The plaid shirt is a very classic single product, whether it is a woman in the age, basically everyone has a plaid shirt. There are very many types of plaid shirts, and it is also more welcome. But some girls believe that the top of the plaid is very old. Indeed, some people don’t work in the grid shirt, will let the whole person look very old soil, but not all people are like this.

Some girls like plaid shirts very much, and the panorama can be said to be one of them. People who have paid attention to the scenery can find that the scenery is really very like plaid shirts, often can see her pendant. And the plaid shirt is in a sweet body, and I have not given an old feeling. So, is not a plaid shirt itself, it’s just that you will not match itself. Plaid shirts are really more requirements, then next, let’s take a look at how the scene is sweet with plaid shirts.


1: Long plaid cardigan


This long lattice cardigan is a more common cardigan. This type of cardigan will give people a relatively retro, and the upper body is also a relaxing feeling. Scene is sweet in the red-blue gant’s cardigan, and the red blue latches can also enhance the overall retro style. This lattice cardigan is more suitable for winter, and the entire material will be relatively heavy, so that both the effect of warmth, the overall effect will not be too bad.

When we choose this type of plaid cardigan, you should pay attention to its length, the length should not be too long, but it can’t be too short. This length is best in the position of the calf. This length of the upper body will appear to be more high. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention in the choice of color, and the cardigan at autumn and winter should not choose color too gorgeous. The red-blue lattice on the panorama is better, which is more white, and the overall autumn and winter feel will be relatively strong.


2: Bat sleeve shirt

This kind of shirt is compared to the previous one, it will be more young and playful, and the effect of the whole upper body will be more practiced. This kind of bat sleeve plaid shirt is more suitable for spring and autumn, and this shirt is used as a jacket. It can be mixed with a short hanging belt, and the overall effect is also very good. Scene is selected to match black T-shirts and denim pencil pants, this whole feels will be more casual.


The color of this plaid shirt, the scenery is a relatively bright yellow, but this color is in the early autumn or in the middle of the spring. It will not give people a very strange feeling. When we choose such a plaid shirt, try to choose a relatively thin material, the overall upper body matching effect will be better. Colors can also choose a bright color, which will not easily make the whole look very old.

3: Plaid set sweater

Most plaid shirts are in the form of a shirt or a cardigan, but in fact, the effect of lattice head sweaters is also very good. This is a very classic sweater. Different tones are mixed together, so that the whole dress will not look very boring. When you are with this sweater, the panorama has chosen a black lea, and after the sweater is integrated, the overall feeling gives people a feeling of sweet and cool air. The upper body effect is also more fashionable.

4: Plaid suit


The suit jacket of the lattice belongs to a smuggled and relatively round suit jacket. This kind of condom will appear to be young, when it is matched with clothes, the overall effect is also better. Scenes have chosen a small suspended strap with a small banding in a suit, and the dead board in the suit is very good, so that the whole looks without such borsing, but there is a playful feeling, so if there is such a style Can also try this.


A simple plaid shirt can also play so many patterns under the scenery, and each kind of dress will not have a movie effect, so it is the most important thing that is not a clothes itself in this aspect. , But a method of dressing. No matter what type of clothes, after matching, the overall effect will be much better. And if you don’t match, then even if the clothes are very nice, the overall upper body is not good.


The plaid shirt is actually a very good piece of top, and will never have time. If it is itself, you can learn the scenery of the scenery. There are very many types of penetrating wear, and most of them are women who adapt to all stages. Although the elements of the plaid may look very old in the first eye, it is an element that can get a long time. As for how it makes this element more tightly, mainly in the method.

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