Wisdom Life Network News Electronic Dictionary – A noun that is familiar with strangers, in this year of this PAD, learning machine. It has gradually exited the historical stage, but more is that it not only witnesses the age of our years, and also records the traces of our years.


About Eebbk’s memory:

In the summer of 2007, it was about the first two, so hardly wrapped his father and finally bought his own first learning machine word king E988, although I didn’t understand it at the time. The same popular Lang Wen 4988 4980 series did not attract my attention. At that time, it was officially good, and when the Noah was flooded, I got the most popular touch screen handwritten product. But because the classmates have already bought a good memory star, I feel that the brand of BBK is more assured, because there is a high school reselection machine, the quality has nothing to say. Although the primary purpose of buying this electronic dictionary at the time was to check the words when studying English, but later opened the new world’s door, and those who were also after.

(1) Advancement Forum


2007-5-1 is the first day of the National Day. I came to the Internet cafes to download the machine. I entered the forum in Baidu search. I remember that I downloaded Tang poetry Song word, it is similar to now MSG information. I accidentally entered the forum, and I suddenly felt into a treasure. Here had a variety of resources I have seen, so I registered a ID Llyy2007. At that time, I was really excited, but I didn’t pay attention to what I didn’t pay attention to it. After a week, when I got here forum, I saw everyone’s post discussing very enthusiastic joining, in fact, I didn’t understand anything at the time, basically a scholar other people posted, seeing the resource post to master the master “Thank you for sharing” “Top” “support” what. As a result, it was the most stricty of the water pipe, I sent more than 200 posts before night. It was batch of 164. This is the number, the impact is too deep ~ rz ~. Then I was also very ignorant to the transaction area. Should ask why I delete my post, the last three less (actually the ==!) And other members tell me. I am maliciously irrigation ~ 5555555 ~~ tragedy. Money charm points bundled more than half. This is also the first time I know the rules of the forum, and I have exposed these for the first time. After each time I go online, I will come to the forum to see the way. At that time, the forum has become a thing I have to do in the Internet, anyway, I will not play games. In this way, the story has continued to June 2008.

(2) The brilliant colabin of the 2008-09 Forum

In 2008, the most brilliant year of the forum is also my most active year. It is that I am almost about 3,000 posts in the forum. At that time, I was present. So I was also prepared to develop this, so I met a forum and the LZJ420 of my age, and I was very tangible to have decided to develop together. Subsequently he changed his steps to the production group to make a group . Many information have been made, followed by Guo Ziqian (how many people in seeing) is also raised at this time. At this time, the forum basically formed the three-way army Cola Bridge production group of the three-way army, and add the old-hunting database.

I remembered that when I was asked at the Tad BBKDOWN at the time, I was really unparalleled. Almost everyone’s signature is your own Yongshu E Pan Station. Every time you have your own database, when you are still a game, you are very flooding. At that time, the forum was still in the Fishju (ILOVE3D Management) Pudding House (Dream Flat Sunset, etc.) The window (Dukehzd is established) should have several, which is the mainstream non-official forum, the same is Not better than official difference.


Subsequently, it was the master of the moderator, created a pudding magazine, and set off a magazine crash, we can Buddy also have its own magazine, but due to the time problem, I didn’t do it. At that time, the original atmosphere was relatively strong, Hong Yan also told us that as long as it was produced by the information, it was basically gave it. At that time, the essence was quite a kind of glory. After that, Zhao Yujun was active. With the brutter magazine became the official top magazine, the discussion on the forum was also very enthusiastic.

In terms of the game, the success of the programming competition has brought a lot of life to the forum. Many people remember the first few bonuses appeared to be a thousand RMB. Everyone’s enthusiasm seems to be particularly high. Thousands of miles, Shaolong, eight glasses, etc. (PS: people are old, I can’t remember, please forgive me) is the representative figure that emerged at that time. The programming boom also drives me, and I have nothing to modify the program to play with the decimal editor of the Maxima. But compared with the time compared with the little witch. At that time, I didn’t think of some knowledge of some knowledge, changed my E988 price.

