When a group of old brands such as ladylike houses, Ou Shili, and Golia were trapped in the mud. I did not expect that the business of his brother was still so good, fans were still so much, curious to kill cats, Lao Yi wanted to know why.


The fish and the dragon are mixed, and the fish is caught.

Lei Jun said that when the wind came, pigs could fly. Since the reform and opening up, the first century big carnival was luckyly caught up by Metusbon Wei, Lathar Bell, Ou Shili, Golia, Ladies House, only, Veromoda, etc. Essence

Metusbon Wei has sold a year

9.95 billion,


I accidentally sold the boss of the fashion industry. La Xiabeel has opened more than 9,000 shops, and it is easy to become a domestic women’s sister. The two were successfully listed in the end. Although the lady’s house and Ou Shili were a step away from the successful listing, they did not affect them at all. Kuangzi, the owner of the lady’s house, said to Lao Yi: Our specialty store has been bought short, and only a store was sold at the end. It is not a strange thing in Gelia a day or 300,000. Typhoon Tian can sell 50,000 or 60,000 … Her brother has also entered a crazy expansion period.

In the past era, these lucky children were so happy that they were like bears, just standing in the river and opening their mouths. After eating, you can also get the fish in the mouth into a small fish, buy a building, do real estate, or do something else.

Until, H & M and ZARA appeared around the river one after the other. ZARA and H & M are sipped by the river: On fashion, I am an authentic international model; on the speed, I go to the new model every week; on the store, I pick it up first, and I am the largest in the area; on the price, I am yours, I am yours One per year. Say, how do you want to play?

This is a hanging.

Fortunately, the lucky people sorrowed in the hanging sound, “No live, no more, how to live!” At this time, Uniqlo was born with “good basic”, “good quality”, and “good price”. This is okay, the fish is gone, and the water is gone. It is not enough to describe the mood of the lucky children with “sorrow and galloping.”

Lathamberg is deeply trapped in the mud, and the number of shops has been from more than 9,000 to more than 400 now. The media talked

Metusbon Wei always has a question: How far is it from the loss? The lady’s house almost cut off all offline stores. Golia continued to compress the store. Ou Shili was unable to vomit by the fans …


At this time, a brother stood up silently, waving a small flag, and muttering in his mouth: I can’t beat me! Can’t beat me! Foreign and shan can’t beat me! Then he turned around to sell its version that was good and long -lasting pants.

When the tide retreated, it was not expected that the fish would be the brother in the end.

Eight Immortals passed the sea, why did my brother show the magical power?

At the time, the lucky blooms were withered. Why can my brother still fish at this time? Who is my brother?


In order to report his brother, the media interviewed Lin Shuling, Vice President of Golia. In her words, “I have been in the clothing circle for many years and participated in many industry activities and entrepreneurial gatherings, but I have never seen my brother. Brother’s boss. Even my brother’s headquarters, I don’t know where to be in Guangzhou. “

In addition to mystery and mystery of their colleagues in the clothing industry. However, the peers also know that the brother and the boss is low -key and low -key, and the money does not make less. Some insiders said: Brother’s profits should be able to rank in the top 10.

Is it so mysterious to earn so much? Is my brother boss a hidden person in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels?

Lao Yi ran to the enterprise to check it. The current shareholders of the elder brother are Li Guangrui and Li Zhilin, respectively, and the shares account for 55%and 45%, respectively. The industry insiders said that Shi Fuyuan was the real boss.

Regarding Shi Fuyuan, there are very few information on the Internet. Public information can only find him from Taiwan. After creating a brother brand in Taiwan, the brother brand really made in the Guangzhou Baima clothing market.

After staying in the white horse for 8 years, Shi Fuyuan left the white horse with his brother.


Shi Fuyuan’s current identity is not just a clothing boss, in his hands,

There are hotels, ophthalmology hospitals, and many many real estate. Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou City, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Qingyuan City, Qingyuan City Meilin Lake, Lanzhou, Gansu, Yinchuan, Ningxia have multiple land development projects. king. Unfortunately, it is located in

The brother headquarters of the Pearl River New Town has been rotten. As for the reason, outsiders do not know.

Shi Fuyuan is low -key, rigorous and self -disciplined in the eyes of friends. He likes to talk about rules, especially respects Confucian culture. I like to talk to my friends and talk about the importance of deep breath to the human body. In his brother’s specialty store, Lao Yi saw his brother’s own internal publication. His name was “Deep Breathing”. If it wasn’t for the last page of the ads on the ophthalmology hospital, the magazine was good.


Regarding why my brother can still fish, people in the industry said that the brother’s path is not impetuous at all,


After 2005, the growth rate of stores continued to accelerate. When the market was not impacted, they had contracted a round of channels because of too much stores.

