The weather is getting colder, and many beautiful sisters have begun to wear fashionable autumn clothes and fades from skirts. So what are the costumes that must be considered in autumn? It must be a sweater. There are a lot of sweaters, but many people feel bloated when wearing sweaters. In fact, they have no choice and styles.

Compared with summer wear, the sweater shape of the autumn and winter seasons tests your figure and matching ability.

So we can follow the Korean department to learn the look of various sweaters with the Korean department. Do n’t miss it!

1. Understand the skills of sweater


【Piece Thunder Area】

Thunder Area 1: Avoid five or five points for loose sweater

Many girls have a misunderstanding when they wear, the more loose clothes can be thinner.

But thin and meat covering meat is two different dimensions,

Loose sweaters can really cover your fat, but it looks easier to appears visually.

If you want to look better, your body is slimmer

The length of the selected sweater is as short as possible. In the thinner part of the waist, you can modify your waist and shape your long legs.

Lei Area 2: Avoid the material with thick material and fancy color

The biggest advantage of sweater is to keep warm


But because it has a warm knitted material, it is easy to look bloated to wear

Essence Unlike ordinary silk and chiffon clothing, knitted clothing is thicker to wear, and it is easy to widener our body.

If the style is wrong, it will get 20 pounds instantly.

When matching sweaters in autumn, we also want

First, avoid the sweater with too thick materials, and at the same time reject the style that is too old -fashioned.

Second, the correct match of sweaters

Key points ①: Edition to fit

Clothing is more important than anything, especially when choosing a sweater,

Too tight and too loose will expose the defects of the body. The combined sweater can highlight the curve, and at the same time help us cover the fat.

Level fit and version fit

They are all critical, such as sweaters

The length can be in the thinnest part of the waist, the version can fit our waist circumference


, This match is almost not wrong. The following types of slim sweaters can modify our waistline on our body.

The lower body is also matched with a loose lower dress, and it can still modify the waist and hip ratio.


Key points ②: multi

The most taboo that is the most taboo of a sweater is the thick material, so the correct dress is the opposite of it, that is, the selection of the thin style of the material

In the early autumn season, the temperature is not low, and it will not be cold when choosing a thin and lightweight sweater.

The materials of these sweaters below are very thin, but also

There is a certain thickness,

This ability

Ensuring the pendant of the sweater, wearing it on the body will not look cheap because it looks light.

Third, the 9 sets of Korean sweater analysis


The matching of Miss South Korea has always been at our forefront. If you want to explore the stylish sweater shape, see the 9 sets of them below ~

look1, a hundred changes to the solid sweater


Sweaters stack:


The key to stacking is that the material cannot be heavy,

For example, when the sweater is stacked, try a thin shirt with a thin material, and the dress is better.

Few people choose a sweater with a suit or a sweater, so that wearing it will look bloated.

Sweaters wear:

If you wear it alone, we can learn more about some light -colored sweaters

The existence of the dark sweater is too weak, and it will even be old. The light -colored sweater will have a certain degree of brightness, so it will look younger.

look2, Dadi color sweater

In the autumn match, the existence of earth color clothing is extremely strong, and

Few people wear bright and beautiful warm colors this season. Therefore, mature women can Pick more earthy sweaters, wearing intellectual and elegant.

Khaki, rice white, brown, camel color is extremely gentle, these simple and low -key colors are not aggressive

No matter what style of younger sisters can control.

look3, sweater + short boots

In addition to sweaters, we also need to consider the matching of shoes. Since this season is more pursuing warmth,

The matching of boots is quite critical, and the matching of sweaters and boots is also a very classic look.


If you choose a sweater with a skirt or trousers,

Boots can choose short models; long boots are more suitable for combination with exposed legs

,for example

If the lower body of the sweater is disappeared, you can change the boots to grow up boots.

Many people say that sweaters are rotten streets, but no matter how the fashion industry develops, there are still many trendy people who love the sweater. In addition, the practicality and beauty of the sweater are very strong. It also makes us unable to find it to reject it Reasons.

This article introduces the sweaters of Miss Han’s sister. After seeing the fashionable styling above, everyone can refer to it. In this fall, a new height is beautiful!

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