At the end of August this year, Shimano’s latest highway 12 highlights-DURA-ACE R9200 series and the Ultegra R8100 series finally lifted the ban. At that time, many foreign media released physical evaluation, and due to the late reasons in China, the real thing has not been seen. Until recently, the supply chain management capabilities can be called a must-have. Through the Project One custom models used internally, a small number of DURA-ACE R9270 suits are brought to China. Taking this opportunity, I finally touched the latest 12 -speed top -level oil disc electrocrack kit, which is known as the epoch -making Ximano.

Below, follow my real shots to see the R9270 Fang Rong.

Summary of the new features of Shimano 12S kit–

· DA/UT oil disc electricity change support

wireless connection

Compatible with wired connection; circular brake can only support wired connections.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

· DA/UT kit has only electrical versions,

No mechanical transmission version


Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

· The new wire is thinner and can be compatible with the 11S electro -variable kit through a converter.

· DA/UT oil disc electricity changes adopted

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

Servo Wave technology

, Short itinerary, greater braking force.

· The gap between the DA oil pressure clip and the disc is widening by 10%.

· DA standard disc is MT900 mountain discs, and the UT standard disc is MT800 mountain disc.


Do not distinguish between middle or long legs

The maximum compatible 34T flywheel.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解


Wireless unit and charging port integration on the back dial

At the same time, the connector was canceled.

· The crank is changed to a symmetrical design to optimize the power meter.

· DA/UT dental disk cancel 53-39T options, DA adds add



Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

· Dental plate optional R9200P and

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解


The power meter option, the power meter is a crank leg patch -type power meter.

The DA standard chain is M9100 Mountain 12S chain, and the UT standard chain is M8100 Mountain 12S chain, all equipped with magic buckles.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解


, The heavy load transition is smoother, 11-30T or 11-34T, DA has 11-28T.

· 12S flywheel adopts a new tower base installation interface to match the new 12S tower base;

New 12S Tower is not compatible with 11S flywheel

, But the 12S flywheel can be installed on the 11S tower base.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The new DA wheel set uses the new 12S tower base, and the new UT wheels are still 11S tower base.

· The new DA/UT wheels have three frames: C36, C50 and C60, which is highly optional, which is significantly reduced compared to the previous generation of wheels.

· New DA round group

Optional fetal version and vacuum fetal version

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

, Tower is 12S tower -based; the new UT wheels are vacuum tires and tower bases are 11S tower base.

· Set up and manage electrical variable kits through the E-Tube App.

Summarizing experience, the new 12S kit not only increases a flywheel, but is replaced by the update of all components to achieve stronger transmission performance, braking performance, pneumatic and handling. The introduction of wireless connections to make it further adapted to the trend of the era of wandering. Science of Speed ​​-everything is faster.

Let’s appreciate each major accessories in detail below.

R9270 hand change

In addition to the tooth tray, the highest recognition is the R9270 hand change. The shape is very futuristic and looks like a hand -changing hand. Many people think that it is a spiritual sequel to the R785 hand -changing, but after so many years of development, the R9270 hand has improved from ergonomic to lightweight.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

In terms of weight, a pair of R9270 hands became 350G. In comparison, the R9170 hand changed to 320g, and R785 weighed 515g. The R9270 hand is equipped with a wireless control module, and it has a better brake feel, and the weight is slightly increased.

From the perspective of ergonomics, the shape of R9270 has changed compared to the R9170. The hand changes the head higher and wider, the tiger’s mouth grasp the position of the transition is more smooth, and the texture of the hand -changing sleeve is also changed to fine stripes. At the same time, the R9270 hand has become a light inner skimming, which is more in line with the current professional driver’s operating habits.

The R9170 hand changes are almost different because of the shape and the R9150 circle brake version of the hand, and they have won a lot of praise, especially users with small palms. Perhaps for these users, the grip of R9270 needs to be slightly adapted.

The R9270’s transmission lever has also been adjusted in detail. The two paddles have a larger gap, and it is not easy to touch it. As far as I am concerned, I still think that SRAM’s transmission logic is more in line with intuition. Shimano always thinks about it.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The transmission button on the top of the hand has a battery compartment and wireless control module inside. Because the hand changes of the R9250 circle brake have no change structure, the wireless connection is missing.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The brake itinerary behind the lever adjusts the screw. This generation of kit has changed from hand to clip to the disc, and it aims to comprehensively improve the braking experience.

