In daily life, there are always a lot of change. I do n’t know how to deal with it. Too much will cause trouble. The change in the change is not very useful in China. It is really practical in Japan. Pick yourself in a change bag for yourself or friends.


kate spade

The change bag is a skin, the zipper is a red/green bird, a super -mood change bag, which is enough for the change and the keys.


Reference price: 15100

This girlish style, sweet and cute, ice cream color makes people look like they want to eat.

Fresh lemon, it’s so refreshing if you look at it


The super cute cat wallet, the rapidly rising pocket bag, can not only install change, but also small things. Double -layer zippers can open the keys, various cards and change. practical. Don’t look like pink! Is it super dirty!

Reference price: 2700


The workmanship is super exquisite, there are two buckles, so you can put the card one layer and put the change. It is not available and durable, it is enough.

Reference price: 2000



LINE series wallet, this bear’s incompetent expression is too cute, enough to put the change in the change and card is the pocket bag! Intersection

Reference price: 1580

Comme des Garcons Play

The feeling of the starry sky, this can actually be used as a wallet directly. It contains cowhide, the leather is very soft, the card can be placed in it, it is quite practical, and the feel in my hand is superb.

Pacca Pacca

The Magpi Rainbow Platform, although simple but cute, practical and beautiful. It is the most suitable to bring this thing if you buy something nearby.

Reference price: 4700



The shape of the elephant can put a lot of change. The zipper is an elephant tail, and it can be used as an accessory on the table.



This paper towels can also be put in ~ The golden bow is too beautiful ~ It is really inconvenient to long wallets when you carry a small bag. This is right! The cowhide material, there is a change in the back, can also put a card, a small bag can be satisfied.

Reference price: 16000

Simple and unattractive girl atmosphere, she has to fly with this girl’s heart.

Reference price: 15000




Fruit -shaped pocket bags are fresh and cute, and they feel superb. It really is suitable for talented girls.


Reference Price:



The small wallet that is only available in Kyoto is really the taste of Kyoto, and there is a limited edition. It is also very appropriate to go to Kyoto to play back and give it to friends ~


The MINI coin purse of the classic dumpling bag is still familiar, or the familiar taste, or classic. Small things can also be installed, it is still very practical.

Reference price: 3000


Various small things in Japan are really cute. I feel that Wallet Jun is going to lose weight again, and the choice of difficulty has made TAT …

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Reference price: 2000

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