“Tokyo Pirate Tower” has been unknowingly opened for three years. I don’t know if the card friends have played it? Have you been to! Very fun ~ It is also worth the fare! In addition to the theme amusement area, there are also One Piece stores.

And the Pirate Tower has recently launched a very cute “One Piece Velvet Ticket Fuck Small Bag”.

There are several super cute creatures in One Piece, which is particularly popular, and it is just that these cute creatures are made around, but they are cute! For example, Jump Shop launched One Piece’s “Kung Fu Husk, Ghost, Labu, Peibo Money Tub” and this time it was launched ~


Kumasi, Qiaoba, Peibo, Kung Fu Huniu four models

In fact, it is the same thing as the fluff doll card that is usually seen


The difference is that they are the four little cutes of One Piece


Of course, it also contains the function of small coin purse!

There is a special place that is the size

It is a bit older than the general card cover, so the function of small objects can be played more, as if Ai Feng can put it in! Look at the effect of the sisters of the Pirate Tower ~


Such a cute One Piece Velvet Ticket Ticket Small Bag will start on sale in the Tokyo Pirate Tower tomorrow. Note that this is the surrounding area of ​​the Tokyo Pirate Tower! Can’t buy elsewhere ~ (Tokyo Pirate Tower in Tokyo Tower)

Each price is about 1,400 yen!


Which one is the most like? I like my four, I really like it! Intersection Intersection

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