R9270 (right) contrasts with R9170 (left). The new hand -changing logo is more vague. The lever cuts off the part of the leverage position to optimize the internal structure and place wireless modules.

The change of hand changes is relatively significant. The R9270 has a bit of the meaning of GRX’s hand changes, but the stripes are not so convex, and the empty hand is smoother.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

OE Shipment’s R9270 large set uses wireless connection. Hand change only needs to take a brake wire to say goodbye to the tedious controller and connector. Of course, the R9270 hand changes still support the sprint/climbing button.

R9270 clamp and MT900 disc

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The R9270 clip is a significant upgrade. The huge piston looks like a modified part of a third -party manufacturer. In contrast, the R8170 clip can only be regarded as a change. The gap between the new clip increased by 10%, which improved the problem of the dish. The weight is 233g, as a comparison, the R9170 clip is 256G.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

At the same time, Shimano may have heard too many vomiting from the professional team, cut off the RT900 disc, and the new kit directly uses the MT900 that was originally a mountain disc. It is said that the new kit is developed with professional drivers. I believe this time. The weight of a single MT900 160mm disc is 108g and the RT900 is 118G. It can be said that the RT900 is defeated from MT900 in any way.

The folder resin is used to make the tablet with a heat dissipation fin, and the fuel injection hole is changed to the side opening type, without the need to disassemble the fixture.

Looking forward to the real road test to feel how much the new brake system has improved.

The professional team is the first 160mm rear 140mm disc, but most of the mainstream brands of the vehicle are 160mm discs before and after. Personally, I think this is a good thing for ordinary riders.


Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The changes before the R9250 are summarized in one sentence -small, light. Its weight is only 96G, which should be the first electrical transformation in history in history.

The significant reduction of the motor size makes the R9250 look low -key. Unfortunately, the front and rear dials of this generation of kit still need to connect to the built -in battery through the wire, which failed to achieve true wireless wireless.


At first glance, the R9250 is one larger than the R9150. This is because -1, the R9250 dial is long -legged, compatible with a 34T flywheel; 2. It is still the control center of the front and back+battery system. Connect and charging function; 3. Its variable transmission is stronger.

Despite this “heavy responsibility”, the weight of the post -R9250 dial is only 215G, which is not much heavier than 197G of R9150. I believe that many riders have seen its speed in the speed mode through various videos. It can only be said, rushing.

After the R9250, the ears are still kept, and a direct -loading tail hook can be used.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

I can only say why I put the control center on the back allocated instead of the front dial, can I only consider the feelings of a single disk user?

The long guide board dial after the R9250 supports the key to the 34T large flywheel; according to the convention of Shimano’s like to stay redundant, it is estimated that the 36T flywheel is not uncomfortable. Visual inspection of this guide board and the old guide board/chicken legs are not compatible, big chicken leg manufacturers are ecstatic.

The back -up spring has a strong tension, but without the damping structure of SRAM Red Axs, the stability chain performance is estimated to be slightly inferior.

The strong body is driven by the motor.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The charging port is at the end of the rear. The new charging interface is a magnetic interface. It is not required to charge a separate charger (the gadgets are still hundreds of dollars) through a USB magnetic line charging.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

R9200 dental plate

The R9200 dental disk is really exciting.

The joy part: it is changed back to the symmetrical design, and the appearance recognition is high. It can be said to be the iconic component of the new kit. Thanks to the symmetrical structure and stronger rigidity, the accuracy of the patch power meter will also increase.

The worry part: 685g without power, 745G (50-34T), the weight is no advantage. If you consider the price -no power 4566 ¥, with a power of 12095 ¥, then there is no advantage.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

DA-level plates are optional 50-34T, 52-36T, and 54-40T. The evaluation of Shimano’s DA discs was very high, with good rigidity and no hesitation. Except for individual big pro, it is difficult to step on it. Due to the upgrading to 12S, the compatibility of the R9200 plate and the 11S kit is doubtful, it is not recommended to use it.

