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Recently, major brands have been new in autumn. Are the sisters ready to start? Recently, private messages are more than usual. Many sisters ask, what are the presence of good matching? The most important thing is to be thin and thin, and can it be versatile?

That’s only wide -leg pants!

Whether you are high or short, no matter what age and style, a pair of wide -leg pants can always match you the effect you want.

Today we will talk about wide -leg pants


How to choose how to set up

Can we wear long legs!


1. High waist version

The proportion of lengthening the legs is not only suitable for small children. It should be said to be suitable for all girls. The legs are long, so it ’s easy to be taller.

High waist version

The wide -leg pants are more advantageous than the general pants shape. The loose pants legs can hide the hip line, and you can’t see that your actual legs are long.

Ask me what is the best dress in autumn? I will answer without hesitation,


Intersection So what about combining two items together? That will be the most long -legged combination in this season.


Pure -colored shirt low -key and simple with wide -leg pants with suit fabrics, it is simply

Commute weapon

The capable image makes you look more reliable. The method of covering the upper of the trousers of wide -leg pants, but it can wear “

All legs


“The effect comes.

Replace the solid color shirt to

Printed shirt

The style of the whole person will become neutral, allowing you to exude a cool and handsome temperament from the bones. Girls who like female big guys dress style can try.

High waist wide leg pants





You can also wear the effect of long legs. The method is very simple.

Short top


It shows a trace of skin on the waist and abdomen, which is high and sexy.


Whether it is a shirt or a suit, as long as I wear it at work, I will choose this black one



There are many ways to keep up with the trend.

2. Modify the hip

In addition to the high -waisted version of wide -leg pants, there is also a point that needs to be paid attention to in the version, which is to modify the hips. The simple point is that the pants need



Black no matter when it is time, it is not easy to be outdated, and it is also suitable for different occasions. Black wide -leg pants are also versatile.

If you want to wear a handsome sister, come to a classic model


Short leather jacket

Essence With high waist wide -leg pants, it is high and thin, and it is particularly sharp. With a white shirt inside and no more than 3 colors, it can show your deep bottom.


At this time, you can also wear a necklace on the neck. In addition to the decoration, it can also echo the metal accessories on the leather jacket, especially on the street.

Girls who are not particularly tall can be like me. Wearing a pair of thick canvas shoes, the high effect is still very good, and it will not feel too obtrusive with leather clothes.

Is the solid color suit workplace? I have recently fascinated this striped suit. It has a waist design that can perfectly show your curve.

Such a suit with black wide -leg pants will not be particularly formal, but it is quite neat. It is a shape that can be worn from work to dating.

Third, strong pendant feeling

When choosing wide -leg pants, in addition to the version, its fabric is also a necessary condition for extending leg lines. have



Whether the wide -leg pants of the fabric are important.

Such a pair of wide -leg pants is not a high -waist version, but because of strong fabrics, the leg length becomes possible. The trousers have also added a split design, which is very personal.

Because wide -leg pants are not high waist, when wearing, you must create a waistline. I passed



In the way, the white camisole inside, the black bottoming shirt outside, a small side of the white suspender, the waist line came out.

If the wide -leg pants you choose are both high waist and strong fabric, then congratulations, the long legs you want, 90%of the long legs, the rest is to wear a short top, the weather is cold, the weather is cold When adding a cardigan, it will become!


Sometimes I am tired, I don’t want to pay attention to wearing skills, I want to wear it comfortably. Just use wide -leg pants to put a loose sweater, just be comfortable, control its legs and short.

Fourth, nine -point pants long

The last suggestion is to give a petite sister, that is

Nine -point length wide -leg pants


Essence Nine -point length exposes the thinnest legs



In part, the effect of thin legs and long legs is particularly obvious.

The wide -leg nine -point jeans are too suitable for autumn, and the denim fabric has a very shaped effect. I put on the military green shirt I like very much. The loose version is also very hidden. It is easy to get started and not pick people.


I have more than one white wide -leg pants, but the favorite thing is the nine -point length. Is the effect of thin and long legs and long legs. Is the effect with denim shirts very good?

The denim shirt can also be worn as a jacket, and then use the high waist design of wide -leg pants. The length of legs and heights have become so simple. I have given this kind of Fa Amway to many sisters, and the effect of feedback is good. Don’t you try?


Well, the way to choose wide -leg pants in autumn is here ~ Sisters quickly see which one you like?

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