Old employees who work in my brother said that the welfare of the elder brother’s employees is very good. The monthly income of the store manager is normal. Some netizens said that the old employees who have worked in the brother for more than ten years are not a small number.

The legend of each successful person is different. Today, I do n’t make money for tomorrow. I unite a group of people to make money for themselves. This is the success legend of my brother. My brother’s boss is not ambitious, but hidden well.

Shuiman Jinshan, my brother is lucky to step on the bottom line of the fashion circle

Lao Yi wrote a short article and sighed. Brother and Golia: The same price, also from Guangzhou, why did they live differently? I didn’t expect my brother’s fans to be annoyed:

How can they compare Geolia with their brother, can they compare?

My brother is my mother’s favorite, Golia I don’t love anymore. Is this comparison?

Brother sells rich mature women. Goalia sells young girls without money. Can it be compared?


Care! Care! Lao Yi was “learned” again. In order to know and know, Lao Yi deliberately went to his brother’s specialty store, and tried his clothes on his clothes. The decimal point behind the price was deliberately counted.


To be honest, my brother’s clothes are real soil, and it is really old after the upper body. Old ten years old? That still has to look at people with poor eyes.

The staff also enthusiastically gave the recommended suit, saying that their own exclusive fabrics, washing machines for ten years without deformation. The upper body, really! Besides, who has bought a undress for ten years? The staff enthusiastically recommended their pants. The pants were very good and the upper body was thin. With our suit, you can wear it in any occasion, and it is most suitable to go to work. Speaking of the price, one thousand suites, the staff said that the price was the price ten years ago.


That’s it? Brother is still so fans?

It turned out that my brother did not have a fashion product from the beginning. Industry insiders said that the objects sold by my brother are mainly some middle -aged female customers who are rich but do not know how to match clothing. They seem to be selling clothes. In fact, it has always been selling matching. No wonder, no wonder, my brother did not sell fashion, but stepped on the bottom line of fashion.


In the eyes of my brother’s fans, there are thousands of good kinds of brothers and brothers. When it comes to good quality, it does not deform for many years and is hard. The version is good, and the upper body is not fat, especially the pants. When you say good match, my brother’s house is good. When it comes to the necessary workplace, it has become a must -have shirt for some official Yuan. As soon as the price is good, it hasn’t increased the price for so many years, and the conscience brand. It has always been 10 % off, not discounted, and there are principles.

Hahaha, all bosses, have you heard the voice of customers? How much damage is discount. This comparison, no wonder my brother’s fans cannot accept comparison with Gorise. Golce’s folding is the standard of fracture.


It is necessary to say why my brother has experienced the baptism of foreign and SHANG turns, and he can still be so firm. It is firm to make money without making money, and let it successfully avoid this impact. In the face of compressed space, there is no price increase, avoiding competition with light luxury brands. Perseverance for quality is the key to increased fans.

Some people in the industry say


: “As far as I estimate, my brother’s annual VIP sales should account for 60%to 80%of its overall revenue.”

Brother boss, sober on earth.


How can my brother cross the heaven in the calamity?

Nevertheless, my brother is also facing the fate of fled. Foreign and SHANG are the first calamities in this era, and generations Z were the second calamity of this era. The brother only avoided the slay of the foreign and SHANG, but did not escape the palm of the Z generation. People in the industry say that although my brother persists well, the overall performance is compared with the past, and it is still on the road of decline.

Who is generation Z? They are consumer groups of post -95s. How good is the generation of generations? Even foreign and SHANG were slaughtered domestic lucky people ten years ago, but have been knocked down by generations in the past few years.

Some netizens said that when my mother went to my brother, she always came out of the land one after another, and never empty -handed. Now I started to buy me. Another netizen also attached to: My mother -in -law also started buying me for my brother. Nevertheless, the elder brother’s oldness and conservative still blocked the followers of most daughters and daughter -in -law.

Old spirit and conservative are not the best choice for new generations.

My brother realized this very long ago, and it added a higher -end and younger Amazhi, but the positioning of Ama Shi is obviously not a positioning with the people of the generations of Gen Z. It became Xiao He, and Xiao He was defeated. ONLY and Golia’s defeat were largely lost on this. The success of his brother comes from design, and the biggest confusion of dealing with generations Z is also from the design.


Some netizens leave a message to Lao Yi, and my brother’s sales now are about 400 million. I don’t know if it is true or false.

If my brother wants to know the mature woman who is rich and not very good at wearing, my brother will have more possibilities.

If my brother thinks, if the brother’s boss is willing, with the current foundation of his brother, his brother still crosses the sky.

At that time, my brother could stand up and say:

Those who once belonged to ONLY and Goalia were all my brother sooner or later.

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