The surface of the StA -level crank leg is polished, and the UT level is distinguished to matte the convex surface. For the rigidity of this generation of DA crank, the weight has increased a lot. The R9100 dental set weighs only 614g, and the new gorgeous weight gains 70g.

The non -drive -side crank at the end of the science of Speed.

R9200 flying wheel

The R9200 flywheel is also an important factor in improving the performance of the new kit. The Hyperglide+tooth shape on the mountain 12S flywheel is used to increase the success rate of the upper and lower gears of the chain and reduce the jitter. The teeth of the 6th, 7th, and 8th flywheels are specially optimized to increase the fluency fluency.

Compared with the R9100 flywheel (right), the single group of the largest flywheel of the R9200 flywheel changed from 2 to 4, and the ability to guide the chain to change the gear has been further enhanced.

According to my test on the maintenance platform, the upper and lower stalls of a few large flywheels are fast, and almost no jump, you can kill friends in seconds. However, there is still a chance to stand up the chain in the small flywheel, and it is not advisable to change the speed when it is overloaded.

The structure of the flywheel is similar to the R9100, and the last 5 tablets are the integrated structure of the aluminum bracket. It is worth noting that the air installation interface of the flywheel has been changed, and there are many small grooves. Only the new flywheel can be compatible with the new 12S tower base, of course, it can also be installed on the traditional 11S tower base.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

M9100 chain

The chain on the 12S XTR kit, like the MT900 disc, take it to you …

In addition, the new kit also has components hidden inside the frame, such as batteries and wires, which are not analyzed one by one.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解


Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

Shimano finally kept up with the pace of CP and SRAM, launched a 12 -speed highway kit, and it was all electronic. Although this generation of “radio variable kit” can only be called “semi -wireless kit” like FSA WE, it also takes an important step in radio electronicization.

During the discs of the Danba Road, the R9170 and R8070 achieved great success, making the electronic transmission of the mechanical transmission that opened a clear level, and the market generally accepted the more advanced thinking of electronic gear transmission than mechanical transmission. The R8070 forced the R9120 to go without any way, and SRAM also electronic the first three -level highway kit; finally, Shimano also moved the mechanical shifting on the DA and UT level.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

The new kit is not only the embodiment of the progress of electronic technology, but also the ultimate pursuit of braking performance. Today, the top equipment is becoming more and more difficult to squeeze the marginal effect, and the new DA has taken a lot of sincerity than squeezing toothpaste, trying to re -stimulate the consumption needs of the competition (local tyrant) users.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

Do you ask me if it is worth rushing? Please look at the price list-

A full set of DA disc brakes will be benefited by 30045 ¥, and the upgrade power meter plus 7500 ¥ …


Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

Slowly, don’t leave. Generally speaking, Shimano’s suggestion retail price is used to scare people. In the era of parallel imports, it can even be won by about 50 % off. The current capacity of the kit is short in the short term, but it is not possible to get the price in the short term, but it can still be obtained at a lower actual cost through the brand.

DA -level R9270 hand has a pair of price 7322 ¥, the previous price is 3299 ¥, and the price is 5934 ¥. If you are not very sensitive to weight (forced), you can choose the UT R8170 series, which can save more than 6,000. Considering that R8070’s sales are much higher than R9170, it is believed that mainstream users will still choose UT levels.

The R9270 clip is priced at 2405 ¥, although expensive, but it is better than many third -party clips. Even some old SHIMANO oil disc kites can consider buying this clip to improve the brake performance.

Tooth tray, whether it is a non -power or power version, I personally feel that the price / performance ratio is very low. Now buy a set of 650G-paw power to dental disc, six or seven thousand yuan should be enough. If you do not force the integrity of the kit, buy the carbon crank of a third -party brand.

Both chains and discs are mountains, and the price is relatively stable, and the corresponding level can be selected according to the needs.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 12s公路油碟电变套件:实物赏析及详解

As for the flywheel, the DA level is 2834 ¥, and the UT level is only sold for 883 ¥, and the infinite induced people choose to downgrade. The DA flywheel weighs 253g, and the UT flywheel weighs 345G (11-34T). The former is 92g light, and the latter is more durable. Do you want to save these two thousand yuan depending on your personal preference?

Overall, the Chongtong is Heng Chong, who can’t move, wait for me to wait for the R8170.

Will you buy R9270?


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