Unconsciously, in the blink of an eye, the time has entered the lunar month. Various items needed for the New Year, and the chopsticks are one of them.

Every year when the New Year is almost the New Year, every family will buy some new tableware and plates. Even if the family is not short of these things, you still have to buy some new ones. On the one hand Because in folk customs, I bought some new tableware at home to indicate the new year, and the people are prosperous, representing a beautiful meaning.

When buying chopsticks, we will find that there are all kinds of chopsticks in the supermarket, including wood, bamboo, iron, alloy, etc., so which material is better, how should we choose? Intersection Let ’s share with you some methods to choose chopsticks.


Wooden chopstick

Wooden chopsticks are the most common chopsticks in our lives. They are also the most chopsticks. The wood that makes wooden chopsticks is generally white


Birch, beylum, oak, water, willow, etc., there are also some like some like


Chicken wings, rosewood and other precious wood. The advantage of wooden chopsticks is natural wood, healthy and non -toxic, and rest assured; but wooden chopsticks also have disadvantages, because wood chopsticks are strong, so it is not easy to dry after cleaning, and it is easy to mold and breed bacteria. Pay attention to dryness and cleaning.

Bamboo chopstick


Bamboo chopsticks are made of bamboo. Like wooden chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are pure natural, healthy and harmless, and bamboo is generally cultivated artificially. Therefore, bamboo chopsticks can save wood, protect nature, and more environmentally friendly. Compared with wooden chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks have a higher hardness and are not easy to wear. After polishing and processing, the surface is smoother, which is relatively difficult to breed bacteria; Frequent disinfection to avoid humidity and mold.


Alloy chopstick


Metal chopsticks appear late, but because of their outstanding advantages, they quickly stabilized the heel in the market, and they are also very popular with consumers. Now some hotels such as restaurants and other restaurants are alloy chopsticks. Metal chopsticks are made from “polymer materials” and “glass fiber”. The materials are safe and sanitary, the surface of the chopsticks is smooth, it is not easy to clean, and it is not easy to be corroded. Okay, basically it will not deform.

Stainless steel chopstick

Stainless steel chopsticks are also chopsticks often seen in supermarkets. Compared with wood and bamboo chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks have higher hardness, corrosion resistance and pollution resistance, easy to clean, and no mold and long hair will occur. Essence However, stainless steel chopsticks are made of metal materials. The chopsticks are very thermal conductivity. When taking some high -temperature foods, such as eating hot pot, use stainless steel chopsticks to burn the mouth easily, and the surface of stainless steel chopsticks is too smooth. Easy to use.


Buy chopsticks and keep in mind ‘3 don’t choose “


1. Plastic chopsticks do not choose

In addition to the chopsticks of these materials above, there is also a plastic -made chopstick. Because plastic is easy to deform and decompose when it encounters high temperatures, it may produce some harmful substances to the body, and the raw materials of plastic chopsticks are very different. It is difficult to distinguish, so it is not recommended to eat plastic chopsticks.

2. Do not choose with lacquer chopsticks

When choosing wooden chopsticks or bamboo chopsticks, try to choose chopsticks without coating. Do not choose those colorful paint chopsticks, because these paint paint may contain some harmful heavy metals, organic solvents and other harmful to the body. Material, long -term use affects physical health, especially children, not to use this kind of chopsticks.

3. Do not choose disposable chopsticks

Disposable chopsticks are generally produced by some small workshops. During the production process, sulfur smoke, hydrogen peroxide disinfection, paraffin polishing and other processes must be used. It is not conducive to environmental protection.


Whatever material, chopsticks must be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, and replaced regularly. When storing chopsticks,

Don’t put the chopsticks in the cabinet or drawer, try to put it in ventilated chopsticks or chopsticks to avoid mold or long hair due to humidity.

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