own Christmas tree on social platforms. I saw that she was wearing a brown suit, leaving her long hair, and her face was still very delicate, but she had a lot of fine lines on the corners of her eyes and lips.


Ren Qingjia is tall as her mother, with a pair of long legs, and her temperament is very outstanding. When the two of them had the same hairstyle, when they held the same posture with their hands, they were just carved in a mold.

Ren Dahua liked to take a picture with her when she was a child, recorded her daughter’s growth, and took her daughter to record the scenery around the world.


He is very supportive of his daughter’s modeling career. He often promotes the magazine and photo of his daughter’s shooting. He also said that his daughter is his “warm -hearted little cotton jacket”.

Over the years, Ren Dahua has been serious and dedicated in his career or family. It can be described as a very complete life. However, Ren Dahua’s footsteps still did not stop, and still insisted on filming, and also hoped that Ren Dahua’s next work would bring you a new experience.

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