After the birth of spring, the test of summer, after the precipitation of autumn

The face value and strength coexist in the south of the Gannan navel oranges will be on the market again

Eval in shape, smooth and delicate peel

After cutting the orange fragrance, the full flesh orange yellow is translucent

The huge granules are bitten by gently

The abundant juice blooms at the tip of the tongue instantly

This long -lost sweetness instantly resolved the dryness of the early winter


Conquer the taste buds in minutes


One of the three treasures of Jiangxi Fruit

As a large fruit province, Jiangxi has bred a lot of sour and sweet fruits. Citrus, orange pomelo, peach pear, etc. are very famous. “”. They are full of water and high nutritional value. They were listed as royal tributes as early as thousands of years ago.

Near the gansu navel orange reward period, this time I came to Ganzhou, Jiangxi to see the growth of navel oranges. The geographical environment where Xunwu is located, the climate is moist, the sun is sufficient, and it is the unique rare kingdom in the world. A variety of trace elements in the soil help the formation of navel orange flavor, which is especially suitable for navel orange growth.

Walking around the navel orange fruit forest this season, the mountains and Gan oranges have been hung fruit, most of which are orange -yellow, and the air is filled with a faint fragrance of orange. However, don’t worry, in mid -to -late November is a good time to pick Gan Orange. At that time, each orange had become yellow. Both the shape and taste reached the best state, which can be described as a veritable “perfume bomb”.


Compared with the Gan Orange sold on the market early, in order to ensure their unique flavors, Xunwu farmers do not pick off Gan Orange at one time, but they are picked in batches according to their maturity. They will work hard to come to the mountain every morning at 5 am, choose the freshest and mature Gan Orange, and then pick down the mountain to check, pack and pack, and are extremely strict in the selection of the fruit.



Only 3 months for the taste period

Gan Orange’s taste period is very short, and it can be eaten in just November to January only in November to January. Only after seeing Xunwu, we know that the Gan Orange here from picking fruit to shipping, without soaking and waxing through any potion, and the express delivery is pulled away directly to ensure that eating the most naturally in these three months is the most natural.

Perhaps these fruit farmers have been dealing with Gan Orange all their lives. They treat fruit trees like children, respect the laws of natural maturity, and believe in eating by the sky. In their words, these fruits will also eat themselves, and they are reluctant to take medicine and cooked. It is worth mentioning that the fresh picking can save about 1 month, even if the outer skin is slightly wrinkled, it will not affect its taste.


Of course, in order to ensure the taste of Gan Orange’s mouth to the mouth, the fruit farmers will deliberately pick 8 cooked fruits to some cities. The edges of the peel are slightly blue. But rest assured that it will become yellow later. These fruits can be enjoyed immediately after receiving it. If you like a sweeter taste, you can put the patience for a while, and then you will gain a more mellow taste.


Thin and moistened with the fragrance of flowers


Many people have misunderstandings about Gan Orange, and they think that the bigger the better, it is not the case. Generally, the most suitable size is the most suitable, and the diameter is from 65-85mm. Such a rich juice makes people taste like eating oranges, but it looks like drinking a glass of orange juice.


And compared with ordinary navel oranges, Gan Orange’s skin is thinner and the flesh is more delicate and tight. Cut a knife, there is very little white fascia in the oranges, there is almost no gap between the flesh, and the mouth is bite directly. It is quite enjoyable.


If you like to peel off, gently pull the skin, the flesh is perfectly separated, and it will not be dirty at all. The elderly and children are also very convenient.


Quietly share with you a small knowledge of choosing Gan Orange. If you want to judge the quality of navel oranges, you can observe the unevenness at the bottom of the navel orange. Usually, the smaller the navel navel, the better.


In the early winter season, you may wish to take a sip of Gan Orange with flower fragrance. This sweet juice will nourish the entire winter.


Some pictures are derived from the insect, which has been authorized

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