“Hey, it’s really good here! Stone stones and stone tables, green shades, don’t have a scene.” On the morning of October 11th, the back door of the second phase A of Jinhan Community, Jinhan Township, Jinhan Township, urban area. The original dilapidated road was re -planned It has been built into a pocket park with a length of 100 meters.

It is reported that the construction area of ​​Jinbei Pocket Park is 900 square meters, with a total cost of 520,000 yuan. In addition to the establishment of a step road, a leisure activity area, and a construction equipment area at the scene, the original road was widened to 3 meters. At the same time, it increased more than 20 ecological parking spaces to improve the quality of life of the surrounding people.


Resident Ms. Zhang told reporters that there were often garbage dumps here, and there was a smell every summer. The residents upstairs did not dare to open the window. Now, this pocket park has been built downstairs. Although it is not large, the green trees, trails, stone bench, and stone tables are all available. Residents are here to play chess, chat, smell the fragrance of flowers, look at the green scenery, very comfortable, very pleasant. And comfortable.


Source: Mindong Daily • New Ningde Client reporter Chen Jianwen/Picture

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