The argument about TV size and watching distance has never stopped …

But this is really a very simple arithmetic question. Who said that the small living room can’t put a big TV? Today, I will tell you about it!

What no one can refute is that TV is one of the fastest -growing product lines in the field of technology. The screen is bigger year by year, and the price is affordable year by year. It is precisely that consumers have discovered this. When I bought a TV, I started to pay much attention to TV size issues. I wanted a larger screen, but I became afraid of the so -called “viewing distance”.


The average size “2 inches/year” 65 inches was the trend last year, and this year became the mainstream

TV is getting bigger and bigger. With my own experience, since 2016, although it has not been long, in just three years, the mainstream size of the TV has rushed up. At that time The products borrowed from manufacturers are 55 inches, and in recent years, 65 -inch TV has become the main choice for consumers.


Getting bigger and bigger … bigger and bigger …

What about 65 -inch TVs more than 55 -inch? 55 -inch TV long edges are about 120 cm, short -sides are about 68 cm, and 120*68 = 8160 square centimeters. The 65 -inch TV is 145 cm long, short -sided 81 cm, and 145 × 81 = 11745 square centimeters. After such a simple and rude calculation, 11745 ÷ 8160 ≈ 1.43, did you understand? 43%larger than 55 -inch TV! Is there a concept? The debate began. The problem that everyone is worried about is nothing more than “65 to 55 is much bigger, so do the corresponding occupation space (watching distance) also opened a lot?”

Pseudo -proposition: Watching distance is not as terrible as you think.

Personally, my elaboration of watching distance is, “On the premise of not shaking your head, buy as much as possible, it must be wrong.” The meaning is actually very simple, as long as the distance between your TV viewing and the screen is not less than 3 Mi, that 65 -inch TV can be used.


The viewing distance is not so terrible

The size of the TV is evolving, and the corresponding evolution has resolution. However, what the people who eat melon do not know is that the TV viewing distance is also related to the resolution. In fact, the viewing distance is to protect our vision on the one hand, and on the other hand, the relative visual distance of the TV pixel density. Now 4K -resolution TV, the pixels are more dense, the point distance is smaller, and the effective viewing distance is actually smaller. Surprise? An accident?

Self -developed calculation formula: Although it is completely accurate, it must be referred to

Here I boldly summarize a formula, the screen size × 3 = 1080p resolution TV viewing distance, the number of screen size × 2 = 4K TV viewing distance (inch convert to centimeter), according to my method 55 -inch TV, press here to press here The method is calculated 2.8 meters and a 65 -inch TV 3.3 meters. Although it is not completely accurate, it can get a more moderate reference value.


Listen to my brother, try to buy a bigger one as much as possible


However, there are still redundant data. The viewing distance of 55 -inch TV is about 50 cm up and down. It is acceptable to our visual range, and there is no need to “shake your head to watch TV” at all. Now in the author’s view, at best, it is a starting size. Now 65 inches is the real mainstream size. A TV can be used for several years. , Bigger? After reading my article, do you know how much it is suitable for you?

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