At present, more and more people like cross stitch, not only because of the beautiful cross stitch, but also the most important thing is that the cross stitch has special value. People can make their favorite patterns according to their own hobbies. It is widely used to decorate daily necessities, mobile phone chains, key rings, various backpacks, curtains, sofa pads, tablets, decorative paintings, etc. Give your favorite embroidery to friends or your lover. Nowadays, there are many brands of cross -stitch products on the market, and the styles are dazzling. Let us take you to take you to understand which brand of cross -stitch is good and cross -stitch buying skills.

Which brand of cross stitch is good

1. KS cross stitch

Guangzhou Zhouyi Trading Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cross stitch, mid -to -high -end cross -stitch brands, the leading brand of cross -stitch industry, focusing on high professional companies in the field of cross -stitching technology, professional and well -known cross -stitching companies. Welcome, one of the most influential brands.

2. Royal Mona Lisa

Shanghai Kita Trading Co., Ltd.-Royal Mona Lisa, Top Ten Brands of Cross Studioxes, Well-known Korean Brands, High-end Cross Style Brands, China DIY Leading Enterprise, Influential Brand of the Cross Studioxes in China, the first domestic in China to intervene in cross stitching Large chain companies in the market.

3. DMC cross stitch

Guangzhou Yaju Gallery Embroidery Trading Co., Ltd.-DMC Cross Studge, Ten Cross-stitch brands, originated from France, a global cross-embroidered brand, the world’s leading cross-stitch handicrafts and embroidered cotton lines. Crafts group for industrial cloth and various textile products.

家居饰品 十字绣哪个牌子质量好 十字绣选购技巧

4. KEC cross stitch

Zhejiang Haocai Crafts Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cross stitch, a well -known brand in Yiwu City, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, a brand of crafts Co., Ltd., a leading brand of cross -stitch industry, integrating research and development, design, production, and sales. Embroidered enterprise.

5. Sitic cross stitch

Shanghai Sitic Jewelry Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cross -stitch, a well -known Korean brand, a well -known Shanghai Cross -stitch industry, one of the best cross -stitching companies in China, and one of the world’s leading textile comprehensive suppliers.

6. CMC cross stitch

家居饰品 十字绣哪个牌子质量好 十字绣选购技巧

Hubei Huangmei Picking Flower Craft Co., Ltd., the Top Ten Brands of Cross Endix, a famous brand in China, a well -known brand in Hubei, a well -known trademark in Hubei Province, one of the world’s top cross -stitch production enterprises, and a vanguard of the domestic cross stitch industry.

7. Cherish the cross stitch

Zhejiang Zhenai Crafts Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cross stitch, well-known brands of cross-stitch industry, are deeply loved by consumers and focus on cross-stitch design-production and marketing professional cross-stitching enterprises.

8. QS cross stitch

Dongyang Qin’s Crafts Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of cross -stitch, the flagship brand of cross -stitch industry, combined with the research and development, production and sales of cross -stitch, cross -stitch, oil painting.

9. Imei

家居饰品 十字绣哪个牌子质量好 十字绣选购技巧

Taiyuan Hengwangtong Trading Co., Ltd., Yimei, the Top Ten Brands of Cross Studiors, a well -known cross -stitch brand, is deeply loved by consumers, one of the first professional companies in the Cross Endix R & D, design, and production. It has the advantages of good quality, moderate price, and fast new product update rate.

Cross -stitch buying skills

1. Product packaging.

家居饰品 十字绣哪个牌子质量好 十字绣选购技巧

As the so -called “Buddha wants gold, people rely on clothes”, the big cross -stitch brand is particularly particular about packaging. A good cross -stitch brand, the outer packaging seems to be pleasing to the eye today, and the love is unreasonable; as soon as the packaging is opened, the embroidery threads inside are neatly ordered, the embroidery cloth is stacked and stacked, and all the kits are complete.

2. Embroidery line.

The embroidery line is an important criterion for measuring the quality of the cross stitch. Distinguish the trilogy of the embroidery line, look at it, two pulls, three questions. First, get the cross -stitching product, take a closer look at the embroidery line, whether the color of the line is shiny and bright; second, there are 6 in a line, draw one, try to pull it hard. Third, you can ask the boss, what raw material is the line? If the answer is the answer, France, Egypt#• ¥*+. Essence Essence That’s a bullish, and it flashed quickly. Most of the cross -stitch brands use domestic cotton yarn, but there are good or bad quality. All in all, the finished products embroidered from good embroidery lines are bright, bright in color, and natural colors are naturally matched.

3. Embroidered.

Embroidery cloth is also very important. However, it is easier to distinguish with the embroidery line. A good cross -embroidered brand embroidered cloth grid is unified and square, with a sealing edge on the edges, comfortable, not soft, but not as hard as it.

4. Drawings.

Many people buy cross -stitch in the past, often just concerned about the previous items, and do not pay attention to drawing drawings. As everyone knows, the drawing is the speed of embroidery. Good drawing prints clearly, clearly marked, there is no wrong label or leakage. You don’t want to embroidery, squint and look at the drawings, or you can do it quickly. Try to pay the east flow due to the errors of the drawings! So the drawings are really important!

5. After -sales service.

A good cross -stitch brand, if it is dropped by a few needles, can be supplemented for free. You can also ask how to mount the cross -stitch? Finally, the good products are available. Don’t forget to let the boss help you draw a grid.

After reading an article about which brand of cross -stitching and cross -stitching skills, I hope to bring some help to your life and work.

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