This is the mainstream of the forum. Record here. There are still a lot of people in this period (Snow Day absolute vip kaphae Sun Xiaoxia’s volley “Beitang Han Mo RT911 RPG expert Chenlong Sunset Jin Ji and so on, I have to write your business. Historical records, plus people have a bad memory, and then let alone … ~~)

(3) Witnessing the results of the forum management

The 2008 efforts to give the return received the title of the 2008 Forum “Top Ten Member”, rewarding an OPPO MP4 G11. I am happy with my mind. After the year, I will apply for the master and wait for a long time. I finally waited for the reply to Hu Yan. I saw the level version of the hierarchy, that excited. In the news that Hong Yanfa said that I was responsible for the video of the video Flash area, and immediately put it into the management team. Join the version of the master group to meet a lot of veteran and official personnel.

So hot in 2008, but it is also in an orderly manner. The Huanggang Classroom is also opened at this time. Fei Yan said that he must choose a plate part-time, and there is no way to choose high school chemical district. Although the Forum for the forum strives to transform into a learning-type exchange forum, it is still eventually failing, I think this is related to the type of flow of the forum. During this period, active members of 2008 disappeared and left. I feel a lot less than that of the forum pillars, but many new faces have emerged. It is also some make up. In this way, the forum will go down under the management of Yanfei Dance.


If I remember it is good at that time, I seem to have a boom of water, no matter what, the forum is still a place that everyone likes to rely. Unconsciously, the 1o year sounded in the ear, and it was a year. The forum is still harmonious under the management of everyone. Through your own efforts, I also won the title of “Excellent Moderator” in 2009. I got a long time H1, asked why I don’t want H2? Because I like the button, this is only. With H1, I download Huanggang video, teaching is more convenient. After that, due to the reason for the college entrance examination, the resigned moderator’s position, then the time. I won’t play what games at the time, the forum is my only relief.


Although I was very tight at the time, I still took it to the forum to see. In fact, I have not left.

After the bear version, the Super Master helped Fei Yan managed together and did a lot. I asked at the time, basically being packaged. My first reaction is to ask how to earn points.嘿嘿 ~~~ I haven’t had something big after 10 years.

(4) the days of returning

The forum of returning after this year’s college entrance examination is still the management interface that is the interface, everything is so kind and natural. But it is really a person, the old member is basically, and the rest can only play the soy sauce, and there is no other enthusiasm. But I still didn’t give up my insistence. When I got a video learning machine, I had a video learning machine, and I would help everyone solve the problem, but I didn’t have the enthusiasm of the year. Because everything feels strange, flying swallows will be left at the end of the year. The forum has to be changed. No matter how others. I am very reluctant.

Enter 2013:


Because it enters the university life, there are many times, and the number of times the forum has been much less. The administrator is not very happy. The activities required by the administrator have basically not yet, and the product area is not like the water area. . . I am also very no way. RZ. . . . Although so, as long as I have time, it will come to the forum to see. Look at some familiar old friends to make complary, the mothers in the reading machine are talking about some parents. I feel that everything is so warm like at home.


This year, the high gradually introduced a variety of learning machine’s teaching machine points and other products. It has gradually been away from these, but Eebbk’s website is in my collection. It is 5 years. I have never been I didn’t feel bored. Every time I opened the browser, I saw that the mage of the forum has become a neat part of my life. No matter what happens, there is always a magical magic for me, so I don’t want to leave. Maybe this is the friendship of the green leaves.

After 2015, I didn’t forget that I have forgotten this “small nest” on my online, and I came back to see a hop. What kind of teaching machine H8 h9 smart kids series is dazzling, the product’s function has been catching up with the mobile phone? PAD? Can make a computer! Looking at this familiar and strange place, I can’t help but feel emotion. This is no longer in our era. In this era of high-tech information, we should also leave the past to meet the future, life is the same, although step by step “belongs to” our era, but our life is just set sail!

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