The combination of fruits and vegetables is very simple salad, and you can add other fruits you favorite.

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2 slices of lettuce

8 Millennium Tomato


4 yellow tomatoes


1 fruit cucumber

4 quail eggs

Sweet salad sauce 1 bottle

Practice step

1. Wash all the raw materials. The quail eggs are cooked and peeled off the shell.

2. Torn lettuce into a small block.

3. Cut a small piece of tomato.


4. Cut the yellow tomato.

5. Cut a small piece of fruit cucumber.

6. Finally, add the quail egg that is cut in half.


7, with a sweet salad salad, or thousands of island sauce.

8. Simple, nutrition and healthy.


9. Is the color look good!


10. Try it!


11. Squeeze the appropriate amount of salad sauce and mix well to enjoy the deliciousness.

Nutrition of lettuce


The lettuce is sweet and cool, and has the effects of clearing hot and refreshing gods, clearing the liver and gallbladder, and nourishing the stomach.

1. Losing fat loss: It has the effect of eliminating excess fat. It is a good choice for women who love beauty and hope to maintain their figure.

2. Analgesic hypnosis: It has the effect of reducing cholesterol, assisting in treating symptoms such as neurasthenia. The vitamin C contained in lettuce can also effectively alleviate the effects of gum bleeding.

3. Direction of cold and diuretic: It can stimulate digestion, enhance appetite, drive cold and diuretic, and promote blood circulation.

4. Inhibitory virus: Copper sodium salt in its chlorophyll has anti -cancer variable performance to effectively prevent cancer.

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